Could this be their next scam, trying to tax us for the volcanoes?

“Devastating volcanic eruptions, caused by excess carbon in the atmosphere, could one day lead to the mass extinction of all marine animals, and possibly all life on Earth – so says a new study.”

Really? Volcanic eruptions are caused by excess carbon in the atmosphere? Looks like a desperation move, now that the global warming scam is losing steam, trying to blame humans for naturally occurring geological forces.

This article on outlines how a continued rise in carbon dioxide and global temperatures could spark a “cascade of hydrological, biological and chemical events that conspire to sap the oceans of oxygen.”

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“Could this be their next scam, trying to tax us for the volcanoes? asks David. “lol”

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  1. Scumbag Democrats! They can All GO TO HELL!

    What’s next, did Donald Trump cause the volcanic eruption in Hawaii????

    Did President Bush cause Katrina in 2005??? LOL

    • No joke.

      After Katrina, Bobby Kennedy Jr wrote an op-ed (published by the NY Times) claiming that Bush caused Katrina because he would not sign the Kyoto climate accords.

      The fact that the accords did not even start to take effect until after Katrina didn’t matter. And this crap was published in the NY Times.

      So their blaming Trump for the volcano (to punish Hawaii which is a Democratic state) should be expected. And it will be repeated and taught to our school children.

    • It is entirely possible that volcanoes might be useful to humanity in other non conventional ways. Like a nice warm place to keep global warmists and other PC trouble makers. They could be given to Madam Pele as an offering.
      Just a thought.

  2. At least the linked article ends on a note of skepticism:

    But according to Smithsonian’s Natural History Global Volcanism Program, any thought that volcanic activity has increased is a load of old rubbish.

    More than 1,500 volcanoes on the planet have erupted at some point in the last 11,500 years. Today, some 15 volcanoes are spewing their volcanic ash and carbon-based materials into the blue sky above – a number very much consistent with any time in modern history.

    • What do you think rifting zones are but linear volcanos, most of them are in the oceans, the largest run the length of the Atlantic from the Ice Cap on Greenland to the Icecap on Antarctica?
      Plus the 10,000 or so under sea vents or hot spot volcanos one T6 erupted at depth off Tonga last year. The really big volcanos don’t have conic vent just massive craters in the ground, the US has several.
      Volcanic eruptions are stimulated by Gravitational orbit changes by the largest mass body in the solar system – the Sun.
      During a GSM the Sun orbit changes into a Trefoil orbit from its more normal elliptical orbit, those abrupt changes in direction during its 10 year orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre have profound effects on our own mantel.

    • For the last 4.6 billion years there has always been some kind of volcanic activity on this planet and yet life eventually evolved, thrived, diversified, suffered extinctions and bounced back again and again. Life will find a way. When the next major glaciation sets in and it will you all had better find a way to survive and thrive. Total extinction and decivilization is optional but it can happen if you let it.

  3. So the excess of carbon weighed down the Pacific plate. Causing it to slide under the North American Continental plate, which then built the volcanoes and the Sierra Nevada Mountains Range? Wow, humans must have been driving cars 3 to 5 million years ago. How can they even be scientist with this BS?

    • PC professors and plenty of money to support being brainwashed with BS. There are plenty of people out there who will do and believe anything for money.

  4. They just know no shame, they lies without trying to give their words an appearance of truth.

  5. Looks like another “tail wagging the dog” hypothesis from the global warmers club for the clinically insane! ……. Next they’ll be blaming pesticides for a lack of power from wind farms. The pesticides kill billions of insects, The insects won’t be flapping their wings and creating the wind, because, as we all know, without insects there would be no wind. No wind means no weather systems and no wind power to create electricity. Therefore farmers are going to cause mass extinction. What? It makes just as much sense as the above article!!

  6. It is not that certain people want to TAX humanity for volcanos–certain people want to BLAME humanity for volcanos.
    There is a subtle difference.
    In the old days they would be throwing a virgin or a child to the volcano god.
    That would not be PC today but I’m sure they will think of some way to make people suffer.
    It is all our fault!!
    After all there were no nasty volcanos and hurricanes and the climate was perfect before the Indistrial Revolution. Everyone knows that.
    Our campfires caused the last Ice Age and the mammoths were fine before we ate all of them

  7. another taxpayer funded study?
    more a list of assumptions with headline grab ability and bugger all truth to it.
    bet the comment section at RT was interestting
    i have to go look;-)

  8. Increased volcanic activity caused by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Where in the world did these people go to school? Or are our Universities really employing people this ignorant?

  9. The “mantra” is whatever the natural event, it MUST be tied to carbon-fuel usage. It’s sort of interesting that when you tease and torture information enough, you can finally find a “carbon footprint” on it.

    If a few foot prints on the Moon caused the surface to warm a degree, I am sure the tire marks on Mars caused the thermal imbalance to cause the current dust storm, and yes, the events ARE tied to carbon fuels since kerosene is used as a rocket fuel as well, and the various landers used rockets to get there and land.

    So why not find a way to tie your leaf blower to the current eruption of Kilauea? Would make sense to me – if I believed in the Mantra, that is.

  10. According to the ring of fire video in the,” How the earth was made,” series one of the major contributors to magma formation apart from heat and rock is the water trapped in the oceanic plates that is subducted. It would chemically alter the rock and provide the water vapour component to the dissolved volcanic gases. Presumably the melting point of the rock would be lowered. The carbon content in volcanic gases is provided by calcium carbonate from the sea shells, dead plankton and corals that get subducted along with the oceanic plate. It has nothing to do with SUVs.

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