Coronavirus death rate drops dramatically

Even though the number of reported cases has been rising in many states, the coronavirus death rate has dropped significantly.

According to The New York Times, “Overall deaths have dropped dramatically. The 14-day average was down 42 percent as of Saturday.” (emphasis added)

Apparently, the increase in coronavirus cases is among younger people who simply shake it off and continue on with their lives.

It looks to me like the media hype about the increase in cases is simply a ploy to make Trump look bad.

The above quote came from this New York Times article (11th paragraph down)

4 thoughts on “Coronavirus death rate drops dramatically”

  1. Ever notice how they show the charts with both infection rates and death rates. While the number of deaths decrease the number of infection rates climb. So do they praise the success in reducing the death rates? No, they go out and spread the virus and start testing everybody. Easy to jigger the numbers — isn’t it?

  2. More testing, more cases identified. The MSM never tells the truth, especially when a lie will hurt Trump and help the Dimocrats.

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