Deadly floods in Germany

Record floods have killed at least 89 people in Germany, Russia, Austria and the Czech Republic over the last week.

The Elbe rose from a normal summer level of about two meters (7 ft) to 9.16 meters (30 ft), well surpassing the 8.77 meter record of 1845.

The floods were a result of torrential rains that sent a huge surge of water through river systems. At least 10 died in Saxony.

In Germany, the surging waters continued to rise.

Officials feared more of the architectural gems of Dresden would be submerged.

Amazing photos – Deadly floods in Germany

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  1. You may know that one day before the Haitian earthquake, the US military had a drill for emergency hurricane relief in Miami.

    On June 7-10th FEMA is having a drill for a 9.0 Earthquake & Tsunami in the Pacific Northwest.

    This is roughly coincident with what appears to be a planned action against Libya.

  2. 5 Fort Hood soldiers dead, 4 missing amid Texas flooding

    More rain in two days than TX normally gets in the whole month of June.

    During the height of the Little Ice Age, native peoples, after flourishing during the Medieval Warm Period (MWP), were badly hit by the climate change, with extensive crop failures. This and other sources point to them reverting to a hunter-gatherer existence, moving north into the prairies, creating extensive tribal conflicts..

    From Historic Native Peoples of Texas –

    “The cooler Little Ice Age had a negative impact on Native horticulturists, not only in New Mexico but across all of North America. The documentary record is replete with weather and other environmental reports that confirm that the climate during the study period was significantly colder and more HYDRIC (saturated as in wetlands) than the climatic conditions recorded during the MWP .. had a defining impact on the lifeways of the Native population in Texas and the Southwest during the study period.”

  3. Somebody should tell the Germans how to set up a SKYWARN network, because they keep getting surprised by weather.

    82 people were struck by lightning at a concert, the same concert that saw 33 people struck last year.

    “This is the second straight year that strong thunderstorms pummeled the festival…Last year, 33 people were hurt after two lightning bolts struck.”

    I seem to recall reading historical reports about overly stormy and wet conditions prevailing in Europe during minimums.

  4. The Elbe’s previous highest record (presumably for the period that records were available) stood since 1845. That was hardly out of the Little Ice Age. Ominous!

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