Croatioa – Village evacuated after record snowfall

In Bosnia, roofs caving in under the weight of snow.

A monster storm has claimed at least 12 lives as temperatures plunged across Europe Tuesday, causing record-breaking snowfalls and travel disruptions.

At least four people have died in Poland, three in Lithuania, three in France and two in Romania.

Record snowfall of 72 inches (6 ft) paralyzed a northern Croatian town and a nearby village had to be evacuated.

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4 thoughts on “Croatioa – Village evacuated after record snowfall”

  1. wonder if they were old or new buildings the rooves gave out on?
    if new then building codes might need revising..

    • When I have read of recent roof collapses I have wondered if it IS because the codes have been revised to save money as snow is not supposed to appear evah again!

  2. 5 gallons of water weighs about 40lbs..heavy wet snow six feet deep on a roof or any roof ..probably does not not need explanation .Same as any structure in the way of a creeping glacier from a future iceage will be no contest as the glacier grinds the (STRUCTURES)material to sand grains.

  3. People have great imaginations.
    That is not snow.
    It is just a little dream.
    Wake up tomorrow to sunbathing weather.
    Grab your skin cream!!

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