COVID-19 vaccines currently being fast-tracked are not conventional vaccines

Modifying human biological function through genetic engineering.


COVID-19 vaccines currently being fast-tracked are not conventional vaccines


Many of the COVID-19 vaccines currently being fast-tracked are not conventional vaccines. Their design is aimed at manipulating your very biology, and therefore have the potential to alter the biology of the entire human race.

The theory behind these vaccines is that when you inject the mRNA into your cells, it will stimulate your cells to manufacture their own viral protein. The mRNA COVID-19 vaccine will be the first of its kind. No mRNA vaccine has ever been licensed before.

The process is called transfection; unlike conventional inoculation the vaccine penetrates cell walls.

Moderna co-founder Derrick Rossi, a Harvard researcher, reprogrammed stem cells using modified RNA, thus changing the function of the stem cells. Moderna was founded on this concept of being able to modify human biological function through genetic engineering, says Dr. Carrie Madej.

The administering bandage has rows of tiny microneedles and a hydrogel base that contains luciferase enzyme and the vaccine itself, delivering the modified synthetic RNA into the nucleus of your cells. RNA is essentially coding material that your body uses. In this case, the instructions are to produce the SARS-CoV-2 viral protein.

Transfection is the process used to create genetically modified organisms.

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  1. Climate scientists (? – alarmists ? anti humanists ?) have long been claiming (in true Malthusian style) that the human population must be decimated in order to “Save the Planet” !

    But how to do this ?

    Previous bright ideas included Paul Ehrlich’s idea of putting birth control drugs into food “aid” in the 70/80’s to suppress “brown coloured third world types from over breeding” – wasn’t Ehrlich one of the original wokes despite this obvious racism ?

    What better remedy than a suspect mRNA “vaccine” which most will beg to receive – better than gulag death trains any day.

  2. I think you need to distinguish between ‘transfection’ of organisms, when the intention is to incorporate DNA stably into cells, and the injection of mRNA into adult cells, when the sole intention is to synthesise protein.

    Unless there is some reverse transcriptase and integrase proteins around, the mRNA is not going to be turned into DNA and integrated into host chromosomes.

    There may be unintended consequences to injecting mRNA, but I think the chances of you incorporating that genetic material into your chromosomes is pretty darn low.

    • Rhys, thank you for your input. Of course we will not know what is in any of the 7 vaccines. It is being said that each of the 7 will be used for a targeted population. I have no expectation that these vaccines are intended to benefit us.

      Once one has given up that expectation, well . . . .

      Bill Gates father was one of the founders of the eugenics movement in the US. Gates himself has repeatedly said publicly at TED meetings that we cannot use vaccines alone to reduce the population– that we must employ other means. ???

    • remember it was long ago we were told RNA was junk and of little use to our system at all?
      then they found out it was actually used BY our bodies
      sorta makes “expert” advice worth verifying, and Im personally not willing to verify it by taking their vaccine.
      maybe some of the standard ones but even then, I dont do the any and all vax is a good thing and gimme gimme ,mindset

  3. All that I think that I know is that 10’s of thousands of people are creating genetically modified people every day. When a man and a woman have a child, that child has different dna than any other human that has ever walked on the earth [ignoring twins, etc.].

    • thats natural and a combination
      even then some babies produce an allergy response IN their mum, or they develop one,”bluebabies”
      and sometimes nature screwsup and you get mongolism and worse.
      reckon raising the stakes isnt wise

  4. Gates’ polio vaccines kill and maim more African children than the wild polio virus does. Mainstream news – look it up. But those black lives don’t matter apparently. Nor do the lives of the millions of children now dying or already dead (according to the UN) due to lock downs and the shut down of supply chains. This “Covid” vaccine is a Eugenicist wet dream.

    Take the pledge to #refusethevaccine – do not willingly take it.

  5. See MedCram for a view of new vaccine by a medical specialist and certified teacher who works on a Covid19 ward. He always gives peer reviewed references.
    Very professional but Free for the epidemic. try YouTube Seheult. MedCram

  6. already on it.
    and def NOT acceptable to me
    theyve NEVER used mRna on anything animal OR man
    damned if Id be taking it. it will take some time for “unexpected” side effects to show .

    the safest by far is the Russian version using standard procedures and normal cold viruses s the vector
    2 doses one of each virus results looked fairly good
    better yet is using Ivermectin as a preventative dose every 3mths or so to keep levels up, as well as Zinc as protective by making sure the zinc receptors are occupied and not free to have covid latch onto.

    • I think you are mixing up Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. The latter has a very long half-life in the body and therefore, for prophylaxis, you would need a modest initial dose followed by a smaller top-up dose every week. This is how you take the drug if entering a malaria region. This regime IS feasible for Covid-19 – although not everybody thinks it is beneficial.

      Ivermectin has a half-life in the body of only 18 hours. So it is not really suitable for continuous, long-term prophylaxis against Covid-19.

      The difficulty with evaluating all these prophylactics and early treatments is that most people recover anyway. It is hard to know whether a particular case of recovery was a 1 in 100, who was fated to have severe illness otherwise.

      I do think Vitamin D status is standing up to scrutiny. It really matters! Especially for the fat and old. I suggest a look at the Vitamin D Wiki, and doing one’s own research after that.

