Crackling ice on New Zealand lake – Short video

18 Aug 2016 – Boulder Lake (935 m), Tasman District, top of the South Island.

Video by Andy Wiseman via NZ MetService

Thanks to Greg Salmond for this video

“It’s not only rising, it’s frozen! says Greg. “Then again, it is mid-winter here.”

3 thoughts on “Crackling ice on New Zealand lake – Short video”

  1. It’s actually not mid winter in the Southern Hemi there’s only four days until the Spring starts on the 1st September.

  2. That is similar to the video’s showing the growing ice on the great lakes crawling onshore and piling up against the houses near the water

  3. That is amazing to watch. I live in Tasman, we are close to sea level and its not unusual in winter to get ice on lakes, ponds, swimming pools etc. Waiting for spring here now.

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