Covid risk now not greater than many of the risks we always face (like seasonal flu)

Burt Rutan weighs on Covid-19 risks. Covid’s actual risk lies in the deaths, not cases, and we are now enjoying the LOWEST death rate since July 4 minimum value.
“Why are we destroying our economic health by forcing businesses to be locked-down?”


November 13 saw a new record set for the number of tests performed in one day (1,383,713), says Burt. Nov 13 also saw a new record for the number of reported cases in one day (183,625); and the LOWEST death rate since July 4 minimum value (about the same as that on average last couple of weeks).

Burt’s son Jeff has spent the good part of this year developing software that presents the Covid data in hundreds of ways. Here are two of Jeff’s graphs updated from the Nov 13 data:

Covid Risk, as the Media presents it, is meant to Scare, not to Inform, says Burt. But Covid’s actual risk lies in the deaths, not cases.  These graphs are therefore presented to Inform, not to Scare.

This first graph, beginning on March 20, shows that new cases rose, then dipped, rose again, then dipped, and lately have soared.

Blue = USA, Green = EU, Magenta = UK, Orange = Canada, Lime Green = Australia

Now let’s look at the death rates.
“As you can see,” says Burt, “deaths are tiny compared to the earlier spikes.  Also, these are deaths WITH covid, not deaths CAUSED BY covid, nearly all are old people with other health issues … old people like me, who also had other issues of morbidity, like heart disease, malignant neoplasms, cerebrovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.”

Blue = USA, Green = EU, Magenta = UK, Orange = Canada, Lime Green = Australia Death rates have almost flattened

“Of course, I am not saying there is no risk due to Covid,” Burt continues. “There certainly is for me, being 77 with serious heart disease history.”

“However, the risk to the population in general is now not greater than many of the risks we always face (like seasonal flu), begging the question of why are we preventing children from attending classroom education and why are we destroying our economic health by forcing businesses to be locked-down?”

Posted by permission of Burt Rutan

Editor’s note: For those readers who may not recognize Burt Rutan’s name, here’s a bit of what Wikipedia says about him:

Burt Rutan, a retired American aerospace engineer and entrepreneur, designed the record-breaking Voyager, which in 1986 was the first plane to fly around the world without stopping or refueling, and the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, which in 2006 set the world record for the fastest (342 mph/551 km/h in 67 hours) and longest (25,766 miles/41,466 km) nonstop non-refueled circumnavigation flight in history. In 2004, Rutan’s sub-orbital spaceplane design SpaceShipOne became the first privately funded spacecraft to enter the realm of space, winning the Ansari X-Prize that year for achieving the feat twice within a two-week period.

26 thoughts on “Covid risk now not greater than many of the risks we always face (like seasonal flu)”

  1. Why? It’s a purposeful production of scarcity. Not enough energy, food, healthcare, and goods. An easier way to produce depopulation and the rule of tyrants over the rest.

    Scarcity may be an even easier way to destroy the possibility of united resistance than the distraction of a supposed power struggle between two “presidential” masks for the tyrants.

  2. A great man that speaks THE truth. My own doctor said all viruses go through the same time line. They start out strong with a higher morbitity rate, then fall. When winter comes, it PICKS up again being even more infectious but nowhere near as lethal as when it started.

    • Winter is when sunshine vit D3 levels drop..folks are locked inside, or wrapped up and nobody gets their natural vit D3, except the lucky few who had the chance to read about supplemental dosing of Vit C and D3 to boost THEIR immune systems.
      The PTB do not want natural cures, they want folks w depleted immune systems who will then accept the nearly-untested “vaccines” containing Al, Hg and foreign DNA. No thanks, I and my family will stick w D3

  3. Just a couple paragraphs to show you what’s coming:

    Imran Ahmed, the CEO of the UK-based Center for Countering Digital Hate, a member of the UK government’s Steering Committee on Countering Extremism Pilot Task Force:

    He told the UK newspaper The Independent in July that “I would go beyond calling anti-vaxxers conspiracy theorists to say they are an extremist group that pose a national security risk.” He then stated that “once someone has been exposed to one type of conspiracy it’s easy to lead them down a path where they embrace more radical world views that can lead to violent extremism,” thereby implying that “anti-vaxxers” might engage in acts of violent extremism. Among the websites cited by Ahmed’s organization as promoting such “extremism” that poses a “national security risk” were Children’s Health Defense, the National Vaccine Information Center, Informed Consent Action Network, and, among others.

    InfraGard, “a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and members of the private sector,” warned in the paper published last June that “the US anti-vaccine movement would also be connected with ‘social media misinformation and propaganda campaigns’ orchestrated by the Russian government,” as cited by The Guardian.

    Censorship, by any other name. . .

  4. Welcome to the Orwellian State: It has started

    The Scamdemic employs the Psyop Tactics of the Soviet Regime [good comparison chart]

    Vernon Coleman’s Banned YouTube Broadcast from April 2020
    Coronavirus: Why You Are Now in Great Danger (Health Tab)

    Even Ratzinger is starting to lose sleep

    BLM – showing bad manners in church… oy oy oy
    … or at your (((beach party)))

    … and the tease

  5. yeah numbers of positives is just that
    serious cases are waaay less
    and then considering the size of the population
    I keep trying to wake people up to that.
    Aus pop is around 25mil
    we had a few thousand positives and very few deaths overall(nursing homes like everywhere else the majority)
    you have to put it on paper to get people to wake up to the fear factor being intentional the real risk being fairly low
    but then look at the hysteria over H1N1 and the fizzle out, I keep reminding people about that too.

