“Dangerously cold air” to grip the Canadian Prairies this winter

Thanks to La Niña, Accuweather predicts a snow-filled winter for much of eastern Canada, including some of the country’s most populated cities.

Accuweather predicts “Dangerously cold air” for the Canadian prairies.

“Compared to last winter, the upcoming winter is expected to be colder from the eastern Prairies to Quebec,” said AccuWeather Canadian Weather Expert Brett Anderson.

See entire forecast:

8 thoughts on ““Dangerously cold air” to grip the Canadian Prairies this winter

  1. That would be Manitoba and part of Saskatchewan probably. Alberta could expect a mild winter which I wouldn’t mind at all.

  2. That will also translate to North Dakota and Minnesota….great I’m just a couple hours from winterpeg….I mean Winnipeg in International Falls which is just as cold….Im looking forward to it

  3. Winnipeg in extreme cold can include “ice fog” as the super-chilled H2O crystallizes on particulates from car exhaust and smoke from chimnies. It barely got above 35 below for a week and the fog was amazingly thick.
    Too cold to go out for lunch so we ate in the dreadful cafeteria in the lower floor of the office building. George was from Toronto and I was from Vancouver. So we were impressed, particularly when it got down to 49 below–no windchill BS.
    Anyway, the weather changed by Friday noon, so we got in George’s car to go to “Champs” for a good lunch. On the radio, the weather report was “It’s clear blue skies, no wind, sunshine and it’s 18 below”.
    George started to unwind his window. I said, “What the hell are you doing?”
    “Bob, if it is this hot now, what’s it going to be like when summer comes?”

    Bob Hoye

  4. Nature must take its course. That being said the climate scientists ought to pay closer attention to their work from here on out considering where we are with the ice age cycle. It wouldn’t be good for the innocent if any if they were flash frozen by surprise during the onset of a major glaciation would it?

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