Covid-19 vaccine “downright dangerous,” says renowned immunoligist – Videos

All of the arguments telling you to wear masks, that lockdowns are necessary, that social distancing should be required, and that you should get vaccinated are “absolutely nonsense,” says renowned medical scientist and immunologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi.

Award-winning virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi elucidates why the rushed #Covid19 vaccine trials represent the world’s largest medical experiment perpetrated on the globe in human history.

He thinks that although the masks, lockdowns and social distancing requirements have been highly injurious to the public and not suited to the science, that the vaccination requirements are even worse. All of these so-called pandemic reducers are based on “zero science,” Dr. Bhakdi maintains.


Dr. Bhakdi, retired microbiologist and immunologist, is co-author of the book Corona – False Alarm?

All of the arguments telling you to wear masks, that lockdowns are necessary, that social distancing should be required, and that you should get vaccinated are “absolutely nonsense,” says Professor Bhakdi.

When Laura Ingraham brings up Dr Anthony Fauci’s statement that 75 percent of Americans are going to have to get vaccinated in order to reach herd immunity, Dr Bhakdi responds “What utter nonsense.”

“I know that Dr. Fauci is a renowned medical scientist and immunologist, but what he says has to be wrong,” says Bhakdi. “Someone who says this has not the slightest inkling of the basics of immunology, and this is very very surprising for someone of Dr Fauci’s standing.”

If you read my book, asserts Dr Bhakdi, “in two hours you will know more than Fauci.”

So you think the Covid-19 vaccine is not necessary? asks Laura.

“I think it is downright dangerous,” responds Dr Bahkdi.  “And I warn you, if you go along these lines, you are going to go to your doom.”



In a different video (link below), Dr. Bhakdi details why the public should not only doubt the vaccine’s efficacy, but also why we should be wary of unstudied dangers.

When asked if he is anti vaccine, Dr Bahakdi responds, “Of course not. I am pro-vaccine. I’ve been teaching this for 30 years. One of the first things I tell my students is that the vaccines that work; against tetanus, against dyptheria, against polio, have been a Godsend…. But if a toxin is doomed to fail, and doomed to claim lives… you have to do everything to stop it. And this is the case with this damned Covid-19 vaccine.”

Why take it if you are under 70? he wonders. The death rate for those under 7o who get Covid is  less than 0.1 percent, says Dr Bhakdi. If you catch it and you have no serious pre-existing illness, “you are virtually unable to die.”

Are these vaccines any better than nature? Even without vaccines, we’re already looking at a 99.97 percent survival rate. (That’s not the survival rate for people in general, that’s the survival rate for those who actually catch it.)

Covid-19 Survival Rates BEFORE vaccinations

The trials have not proven that the vaccines are efficacious, says Dr Bhakdi.  “We don’t even know if these vaccines will save lives.”

“The permission to use this vaccine is criminal,” insists Dr Bhakdi. And he uses the word “criminal” more than once. “I will say this before any audience in the world, and before any court in the world.”

Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are so safe, and so easy to use, and so efficaceous, says Dr Bhakdi, why use this more expensive and untested method?

“The world is being turned into an animal experiment. And you, and our children, are the animals being tested. This is so scandalous. And so horrifying.”

Beginning at about halfway through the video, Dr Bhakdi gives a wonderful and very simple description of how the body’s natural defense forces send an army of killer lypmphocytes to destroy any cells that contain the virus.

“And you can bet your life,” says Dr Bhakdi, “that you already have these killer lymphocytes in your body…. and that is why we believe it is so damned difficult to die of this virus.”

I think you will really want to watch this video:

Thanks to Zara for this video

Note: When the book Corona – False Alarm? first came out in Germany, it became an instant best seller.

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    • standard vaxes arent even GE or shouldnt be
      this ones crisper tech modded rna
      so its TWO unknowns one of which(crispr) is admitted!!! to be not as perfect as claimed…already
      and the rna side is utterly unknown reaction or follow ons wose even without the extra fiddling
      getting the pnuemonia vax might be wise if youre an at risk group
      and the BCG vax is old well known and pretty useful
      they gave ot to a LOT of nurses etc in Sth Aus as a trial
      funny not a bloody word of results illness from covid in those people has been heard since
      bet they didnt get crook

  1. I just turned 63 and I am not planning to get a vaccination against Covid. And that was before reading this. Not only is the Covid not all that dangerous, but the whole thing has been an wildly exaggerated scandal designed to generate fear and put people under subjection.

    One guy I work with knows of two people on his street alone that did not die of Covid but Covid was put on both death certificates as the cause of death! One died of a heart attack and the other was a disturbed middle aged lady that shot herself. She had already attempted suicide two times before deciding to use a gun to more guarantee success on the third try. The families of both victims are fighting to get the death certificates changed.

  2. I agree with this completely.

    It is so difficult hearing from my son & his wife that they “can’t wait” to get the vaccine… same with a number of my oldest friends and other family members. No matter what I tell them, they will not listen.

