Cotopaxi eruption continues – Gradually increasing trend

Accompanied by near-continuous tremors, dense plumes of ash are now almost constantly rising up to 2 km (1.2 miles) into the sky above the restless Equador volcano.

The ash is drifting westerly, and has reached the Pacific Ocean, reports

Yesterday’s gradual increase in tremor and seismic energy probably corresponded to an increase in both internal pressure and the volume of rising magma, the volcano website adds.

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5 thoughts on “Cotopaxi eruption continues – Gradually increasing trend

  1. Hmm…. could this volcano have an effect on the current El Nino? Ash moving out over the Pacific could affect the SST’s in the eastern areas of the tropical Pacific. Cotopaxi is a tall volcano at 6km with ash currently going up another 2km on a regular basis. That’s at the 500mb level where the winds are generally east to west. Light ash would stay aloft. An increase in activity or even a major eruption here could have big consequences in the coming months.

    Stay tuned!

    • Good point. When I hear the ash is rising 2 km it doesn’t occur to me that is the same as a sea-level volcano having ash rise 8 km.

  2. If these volcanoes keep occurring this might totally eliminate the warming effect of the forthcoming El Nino. Mother nature is rather unpredictable though.

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