Deadly winds in the Netherlands sweep people off their feet – Video

All Five Dutch Storm Gates Closed For The First Time In History

Eight people have been killed as hurricane-strength winds tear across northern Europe causing Dutch and German transport chaos

Many of those killed, in the Netherlands and in Germany, were hit by falling trees and debris. One died in a collision when his van was blown to the other side of the road.

Facing gusts of up to 140km/h (90mph), long-distance train services were suspended in Germany the due to the risk of trees falling on overhead wires and on tracks.

Flights at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam – one of the busiest in Europe – were briefly suspended  after roof plates were blown off the terminal building.

Meteorologists in Germany – where 65,000 homes are reportedly without power – warned people to stay indoors.

The storm has now crossed to Poland.

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  2. In watching that short clip, and the 2 people going down, I could not help thinking of Detroit.

    Had that man been blown over and dazed in Detroit, like he was in that German City, the by-standers would have robbed him of his wallet and cell phone……….but in that German city the people came up to him with concern and to offer help………………………why the differences?

    Knowing the answer to my question(s) above will someday save your life…………………..

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