Croat scientist warns that ice age could start in five years

Renowned physicist Vladimir Paar has revealed that Europe could be just five years away from the start of a new Ice Age, says this article in the Croatian Times.

Most of central Europe will soon be covered in ice, says Paar, “including Germany, Poland, France, Austria, Slovakia and a part of Slovenia.” The freeze will be so complete that people will be able to walk from England to Ireland or across the North Sea from Scotland to northern Europe.

“This could happen in five, 10, 50 or 100 years, or even later. We can’t predict it precisely, but it will come,” he added.

And the professor said that scientists think global warming is simply a natural part of the planet.

Professor Paar, from Croatia’s Zagreb University, has spent decades analysing previous ice ages in Europe and what caused them.

“The reality is that mankind needs to start preparing for the ice age,” says Paar. “We are at the end of the global warming period. The ice age is to follow. The global warming period should have ended a few thousands of years ago, we should have already been in the ice age. Therefore we do not know precisely when it could start – but soon.”

“Food production also might be a problem. It would need to be produced in greenhouses with a lot of energy spent to heat it,” commented the professor, who remains optimistic despite his predictions.

It will still be possible for man to survive in the ice age, but the spending on energy will be enormous.

See entire article: ge_could_start_in_five_years

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     “And it (the ice age) will be caused by capitalism and SUV’s!,” says Benjamin. “Oh, I forgot: A large tax will cure it!”

(I posted this article in February 2010, and thought it was worth posting again.)
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23 thoughts on “Croat scientist warns that ice age could start in five years”

  1. My best guess is 10-30 years but that will still depend upon an accelerating rate of geo-magnetic field collapse. Otherwise it will be about 200 years with just a deep Maunder type minimum at its deepest in 2032 this time around.

  2. If you look at the Ice Age maps for North America the Ice Age does NOT look so bad. Perhaps we will have to be nicer to Mexico for our food.

    “It is an Ill Wind indeed that Blows No One any good.”

  3. Professor Paar says ‘… The global warming period should have ended a few thousands of years ago, we should have already been in the ice age. Therefore we do not know precisely when it could start – but soon.’

    Can anyone explain why its overdue?, What cycle was skipped or too weak or cancelled by some other phenomenon?

  4. My guess(becos we don’t have data) is that the coming cold snap will only be a Dalton Minimum scenario. After that we’ll see warming again followed by rapid descent into the next 80K yrs of ice age. Climate usually flip flops from warm to cool a few times prior to full glaciation.
    Most of Canada and UK will be under permanent ice but other places will become more habitable. The transition will inevitably cause some trauma.
    Then again, we could be in full glaciation by 2100, we do not know.

  5. Many inter-glacials last approximately 11,500 years so we are due another ice age. No-one knows the triggering mechanism though there are plenty of theories. I favour Svensmarks cosmic ray theory. The current decaying magnetosphere is probably permitting more cosmic particles to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere, causing more cloud which causes cooling and precipitation.
    The recent CERN experiment reported in Nature backs up Svensmark’s hypothesis.

  6. The world has become more urbanised in the last 50 years which means that weather stations in or near cities will have shown a warming trend due to the fact that buildings trap heat. On winter mornings I have seen a 5 degree C difference in temperature between a city location and a more rural location at the same altitude only 10 km away.
    Undoubtedly a general cooling trend has started. The past two winters in the UK have been a shock to the system. At best we may be heading towards the winters we used to get in the 1960’s and 1970’s. At worst we may be on the verge of a new ‘Little Ice Age.’ In Ireland the devastating winter of 1739-40 brought prolonged severe cold and widespread famine. Ice on the River Shannon was reported as being 19 inches thick. Let’s hope it will never be as bad as that.

  7. See youtube CERN cloud experiment shows little ice age 2015. Accoring to Jasper Kirkby the Sun is now behaving as it did in the Dalton minimum and there is a possibility of no sunspots by 2015 as in the Maunder minimum.

  8. I expect if it happens humanity will have to move nearer the tropical oceans during any ice age and that leaves a large chunk of inhabited land mass potentially uninhabitable.

    Based on solar theory T Landscheit predicted a severe cooling period around 2030. He predicted that we needn’t wait till then to begin seeing it as La Nina conditions will replace El Nino’s more frequently. He predicted only El Nino’s will offer any break in the cooling trend but they will become weaker until they have little effect.

    It is interesting that after years of predominantly El Nino weather with their accompanying drought effects for Australia we have had a massive La Nina event which virtually flodded most of the East coast and fillrd all water storages to flood conditions in a few months despite climate scientists insisting we beed de-salination because under climate change our dams will never fill again.

    What is even more interesting is as at September 5 2011 9:00 am the temperature is ~17 C and we have hardly seen the sun for weeks and it is raining at a time of year when the temperature can reach 30 C and it is usually the driest time of our year.

    I think another La Nina is developing.

    It is interesting the hurricanes seem to be tracking away from the Gulf of Mexico and heading north taking huge amounts of moisture to the northern latitudes – precisely where we don’t want excess moisture or cloud cover.

    • Precisely what we see from archaeological digs. At the end of the last ice age, including the short Younger Dryas cooldown, people began migrating from the middle east to the north and the west into Europe. They brought farming techniques not possible to ice bound Europeans (whatever they were-Cro Magnons??)
      So earth catastrophes do not mean the end of mankind. An ice age merely means we get to dust off our much vaunted survival skills.

  9. 5 years would match Al Gore’s prediction that we have only 10 years left to get all of the Green Environment and Taxes in place. In 4 years 4 months Al Gore’s 10 years will be up. Going into an Ice Age would surly put Green Taxes on hold. My guess is Al will blame it on Man and start pushing for taxes to save us from the Ice Age.

    • Hi Ken
      Let’s not bash the man too much, yes he deserves it for global warming hoax but he also gave us 27th of January 2016.
      Mark it in big, really big letters somewhere in your living space.
      That will be the date of the beginning of the Hyperinflation climax!
      Try to remember it !

  10. To those that love to scream racist at global warming deniers I say scientists have more credibility than politicians and activists that want to shake us all down for a percentage or liquidate 95% of us to save the world. People were executed after WW2 for lesser crimes.

  11. I certainly believe this and would like to give credit to this Croat scientist. He has far more credibility than any of the agenda driven American mainstream scientists and media in the U.S.
    Dr Bob Carter of Australia is another good one I enjoy listening to. We are due immediately for all 3 of them – little, moderate and major ice age, according to the geological records. The Pacemaker of the Ice Ages chart makes this pretty clear, as well as low solar activity expected for the next century now with upcoming solar cycle 25. The least thing we should do is stock up on food before the winter and get an extra pair of long johns.

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