CSIRO warns of dramatic climate change effects across Australia

Meanwhile, the oceans continue their inexorable decline. Yes, sea levels are FALLING!

Although this hand-winging article on news.com.au doesn’t use the words “global warming,” it features a dramatic image of the Sydney Opera House swamped by rising seas.

Then it immediately back tracks by saying that the change “probably won’t be Hollywood-blockbuster bad like this scene from the movie 2012.”

Well then, why show the picture?

If it won’t be like that, why show the picture? Do you think there might be an agenda here?

“Climate change will alter the Australian landscape so dramatically and so quickly that our grandchildren could live in a very different country,” screams the article.

“The Commonwealth’s science and research body (CSIRO) has produced the first “Australia-wide assessment of the magnitude of the ecological impact that climate change could have on biodiversity.”

“It says totally new environments will emerge while others vanish and there will be a decline in forest environments, which will give way to shrubs and grasslands.

“Climate change is likely to start to transform some of Australia’s natural landscapes by 2030,” said lead researcher Dr Michael Dunlop, from the CSIRO’s Ecosystem Sciences division.

“By 2070, the ecological impacts are likely to be very significant and widespread.

“The CSIRO says it is confident in the accuracy of the complex computer models it used.”

The hoax continues.

Meanwhile, contrary to CIRO’s confidence in their “complex computer models,” the oceans continue their inexorable decline.
(See Sea level continues inexorable decline:
http://iceagenow.info/2011/09/sea-level-continues-inexorable-decline/ )

See entire article:

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12 thoughts on “CSIRO warns of dramatic climate change effects across Australia”

  1. Well, it depends on what you call a Climate Change or a climate disruption…

    The sun is really quiet.
    It should be very active, it is no more.
    Sun is certainly going to make a big sleep.
    With volcanos growing activity, it could lead to a big change in the general patterns.
    But not the change expected.

  2. I once asked CSIRO if atmospheric gases other than “greenhouse gases” (ie Nitrogen and oxygen)absorb heat by any means and therefore increase in temperature and radiate infra red.

    A simple question I would have thought – obviously the answer is a resounding YES as everything can absorb heat and everything that has a temperature above absolute zero emits radiation with the peak emission frequency determined by its temperature.

    But according to CSIRO Plancks’ law apparently doesn’t apply to non “greenhouse gases” and CSIRO is unable to answer a simple question like this – here is part of their response –

    “Dear Ross,

    If you read through the resources I provided, you will learn that Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon are not greenhouse gases. Therefore, it is outside of our resources to scientific address your questions.

    In very basic terms, greenhouse gases are those gaseous constituents of the troposphere that absorb and emit radiation at specific wavelengths within the spectrum of infrared radiation emitted by the earth’s surface, the atmosphere and clouds. This property causes the greenhouse effect.

    Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon do not have this property.”

    So if your question – no matter how simple – throws any doubt on the “Greenhouse effect” the CSIRO is apparently not scientifically competent to answer it.

    Now that is amazing.

    • I wonder how they feel about water vapor as it constitutes between 90 – 95% of the IR emitting GHG we enjoy for a stable atmosphere. Granted, most of the water vapor isn’t created or distributed by man and it may not applicable to Planks’ laws either. Turns out, it isn’t applicable in most climate models either.

  3. BIODIVERSITY??? What happened in Australia in 1606 far outweighs any biodiversity disaster that “climate change” might cause!

    • What happened in 1606 ? Some dutch explorers sailed around WA.

      1788 was the real beginning of mass changes in Australia’s biodiversity and you’re dead right – compared to pigs, rats, dogs, cats , invasive weeds, birds, foxes, rabbits, sheep, cattle, goats, horses, camels, white man and deliberate extinction of species such as Thylacine etc etc the tiny effects of climate change pale into insignificance !!!!

  4. I have read that we are moving through a “dustier” space than previously, we meaning the Solar System. I have read at some time in the past that it may be possible that we are about to cross through the plane of the galaxy, which certainly would qualify as a dustier space. I seem to recall that an interview with some Mayan elders had stated that the end of the calendar marked the return of the “black rift.” And of course, we all have seen the occasional article even here from thunderbolt expounding upon their theory of the electric universe.

    Taking this pieces together, you would expect that an “electric powered Sun” probably would become quieter as it passes through a dirty space, and there would be no dirtier space than the plane of the galaxy where there should be a very high volume of dust, thus presenting a higher resistance to the flow of the current believed to be powering the Sun. Certain the accretion disk would show up as a “black rift” running through the Milky Way on the day we would be passing through the center of the plane. Finally, with all the mass of the galaxy practically in a line, you would expect that there would be considerable gravitational stress put on the planet, even as it approaches the plane, thus additionally, greater volcanic activity helping to relieve the stresses in the planet’s crust. All these things seem plausible when taken as a whole, and fortunately, will either be proven or disproven on the 21st of December.

    One other thing to be considered, though. On the slight chance that what I just mentioned should happen, the Bible does speak of 3 days of darkness, and that would happen if the Sun IS electrically powered, and the resistance was great enough to change the plasma state that the electric universe talks about from glow to dark, meaning that the current drops low enough for the Sun to cease emitting light. I do believe it will still be emitting lower bands, such is infrared, so I don’t think there will be any real cooling from it, but it could turn off for a few days until we pass far enough away from the center of the plane to allow the current to relight the glow mode. I think that an early indication of the possibility would be if the spectrum of the light output starts to shift a little towards the red.

    I do think this is possible and can’t help wanting to tell everyone in the world that on the 21st of December, if the Sun suddenly stops shining, don’t panic. If the Bible is correct, that is only for 3 days, and I think we can manage to survive for 3 days unless, of course, you are off the grid and relying on solar energy for your electricity.

  5. Quiet Sun and more active volcanoes = cooling!
    The BIG TIME cooling starts as of 2014.
    Even the stock market charts are telling us that.

  6. the ABC radio national show, Bush Telegraph had the chap interviewed, its FAR less sensational and he hedges his words about the speed and proof of..
    still AGW inspired cos the govt and inmdustry funding ensures the agenda of the day. but worth going to abc and listening to the podcast.
    to listen to the greenbiased conservationists NO plant animal or life form is ever to be allowed to vanish. or move, or change habitat.
    the fact it all has, and will continue to do so regardless of mankinds puny presence is ignored.

  7. An electricly powered sun? Preposterous! Don’t confuse the side effects of stellar fusion with the cause of solar output. It is the compressed mass of hydrogen fusing into helium under the pressure of gravity that causes energy output and not some energy flux from some where in the galaxy. Sunspots appear dark because the gravity is high enough to slow down or stop the escape of photons.
    The opposite side of that localised magnetic field kicks out solar flares which can get pulled back into the sunspot due to the strength of gravity in the sunspot. The primary driver of solar activity is gravity acting on a huge mass of hydrogen and later on the byproducts of stellar fusion untill the star collapses and then explodes in a supernova.
    The big bang might have created all the hydrogen but the mass of hydrogen created the stars and the stars created all the other elements. It really is quite simple, everything is made from positive, negative and neutral charges of energy and all that from sub atomic particles. Almost nothing at all.
    That requires a miracle of creation and links science with religion.

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