Coronavirus has reduced China’s CO2 emissions by 25 percent

“As China battles one of the most serious virus epidemics of the century, the impacts on the country’s energy demand and emissions are only beginning to be felt,” says this article on

Electricity demand and industrial output remain far below their usual levels across a range of indicators. These include:

  • Coal use at power stations reporting daily data at a four-year low.
  • Oil refinery operating rates in Shandong province at the lowest level since 2015.
  • Output of key steel product lines at the lowest level for five years.
  • Levels of NO2 air pollution over China down 36% on the same period last year.
  • Domestic flights are down up to 70% compared to last month.

China is “a country in shutdown.”

See entire article, dated 19 Feb 2020:

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7 thoughts on “Coronavirus has reduced China’s CO2 emissions by 25 percent”

  1. I guess that means air temperatures in China should be dropping sharply soon, now that their ‘greenhouses’ aren’t warming quite so much from all the CO2 they are no longer producing.

  2. useful to show how their economy would fall over if they have to actually Implement the Parisite agreement in 2030 to 50.

    as will everyone elses industry and economies crash

    meanwhile tankers are piling up on the highseas and oilprices are dropping
    cant say the Aus prices are dropping AT ALL!!!(typical taxgouging by our govt higher cost=more revenue via fueltax)

  3. I saw the long range planting outlook the soil is far too saturated in our country’s growing regions so don’t expect a bumper crop from the US this year. Billions will be affected by the locust plagues in Africa and Asia they’re in Pakistan and India now. We are going to be facing terrible food shortages this year. The Wuflu and the grasshoppers are the black swan events that will be the final nail in the coffin for the global economy.
    All our pork that Smithfield sold to China is rotting on the docks. They are either too sick or scared to unload the ships. China’s ports are closed. Thousands of large cargo ships are sitting idle in Singapore.
    According to the Nikkei, over 85% of small businesses – which employ 80% of China’s population – expect to run out of cash within three months, and a third expect the cash to be all gone within a month.

  4. What people aren’t thinking about or seeing is that for almost 2 months now Chinese manufacturing has been crippled. What does that mean? Think of the shelves in your Walmarts, etc., and wonder how much is gong to be on them as the current inventory wears down.

    Everyone forgets that far too much of the stuff bought in the USofA is made in China, and that is not Taiwan – that’s the expensive “made in China” that you see.

    People also forget that all those things we see that say Assembled in the USA are put together from Chinese parts, if they aren’t overly expensive. The things that come from Europe probably also have Chinese parts in them, so just realize that unless this crisis ends soon in China, there won’t be any “booming economy” by September, and probably sooner than that.

  5. I’m afraid it won’t be long before this becomes a MAJOR problem in the USA !
    I expect it to get bad in the UK before too long. It is a problem in
    Northern Italy, Iran and S Korea already.
    International trade and travel are huge !! Imagine how many people are in airports every day !!
    This will MUSHROOM !!
    It would help if people WASHED THEIR HANDS REGULARLY WITH HOT WATER AND SOAP…..particularly after visiting the bathroom !

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