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    • frankly amazed he even managed to LIST it there
      his point about the new not-a-vax…its supposedly designed to get INTO our cells to create new antibodies using our own commandeered cells… NOT using a small killed virus to alert our system to make its own natural immunity via B n T cells
      that alone is also very suss. when/how is the switch off point? theyre designed TO proliferate but I doubt they have a shutoff or else what would be the point for any lasting so called protections???
      whats going to occur with all the new cells that are strictly speaking “foreign” to our system?
      havent heard anyone ask that
      sure havent heard anyone tell us anything about that either

  4. “Every day we are in danger from something, but that’s life! And, Fauci, I want my life back! I want to do what ever I want, when I want, and I am sure most others want this too!”

    What did I hear on the radio? Good old Fauci spouting that we need to wear masks even after we get the virus shot. Yes, Fauci! You know the one of the many that researched ways of mutating animal viruses that will infect humans until Obama banned it, then continued the research at the Wuhan lab. Yeah, that guy!

    Wear a mask or two he preaches, for there are variants of the virus out there. There’s two in New York, and two in California as well as in Africa.

    What are we to do, hide in the basement? No, I can’t hide in the basement or the Earthquake might kill me. Hide in a closet? No, for a tornado or hurricane might kill me! Stand outside? No, lightening might strike me! Heck, I can’t even cross the street in a crosswalk without taking my life in my hands!

    Every day we are in danger from something, but that’s life! And, Fauci, I want my life back! I want to do what ever I want, when I want, and I am sure most others want this too!

    I won’t forget that Fauci developed the road map for the Chinese Wuhan Lab to create a viral weapon!
    How many other viral weapons could be created thanks to your research? As far as I am concerned, you, Fauci and the rest of the “Fear Mongers”, are the greatest danger the USA and the World faces! They should put your face in the post office along with the other criminals!

  5. Unfortunately I have a cousin who took one of the mRNA vaccines (I do not know which). He got sick a few days after the 2nd shot, had to go to the hospital where he died a few days later. He was so determined to get the vaccine because he had been convinced it was his ticket to freedom. He watched CNN and MSNBC constantly and they pushed the vaccine constantly.

    I have SO many relatives that are taking the vaccine and I am really concerned that in about a year many of them will be dead or damaged.

    Does anyone know if the Johnson & Johnson (which I have read is not an mRNA) is going to be safer than the Madera or the Pfizer. Some people that I know are saying they will wait for that one because it will be OK. Personally I have not taken any flu vaccine for decades.

  6. Well, only 530,000 people have died from Covid in America in the last 12 months, so, yeah, not a problem . . . that’s about 100,000 more than American combat deaths in WWII, by the end of 2021 it may be more than all killed in the Civil War,

    • 530,000?? And you actually believe this inflated number?Thousands of people have died of other things, only to have Covid-19 put on their death certificates. Since states get fed money for each “Covid” death reported. A lot of corruption is involved. I heard a doctor say on a XMradio news show that the actual number of deaths is probably less than 1/20th of of the number you quoted. Over reporting and falsification is huge when it comes to Covid.

  7. How many estimated survival rates for this Wuhan China Weapons Lab Virus from the omnipotent CDC, NIH, FDA and WHO is that, anyway?

  8. I wish this web site would stick to the issues relating to the claimed climate change. We need to know more about what is really going on change our life’s in the name of climate change, formally called global warming. The Covid issues will fade away but the climate issues will only get bigger and we need more information on how to combat the false information by the media.

    • Philip,
      Neither the covid issues nor their purpose is in any way likely to fade away. Search “the NWO” or “the Great Reset.”

      Also the most eminent of medical doctors– especially those who are retired and therefore immune to pressure– have warned repeatedly of long-term effects of the “vaccines.”

      I don’t know how you can imagine that the politico-economic effects of the global warming hoax or the covid exaggeration are going to “fade away.” Please reconsider.

        • I personally like the dual themed blog we have now. I like seeing both. You have an opinion and so do us other people.

        • @Philip+a+Brock
          I understand where you are coming from regarding sticking to the point. However, if you were to dig a little deeper and look under the surface, you will find that the same people and entities that pushing the COVID/vaccine fear are the same ones driving the whole climate change narrative.

          There is more than enough information available that shows that COVID is being used as a means of gaining control over as much of the global population as possible in order to make it politically possibly to push through the climate change agenda.

          With that knowledge in mind, anything regarding COVID and politics because very relevant to the climate change discussion and should be diligently monitored by all of us.

          Everything is connected.

        • Phil, do you really not fully understand the correlation, timing and logistics involved with repect to incoming Ice Ages [claimed climate change] mini or maxi, food shortages, famine, social control and negative eugenics? Ever check out the physics behind the name of this blog site? Read any good books… lately? I get the feeling that you prefer to learn from direct experience.

  9. I hate it when people use the old war statistics to compare to coronavirus deaths, because they did not account for population growth! If you do that you need to extrapolate the population or compare the percentage of the population.

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