Cosmic rays may drive climate (Video)

Wall Street Journal Europe editorial writer Anne Jolis on tells how solar flares and cosmic rays may be driving long-term weather trends.

Anne speaks about the “extremely illustrious organization,” CERN, saying that changes in the sun are a much more significant factor in climate that anything man could do.

The idea, says Anne, is that the various strengths of solar winds deflect cosmic particles entering our atmosphere, which changes the amount of cloud cover in our atmosphere.

The CERN scientists constructed a wonderful particle accelerator to simulate cosmic rays, so they can see how cosmic rays can seed the clouds. It’s “quantitative rigorous research.”

These cosmic rays increase cloud formation by up to a factor of ten.

This means that we may not be able to regulate our climate as well as we thought, which will present a challenge for Al Gore.

Thanks to Bill Sellers for this link

It’s the Sun, stupid

“Taking a cue from CERN in Switzerland, the alternative explanation for any climate change is starting to take shape.  “It’s the Sun, stupid,” says Bill.


7 thoughts on “Cosmic rays may drive climate (Video)”

  1. Takes 1 years to start a disruptive global warming theory and 7 years to disprove it there is something there not telling us.

  2. Yes, no doubt about that. “It’s the sun stupid”
    Are people going to wake up now ?? Because our affects on climate are zero, zilch, and nada.

  3. This absolutely shows the argument over climate change is not settled. So shut up already Al Gore. One thing that is settled is that ice ages come in cycles and we are at or past the average end of an interglacial warm period. Just because modern civilization is here, will these cycles suddenly stop? How arrogant can we be?

    If I had a choice between some additional warming or the bitter cold I’m afraid is coming, I’ll take the warming any time. Unfortunately we have no choice in this.

  4. That Cosmic Ray energy is causing the amount of Cloud Formation to vary, was brought to my attention more than a year ago now. CERN are trying to calibrate the phenomenon. Which is probably not a very easy thing to try to do. That the Cosmic Rays are able to bring on cloud formation by a fractor of ten is meaning that the phenomenon is far stronger than I had previously believed it to be. This means that when there are fewer sun spots and thus the Sun is throwing out less solar wind, thus there will be increase in the amount of Cosmic Ray energy entering our atmosphere, there by creating increased amounts of cloud cover which is then blocking out sun light. Thus the world gets to be colder during times of diminished sun spot activity. Like for example during the Maunder Minimum of 1665 through to 1715 where in the UK suffered severe cold winters even as cold as an amazing minus 100 Centigrade such that the Thames River that flows through the City of London actually froze solid. Even in Siberia and Canada rivers do not freeze to that extent. Nor does it get to be such coldness in Siberia and Canada. Unfortunately we are informed that the Sun is heading into another sun spot minimum cycle. So we might need to invest in a few items of winter clothing. However, the problem is much more serious than anything we can easilly deal with. Just buying a few items of winter clothing is certainly not going to be sufficient. Governments need to sharpen up. Obviously the likes of Al Gore are living in cuckoo land. Global warming is simply a pipe dream. Will we need to place Al Gore on a psychiatric section order ? When he realises that his global warming theory was the complete opposite of what is happening he might get to be suicidal ? Thus we will need to place him into protective custody ?

    • Don’t need protective custody for Al, wouldn’t miss him one way or the other, I think he’s made his contribution, for good or bad, and we should just ignore him.

  5. Interesting article in the New Scientist this week. Geoengineering trials are under way to create an artificial sun shade in the atmosphere that will block what little heat is coming from the sun. I hope the seriously flawed computer models and corrupt scientists and greedy politician are right about the climate.

  6. I agree with the conclusion “…changes in the sun are a much more significant factor in climate than anything man could do.”

    I mean seriously, we pay taxes to be told the obvious? Of course “changes in the Sun are a much more significant factor in climate…”

    Without the Sun our climate would be akin to that of the Moon, or an asteroid … cold, cold, cold. We’d be devoid of all appreciable life as we know it, and the planet would be barren. In fact, without the Sun, the Earth would probably be hurtling through space like a comet; headed toward some distant star.

    It is simply ridiculous that we have to waste valuable time and resources in order to prove what should be a given; “…changes in the sun are a much more significant factor in climate that anything man could do.”

    Anyone who needs this simple, and observable, fact proven to them should sign up for refresher classes along with Billy Madison.

    May we be saved from the ‘collective’ stupidity.

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