    • My question to you is this – if no virus has ever been isolated to prove that SARS-CoV-2, the supposed virus behind COVID, even exists, from WHAT are people dying and as you state, suffer long term problems from? Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of being frightened by the unseen unicorn, we actually attempted to determine what the actual problem is?

      You see, that is another side of “COVID mania,” the source of infection is not being identified because it is assumed to be CV-19, and why not since the incentives say that is where the money is. People that accept that “gosh, it might not be the end of the world, but it is SO dangerous,” are fooling themselves. If this was a dangerous disease, we wouldn’t be talking about a 99.9+% survival rate. Pull your head out of the sand, open your eyes, look at the reality of the data, and USE the BRAIN God gave you to think for and save yourself with. The longer you “believe” COVID is an actuality, the tighter the shackle is going to be that binds your leg in the chain gang.

    • Many ‘long-termers’ seem to have also been suffering secondary effects of severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies, D3, B1, B12, C, + having lo values of Zinc and Mg. Look it up!! Tons of recent articles here: …and just use their good ‘search’ feature. Read something besides CNNCBSWAPONYT for a refreshing change.

  6. High wind speed and heavy rain/mountain snow warning here tomorrow. Unsafe driving conditions from falling trees and powerlines , you can get stuck and get hypothermia but you are not going to get Covid:—add-more-layers/overlays?gust,2020-11-17-18,47.815,-122.585,8

    Another higher risk than Covid around here is driving at night and hitting elk or deer. Seriously, it’s not a matter if if, but when. I try not to drive at night here because I do not want to hit an elk broadside at 60mph. Or a deer , or three elk. Just say no.

  7. Would you please post a link to these charts. Since they represent such a startling departure from mainstream propaganda I would like to visit the site.

  8. Susan, I cannot see that Trump is an obstacle to continued centralized control of the media. (He maintains a head of the FCC who in no way challenges this, who in fact furthers it.)

    I cannot see that Trump is an obstacle to lockdown (He began Operation Warp Speed, the CIA program to develop unnecessary covid vaccines. AND he maintains lying Fauci in his position, AND he named him to the Coronavirus Task Force.) Trump merely positions himself by occasionally making a remark against some aspect of what is happening– while avoiding doing anything that could oppose it. He does not even consistently SPEAK against the covid lies.

    POTUS has the power to replace the head of every administrative agency– FCC; FDA; Dept of Energy (maybe someone who would speak out , eh?); Dept of Justice (Why is no one here speaking out about our fried rights?) etc, etc

    Why does Trump not speak out about the secrecy around the vaccine development? Why in the world is it controlled by CIA instead of medical authorities? As disclosed repeatedly by journalist Whitney Webb almost all the money for Operation Warp Speed is going to the CIA and NOT to HHS.

    I’m sorry to go on a tirade, but please consider that things may be very different than they appear on the surface.

    The “struggle” between Trump & Biden is, in my view, mere distraction which may even become violent as a pretext for martial law.

    • I’d like to comment on this statement –

      “POTUS has the power to replace the head of every administrative agency– FCC; FDA; Dept of Energy (maybe someone who would speak out , eh?); Dept of Justice (Why is no one here speaking out about our fried rights?) etc, etc”

      The president does appoint cabinet members. That is true. He can replace them at will. You are wrong in thinking much below that is, in fact, something that he has control over, or the new department Secretary can control. All he actually can do with regards to high ranking people is ask them to resign.

      You are, like so many others, completely mistaken as to how easy it is to change the flow of government. He actually can only get rid of a person that is blocking his chosen program by getting rid of their position. Think about that. A career bureaucrat is only removable by an action of their own free will, or by eliminating the position that they are in, and of course, you have to be able to justify that elimination. The chances are, it is an actual position that is NOT easily replaced without moving the same person into it, when you reclassify it.

      You often hear that it is almost impossible to get rid of a non performing federal employee. That is bogus, it isn’t, it is just something that non-performing managers don’t like to do. But it IS virtually impossible to get rid of a “performing” federal worker that happens to be also blocking or slowing down a desired process.

      That is why many of the departments still perform as they did for Clinton, Bush, and Obama, because entrenched department leaders are virtually immune to removal. That is why Fauci is still there. He is not a member of the cabinet, thus he is not directly under the President’s control.

      And that is also the way it should be. In that manner government continues to function in spite of changes at the top. There are far too many “special appointees,” however, that are appointed by administrations, but do not leave office when that administration changes. So it has gotten too big, and there are too many entrenched employees intent on instituting, as best they can, the policy that they prefer, not the policy of the current president, whoever that might be.

    • Penelope, IMO you are hitting the mark consistently. It is a pleasure to occasionally read commentary by a clear thinker who knows how to use the language. Kudos to you!

  9. Just another note, two reasons the cases are going up – one is the great increase in testing the other is the increase in the use of somwhate inaccurate rapid tests. By protocol if a person tests positive using the rapid test, they automatically give the older slow test, these tests are then double counted because states do not make an effort to separate the two.

    If you look at this site from google, it matches what Burt’s son is saying. There is nothing magical about the data. It is just the press wants to announce the most hysterical news without context to get clicks and views.

    See the google charts here. You can click on the “new cases” button on the daily chart to switch to deaths and see the all time low.

  10. Robert, you might want to consider running this entire video.

    It’s by investigative journalist Whitney Webb. Extraordinarily interesting after a little introductory background. A lot of new info here about the vaccine. Disquieting.

    I think she’s entirely reliable, has also been on Her command of the exact people in control of Warp Speed and their backgrounds discloses especially concerning detail.

  11. There is no virus. There never has been a virus. One has never been isolated, purified, control group tested and peer reviewed. Period. People had better wake up – or start dying next year from a vaccine, which will contain poisons like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and nano chips/sensors. Critical thinking and research skills required.

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