Da Plane! Da Plane! – Snow in Huntsville, Alabama

Lori Takano sent this to a Texas friend on January 16, 2018 at 6:48 PM

Going down to 6-7 degrees early tomorrow morning, snow on the ground. (Huntsville AL)

Time to go for a swim in this glorious global warming paradise.

Ooo la la…

Tattoo: “The plane! The plane!”

Mr. Roarke: “Ah yes, the plane! And here comes our first guest off the plane to our island paradise, a
Mr. Al Gore. Uh, why are you here, Mr. Gore?”

Al Gore: “Me?”

Mr. Roarke: “Yes, you. What is your fantasy to be, Mr. Gore?”

Al Gore: “Well, I wanted a fantasy of global warming because it’s freezing everywhere else.”

Mr. Roarke: “Ah yes, so true, so true. But it will cost you.”

Al Gore: “Cost?”

Mr. Roarke: “Well yes, nothing comes for free, Mr. Gore.”

Al Gore: “How much?”

Mr. Roarke: “Oh, I’d say a trillion would be a nice round sum.”

Al Gore: “A trillion dollars?” (shock)

Mr. Roarke: “Yes.”

Al Gore: “Why that’s highway robbery!”

Mr. Roarke: “Yes, it is, but isn’t that what you did stealing all those trillions from all those poor saps who were gullible enough to pay your ridiculous carbon taxes?”

Al Gore: “That’s not fair.”

Mr. Roarke: “No, nothing is fair, especially here on Fantasy Island, Mr. Gore. Do you want a global warming fantasy or not?”

Al Gore: “What happens if I don’t pay?”

Mr. Roarke: “You go back to Tennessee to freeze your frigging butt off.”

Al Gore: “No, no, not that! I’ll pay! I’ll pay!.”

(Al Gore electronically transfers a trillion dollars to
Fantasy Island on Mr. Roarke’s very white smart-phone.)

Mr. Roarke: “Why thank you Mr. Gore. Now follow that person and he will lead you to your Fantasy of Global Warming.”

Al Gore: “Good, good, good.”

(After Al Gore leaves for his fantasy)

Tattoo: “But boss, isn’t that the way to the mouth of the volcano?”

Mr. Roarke: “Why yes Tattoo, it is.

Tattoo: (laughs deviously) “Oh, I see.”

Mr. Roarke: “Yes, he’s going to get hit with the biggest carbon tax of them all. It’s the least we can do for a scumbag like him.”

Tattoo: “Hot, hot, hot!”

Mr. Roarke: “Yes Tattoo, very hot indeed.”

Tattoo: “The pain! The pain!”

Mr. Roarke: “But only for an instant, Tattoo, only for an instant.”

Ooo la la…


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  1. Record amount of snow, 5 inches, in Raleigh today, the Carolinas. 23 degrees F in Atlanta before sunset, and the roads look like they do near the Canadian border with a solid freeze. That’s like average winter temperature at altitude in the Rocky Mountains mid winter. Wind chill warnings on entire penninsula of Florida. I’d imagine they have a different standard, maybe not, still chilly even there nonetheless and not good for oranges, presumably.

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