Deadly 70-car pileup in Iowa – Disturbing Video

Deadly 70-car pileup in Iowa – Disturbing Video

Involved 50 to 70 cars, buses and semi-trucks.

In this video, released by the Iowa Department of Transportation, not much seems to be happening for the first 1½ minutes – but then look out!


The pileup on I-35 near Ames, Iowa, killed one person and injured five to ten others.

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5 thoughts on “Deadly 70-car pileup in Iowa – Disturbing Video

  1. FIrst thing I notice is that the CARS are driving TOO FAST. IDIOTS.

    The car, at the 28 second mark started the accidents, along with the Semi Truck SPEEDING right behind the car. You would think the Truck Driver would know better? IDIOT?

    The Truck Driver could easily see OVER the car speeding in front of him and see another Semi relatively close, for the road conditions.

    Are people that Stupid? Yes. They are.

    And then the car at the 44 sec. mark is SPEEDING and tries to brake….in the snow…..on ice…..really? Hey, I hope nothing happened to you but I am hoping your car is totally destroyed and you got fired for not getting to work, ok idiot?

    See the 2 cars at 1:26? The second one is way too close, even for perfect weather.

    The Semi Truck at 2:12 appears to be the only driver with any sense. …..

    Second? Al Gore should be on trial, Class Action , for murder.

    • I nearly cried out loud.. LOOK OUT… with that semi at the 3:40 mark … driving wayyyy too fast and should have seen the stoppage from mile or 2 down the road. The white semi did and stopped in time.
      They all should have been given tickets for unsafe driving

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