Czech-Republic – Snow in mid-May – Global warming is a hoax

Czech-Republic – Snow in mid-May 2021 – Milling the road to Labska bouda in the Giant Mountains – Credit Milos Salek.png

“There is really an extreme amount of snow,” said Aleš Hnízdo, operations director of Labská bouda in the Giant Mountains.

The surroundings of labská Bouda in the giant mountains remain covered with a large layer of snow even in mid-May. The situation is being exploited by cross-country skiers.

There is even so much snow that even a snow blower was unable to bite through the huge barriers to the Elbe shed.

“According to driver Jaroslav Palivoda, who has been milling the road for 37 years, he has experienced this only three or four times in all those years.

On Thursday, the snow blower finally bit through the snow barriers at the Hanče and Vrbata mounds.

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10 thoughts on “Czech-Republic – Snow in mid-May – Global warming is a hoax”

  1. It has been a while since I have commented but in light of the US Army story today of becoming “Climate Change” warriors (sorry I hire military personnel to go break other countries stuff) and the IEA saying that fossil fuels need to come to an end (sorry I don’t think freezing to death is a good option). These loons’ need to be sling shot off the earth for continuing to feed this horse poop…. “we” are going to be lucky if our crops mature to harvest this year.
    The “sheeple” are going to be real upset when they figure out that they have been hoodwinked and lied to AND have no time to prepare for what is going to happen. IF they can find the items they need, they wont be able to afford the inflated prices. GOD save us from idiots, liers and fools.

  2. It has recently come to my attention that 3 successive hoaxes are in play:

    1. Global Warming and the demonization of CO2, world totalitarian laws on carbon taxes and control

    2. Covid-19 Plandemic – an invisible threat (like CO2) that you can not verify with your own senses, is being used to marshal world population into a medical dictatorship, vaccine passports, etc.

    3. UFO invasion – alien invasion (staged by Project Bluebeam) used to push for world total state.

    In all cases you must take their world for it, the Covid hoax was introduced because Global Warming by CO2 got busted, so they took it to the next level

    Likewise the covid hoax is being busted by Rand Paul and an army of bloggers + medical insiders, masks do nothing, covid samples came out of Wuhan and were sent to Fauci and WHO, Bill Gates neck deep in the vaccine scam – makes 20:1 on his investments, Gates is primary funder of WHO

    Thus, expect the deep state to take the fear to the next level


    Supreme Court unanimously rejected Biden administration arguments in a case from Rhode Island that police should be allowed to enter homes without a warrant to seize handguns.

    Ruling in the case, Caniglia v. Strom, court file 20-157, came May 17.

    Erich Pratt, Senior Vice President of Gun Owners of America and the affiliated Gun Owners Foundation, praised the new decision.

    “The Supreme Court today smacked down the hopes of gun grabbers across the nation,” Pratt said.

    • Wasn’t warrantless searches one of the grumbles that kicked you colonists off in 1776?

  4. Czech-Republic – Snow in mid-May – Global warming is a hoax. But it is not just the Czech Republic

    All this cool/cold weather (especially in the Northern hemisphere).
    All this wet weather (especially in the equatorial and Southern hemisphere) .
    All this excess sea ice at the Antarctic.

    Then there is all these new icebreakers China & Russia have built/are building.

    Where is this GLOBAL WARMING?

  5. Maybe we should be looking at the length of time between prolonged periods of cold, e.g., Little Ice Age and the cold period that it preceded before a warm period in Europe, which became the Renaissance.

    For example: The two lesser-known early swings, known as the Roman Warm Period (ca. 100-300 AD) and the Dark Ages Cold Period (ca. 400-800). The Roman warm period mostly affected Roman turf and not so much northern Europe.

    Whether or not, this is “accurate” re: the length of time, those did not take place everywhere.

    A good modern example is in the taiga of Yakutia/Siberia, which is usually beastly cold (down to -30F routinely) and how many times those prolonged deep cold periods have been interrupted by prolonged warm periods, where waterholes (ponds, small lakes) formed in the tundra and when the next prolonged cold spell comes along, they freeze solid and get covered with decaying plants and dirt. But NOW they are thawing and the dirt that has buried them for centuries is collapsing downward as the ice melts.

    Does that make sense?

    • Sara– It is puzzling why the Yakutia area of Siberia should be showing evidence of the melting of old “permanent” ice. Especially since January temperatures were even lower than usual, and an adjacent area had a temperature of 73 degrees below zero! Only explanation I can think of for the melting is maybe there’s low snow coverage, allowing the sun’s heat to penetrate. Weather is so multifactorial that I think we often don’t know “why”.

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