Countering Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Hype

“Gore can’t handle the reality that thousands of reputable scientists across the globe have rejected his dogmatic view of climate catastrophe.

“Al Gore is using his considerable media muscle to express his frustration that people and governments the world over – but especially here in the United States – have increasingly rejected the notion humans are destroying the planet,” says this press release from the Heartland Institute. “He’s broadcasting on his cable channel, Current TV, and online something he calls “24 Hours of Reality,” beginning at 7 p.m. CDT, Wednesday, September 14.”

“Gore will show a new multimedia presentation attempting to “connect the dots between recent weather events” and man-caused global warming. He has promised that 95 percent of the slides are new and different from those he showed in his Oscar-winning film, An Inconvenient Truth – which is a good thing, considering that film has since been exposed as fraudulent in many respects.

“But the truth is, Gore can’t handle the reality that thousands of reputable scientists across the globe have rejected his dogmatic view of climate catastrophe. Those scientists have done the kind of hard scientific work that The The Heartland Institute has presented in six conferences, dozens of papers and books, podcasts, videos, and in Environment & Climate News.”

Check out The Heartland Institute’s counter-programing that brings balance to Gore’s propaganda.

  • See videos from all six of The Heartland Institute’s international conferences on climate change (ICCCs) featuring the presentations of leading climate scientists, including: S. Fred Singer, Richard Lindzen, Willie Soon, Roy Spencer, Scott Denning, Steve Goreham, Kesten Green, Craig Idso, Robert Carter, Patrick Michaels, Nicola Scafetta, David Schnare, Ian Plimer, Ross McKitrick, William Kininmonth, and scores more.
  • Read how the United Nations’ IPCC ignored or misinterpreted much of the research that Gore relies on for his presentations.
  • Watch Scare, a two-minute video that outlines how people like Gore are trying to frighten the public into unwise and unnecessary policy decisions – and how the green energy cabal is lining its pockets.
  • Watch Unstoppable Solar Cycles, a series of videos that shows how the sun – not man – is likely the main driver of change in the Earth’s climate.
  • Watch former Czech President Vaclav Klaus address (and dress down) the United Nations in a famous speech on climate change.
  • Visit Heartland’s Center on Climate and Environmental Policy for the latest news, opinion, research, and podcasts that counter Gore’s dogma.
  • And much more.

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5 thoughts on “Countering Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Hype”

  1. They are saying climate denial is ending on Sept 14th 2011. I say its just starting. I spent 7 hours last night checking out ICLEI and agenda 21. WOW, I think this is the “grass roots” global warming climate change game plan – under the radar sneaky localized communitization disease festering in towns and cities across the USA and the world. Check out your own community to see if ICLEI is present. Check it out on Google… Its the UN plan, heard of it, but never really researched it…

  2. Robert,

    You can tell how intelligent Gore is by the way he keeps milking every penny out of his AGW hype.
    Normal shysters know when to fade away and never return.
    But, Gore is hoping to bring his fame back and milk more money from his not too bright following.

  3. Pat Buchanan used to call Al, “Prince Albert”. Everyone thought it was just another inside-the-beltway, snarky put-down. But Buchanan, who grew up in D.C. knew all about Gore, who was from early childhood “raised to greatness” (in D.C.) by his patrician Tennessee family, his own father a powerful United States Senator.

    Moreover, there’s a very strong tie-in with the Gores to Armand Hammer, something they went to great, great lengths to hide from public view. The renown globalist Hammer you’ll recall, was later revealed to be a Soviet agent, whom they serially funded enough to allow him to build-up Occidental Petroleum. Oxy then became the Soviet proxy for western oil field tech-transfer and pricing data back home to Mother Russia.

    Gore has one helluva a Messanic Complex, and evidentially a big bankbook…he won’t go away easily.

  4. After 19 hours the stats doesn’t look good for Al Gore.

    Check out
    Info for climatereality
    Joined: July 27, 2011
    Last signed in: September 15, 2011
    Location: DC

    Total views (all shows): 25,940 <=== The video "What Can Change In A Day?" has 16,516 Live Views
    Total viewer hours (all shows): 105 days, 13 hours, 2 minutes
    Total unique views: 5,814 <=== ???

    They claim millions of viewers? Hockey stick equation syndrome?

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