Darwin – Coldest August night on record

A blast of polar air from a cold-front in southern Australia last week managed to push all the way up to the tropics.

Darwin shivered through it’s coldest August night on record Monday after the temperature dropped to just 13.1C Monday, more than seven degrees below the August average minimum of 20.4C.

Other areas to also record cold minimums overnight in the Darwin-Daly forecast district include Middle Point (5C), Tindal (6.1C), Noonamah (8.6C) Batchelor (10.8C) and Dum Inn Mirrie (12.9C)

This comes after the coldest month of May on record
( http://www.smh.com.au/national/coldest-may-on-record-for-darwin-20110531-1fe1x.html  ) and the coldest June day on record
( http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2007/06/21/1328_ntnews.html ).

Thanks to Murray Edmondstone for this info

19 thoughts on “Darwin – Coldest August night on record”

  1. victoria and nsw weather for 17/08/12 very cold front will bring heavy snow down to 900mts for ski areas and centre of nsw ,up to 30 cm fall over two days.

  2. The only thing I hear about climate on the mainstream media here in Sweden are about the “heatwave in USA” and the “melting Arctic”.

    • Yes PDN: I also find it interesting how the media only addresses weather conditions that relate to excessive heat. Here in the US, all they seem to want to talk about this morning on the Weather Channel is the unprecedented heat that we’ve been experiencing here. And I’m tired of hearing about it!!!

  3. Never saw anything on this on Australia Network 7..sponsored by yahoo that bastion of American corporate culture ushering in the New World Order.

  4. PDN , and the “heat wave” in USA is up in northern states…and central, not here in the South (Texas) as we have a normal,to cooler than normal summer , HOT but not abv normal.

    • You’re right Bjorn… Here in Southern Texas it has been nothing but a typical hot and humid summer. We’ve even had a pretty decent amount of rain this year, especially during our spring season. But it wasn’t too long ago that I heard the media pointing out how exceptionally hot it’s been here, especially in the Houston area. And if I’m not mistaken I also heard a comment made concerning the drought situation and how it was expected to continue here.

  5. Cold weather and severe frosts are slowing the wheat crops in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. But this news is not in the MSM, but on Rural News. Folks in the cities are not supposed to read this? So higher prices for bread can be explained as to be caused by the heat wave in the USA (which is caused by so-called global warming of course). This way the shortage of grain will be blamed in the MSM as to be caused by global warming, meanwhile the real cause, at least in Australia, is severe frosts in their own country. This is how indoctrination works.

  6. Lasdt night on the telly there was a news exerpt showing people swimming with fur seals in Brisbane. well above where they normally migrate.

  7. Watching above video I was amazed to see that the mans ceramic floor tiles had cracked so. Now I understand why we have wooden floor boards. Interesting that it can get to be so low temperature in the tropics. Notice that the weather forecaster is reporting about the high air pressure being “cold air” coming down on them from the antarctic circle. We have much the same problem with cold air coming down from the arctic circle too. Thus all the dry weather in North America for example. However in the equatorial zone the monsoon storms are massive and lethal. Where is this leading ? Well if the high air pressure systems continue into the winter months we will be getting severe frosts. Perhaps some severe snow storms too.

  8. Yet in North Brisbane, we read in the local newspaper that we’re having a ‘dry spell’ of 26 days without rain. I don’t think it’s been a month without rain, we had a bad hailstorm a week or two ago that dumped a lot of rain. Nevermind the 2 summers in a row of flooding and one of the wettest winters on record this year! It’s amazing how fast the MSM forgets that, but so eagerly jumps on a story of ‘drought’ which is far more common for Australia than flooding is!!

  9. Hearing the same here in the midwest. All the heat. Only trouble is last year the utilities were calling for rate increases because of the unprecedented cool wave of the last several years and threatining to close several of the production plants because of of excess capacity. Guess a normal year would throw those warmists a curve. They are talking drought now. But in August in the middle plains, the months of July and August are dry. Not until the middle of september do we usually get rain. But this cool spell usually don’t happen till then. So there has been a change in the weather patterns, Why, they won’t say until they can tax you for it. But I thought we were already being taxed for it, we are the weather service, nasa, military, etc. Any of those buggers that in government and don’t realize that are uninformed bs artists. Those that lie to the public about that should be excused from service, err fired for lying to the public.

  10. Isn’t it amazing how global climate warming can affect the weather on earth, the center of the Universe.

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