Death Toll from Cold Doubles

As the fake academics keep pushing the Global Warming scenarios because that justifies more taxes and they are rewarded with endless grants, I (Martin Armstrong) have warned that it is Global Cooling we should be concerned about. Particularly the elderly should really try to relocate to warmer territory.

The death rate caused by the extreme cold that has been taking place since 2015 is now officially twice that of the year before. In Britain, they call it winter deaths and in Wales, the death toll has DOUBLED during 2017-18 – rising from 1,850 the year before to 3,400 and winter is not finished yet. We are on track for doubling the 2017-2018 season this round.

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  1. I am sure that cold is playing a large part in these increased numbers, BUT I would point out that as the Baby Boomer population ages there will be a marked increase in the number of deaths every year for the next 15 or so years.
    Already the number of Boomers slipping this mortal coil sits at around 4000 per day here in the US. That number will only increase.

  2. US and Israel have left UNESCO, an organization founded with good intensions, but captured by Extreme Green. No crocodile tears from me!

  3. The elderly better move to Florida before they all freeze. All the ice ages are immediately due and the little ice age already started years ago. In the last 2 years alone we just experienced the greatest climate cooling event in the last 100+ years.

    Anything else is a damned lie and should be ignored. End of story!

  4. Professor Noam Chomsky is reported to have said that Trump is worse than Hitler for contributing to climate change by his policies (see Brietbart). Does that mean that we are all little Hitlers every time we start our cars or turn up the heating? This constant comparing of Trump (and also Putin) to Hitler is leading to “Hitler inflation”, which demeans the suffering and horror suffered by the Jews and others who really did suffer indescribable horrors under the Nazis.

    • Uncle Joe Stalin killed more people than Hitler.

      Mao killed more people than Uncle Joe.

      Why don’t people use these 2, above, as references?

      Who invented the “concentration camp”?. The British during the Boer War…….Churchill was there….

      Who had concentration camps in the 1920’s in Europe? Stalin

  5. Bangladesh, December 31, 2018. Severe cold wave sweeping through Panchagarh. A severe cold wave is sweeping through Panchagarh district of Rangpur division. Besides, a mild to moderate cold wave is sweeping along Mymensingh division and the rest part of Rangpur division and the regions of Tangail, Madaripur, Gopalganj, Sitakunda, Sreemangal, Rajshahi, Naogaon, Khulna, Jashore, Chuadanga and Barishal.
    The cold wave may continue through some parts of these areas, said Met office. The lowest temperature was recorded at 5.1 degrees Celsius at Tetulia.
    Night temperature is likely to rise slightly and day temperature may remain nearly unchanged over the country. UNB

  6. That’s what happens when you increase the price of energy to combat the chimera of “man made global warming” and now “climate change.” Poor people, sacrificed so the elite can feel morally superior.

  7. Winter deaths, has always been used by the UK Government to minimise the amount paid out in Old Age Pensions since the Cradle to Grave social net put in place since 1947 paid for by National Insurance, since being converted into a secondary income tax by Gordon Brown.
    Far more have died and will die during the solar minimum period between cycles, during the Beast from East periods reinforced by SAW event during periods of large long lasting Coronial Holes.
    This winter’s Scandinavia Blocking high has commence its ridge and build from the Azores, as it did during the Summer blocking period, and the memorable Summer warmth, we now pay for it.

    The UK housing stock is designed for its normal South Westerly wet air stream from over the Gulf Stream and its benign 12 to 14C air temperature, and to blow the smoke from coal fires North Eastwards in the North Sea for it to rain out with coal converting to Gas and our much lower emissions of polluting gases.
    Pensioners are still in the strait Jacket of heat one room and starve; with hypothermia in a damp environment is still the biggest killer, even more so during the 11 year cyclic massive winters lasting three months.
    Always, during the solar minimum, never during the eight years solar wave towards Solar Max and down part of the way down towards minimum, Now tell me the Sun doesn’t control our climate.

  8. Death rates not reported, tho if you dig a bit deeper into the links you see comments from the health department about excess deaths… which means they were analyzing the data a bit more than would be clear from the first linked article.

    The thing to remember is, if you have higher death rates in the elderly (that includes me) … that means we were luckier than some… since we just didn’t die young!

    The bottom line? We are all going to die once… from something.

    that’s coming from me, now retired, but with 15+ years experience analyzing death data for public health departments.

  9. Dunno about now, but they used to calculate it from elderly who died of hypothermia because for whatever reason, their homes had no heat. Nowadays that usually means that under the new “green” initiatives, those pensioners who can’t afford to both eat and have warm houses.

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