  7. Just goes to show – my instinct not to trust politically rushed vaccines until they have proved themselves over at least two years was RIGHT!
    GM crops, where they have been tested for years in the labs and by the FDA – OK. GM PEOPLE – no way!

    • GMO crops may well be a part of the massive irritable bowel and coeliac disease globally..
      theres NO justification for eating a food product whose sole benefit is to be able to be soaked in chem n pesticides for the benefit of bigaggroagris profit.
      the increased yields is crap
      its co2 and hybrid breeding boosting most

  8. Sounds like genocide.
    Destroying or altering the existing genetics of people. Injecting toxic adjuvants.
    What of the next generation if any. Would they be mutated or sterile?

  9. I couldn’t help but notice the HHS Secretary on “Good Morning America” this morning. He was nothing short of ecstatic about the two vaccines coming out with 95% success rates. I saw dollar signs in his eyes! I don’t think his euphoria came from a joy over possibly saving lives, sorry. Once put on the market the investors and drug companies stand to make zillions. Frankly, both of these vaccines sound pretty dangerous to me and the fact that they mess with human mRNA is alarming to say the least.

    I’m seeing more and more articles asserting that researchers now aren’t sure how COVID-19 is spreading. Apparently there are growing numbers of people who are getting it even though they have had no known contact with an infected person. And so this leads me back to something I’ve been thinking about since this horrid affair all began about 10 months ago…..

    What if COVID-19 is a part of the dawning ice age? Our environment is changing no doubt and, in fact, environments are changing all the time. My thinking is this: if indeed we are on the cusp of a dawning major ice age then the unleashing of new and deadly diseases could very possibly be a part of that change. When I was younger I remember watching a TV special about the Earth and our polluting her. The narrator said that the planet has a knack for self preservation and once it identifies humans as the “disease” that needs to be eradicated nature would turn on us and begin eliminating us most likely via some unknown pathogens. Is this now what is happening? Has the Earth now identified humans as her enemy in need of extermination? I’m not sure yet but this idea keeps popping up in my head.

    On the flipside is the assertion that COVID-19 is a bio-weapon unleashed on an unsuspecting world by China. Yet, China denies the assertion and there seems to be little evidence to support it. But, if it is something unleashed by nature then why would she not first strike the place with the largest human population or “infection” and that would be China.

    One thing is clear. We are in uncharted seas in terms of this virus and rather than demand full steam ahead it might be to our collective benefit to exercise great caution until we are certain what we are dealing with because right now I don’t think we are.

    • More likely the source of the pathogen is not China. Always ask the immortal question. Who benefits the most?
      It is generally those who hate you the most and seek to profit by your demise or by the solution to the problem they secretly inflicted on you. Who had their genocidal agenda carved in stone and called it the Georgia Guide stones?
      Find those people and groups and you will find the culprits. They always blame others for their own deeds and they have the media ready to point the finger at the patsy.

  10. Ase or ashe (from Yoruba àṣẹ)[1] is a West African philosophical concept through which the Yoruba of Nigeria conceive the power to make things happen and produce change.

    Lucifer ase
    Lucifer Change

  11. I will wait to see what happens to my sister when/if the vaxx becomes available. She’s a control freak, teaches at a university, and had a near break-down when in a lab class, one of her students said “tested positive for CV19”.
    If Sis gets the vaxx and gets through it with no hitches, and she’s older than I am, fine. If it makes things worse, I will avoid it. Most of the problem is being careless around other people right now. It’s having a 2nd go where I live and spooking people with Thanksgiving coming up, but I live with a cat, not with another human, so I’ll have Turkey Day in splendid isolation.
    The death rate in this country to date is lower than the death rate for the 1918 Spanish Flu’s first appearance.
    I wondered if the rate would go up when cold weather started, and I was right: it has, but still does not approach the mortality rate of the Spanish flu, locally or worldwide. It seems to be a lot more nasty than that bug was, however.
    Oh, yeah – because there was a particularly nasty flu bug going around a couple years ago, the CDC dug out tissue samples from those long-gone WWi sick people to see if there was a specific virus involved. It was an H1N1 avian flu virus, brought to Spain by 30,000 Chinese workers. It spread like wildfire through all the troops exposed to it and they brought it back here to the USA after WWI, and part of the death rate was caused by pneumonia accompanying the flu.
    Don’t despair, but do be careful. Nobody likes being sick and this bug’s a nasty one.

    • Orson calling Sara… come in Sara…
      “If it makes things worse, I will avoid it.” – got a bit of research catchin’ up to do I’m guessin’… while using sis as test bunny… nice… have to admit though it’s the same thing with both of my sisters too… little chance of reversing vaccine + Jesuit + feminist + fluoride induced computer damage.
      Amandha Vollmer on Fake Virus
      [it’s only 2 min.]
      Atlantic Underground Podcast Episode #23 (Guest Dr. Amandha Vollmer)
      A control freak… and… teaches at a university… sounds like a pretty tough nut… maybe a bit of AB raised Looney Tunes Logos might help sis see the big pic, but don’t count on it, she’d likely figure she outsmarts the Shakti Lady Dr. Yummy… and her mind certainly is.

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