Deadly cold across Europe – 23 dead in just the past two days

Death toll in Poland rises to 55. 

8 Jan 2017 –  A cold wave across Europe has left at least 23 dead in the past two days, authorities said Saturday. Frigid temperatures were expected to continue through the weekend.

The mercury dropped to minus 30C in many places as heavy snow fell across the continent

Ten of the latest victims of the cold perished in Poland where temperatures were as low as minus 14 degrees Celsius (seven degrees Fahrenheit) on Saturday.

“This takes to 53 the number of hypothermia victims since November 1.” said spokeswoman Bozena Wysocka from the Polish government centre for security (RCB).


The death toll in Poland has now risen to 55. Temperatures dropped to minus 30 degrees Celsius in the mountains of southern Poland. Police in Bulgaria said a passenger train derailed yesterday after it hit a pile of snow.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis, Jay Hope and Ole Jensen for these links

“The Chinese news mentions the number of 53 people who died from hypothermia in Poland,” says Argiris. “The Dutch MSM mentioned “some” people died from the cold in Poland.

“The Chinese news mentions a snowstorm in Istanbul, the Dutch news merely says some flights at the airport were delayed because of the snow.

“I could go on like this: the Dutch MSM reports finally reports about the cold in Europe, but too little, too late.

“People in Europe who want to know what is really happening in Europe, should read the Chinese MSM.”

5 thoughts on “Deadly cold across Europe – 23 dead in just the past two days”

  1. May I suggest that people write to UK papers like the Daily Mail and publicise the SEVERE weather in Eastern Europe ?

    Whenever there are a few warmish or mild days, all the Press ever say is…..”Global warming ,of course ! ”

    The GREENIE multitudes are the same ! ALWAYS emphasising any warm or mild weather.


    • The msm prints what they’re told to print, about certain subjects. We’ve been preparing for gw for years, billions believe gw now, so how many will die because of the lie? It is hoped millions, if not billions, will. As you can see, I’ve grown quite cynical concerning the human race. Over 78 years are behind me now, and the human race is my greatest disappointment in life. Fiddlin

  2. I see that recent temperatures of -45C were recorded to the n-e of Moscow. Quite unusual in recent decades. UK tabloid papers are screaming about a ‘big freeze’ coming in the next few days. It’s just normal winter weather – not 1963 or 1947 all over again.

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