Deaths in Sweden, which NEVER locked down, are far less than New York State, which DID lock down

“In Sweden, daily corona deaths are now close to zero. The overall mortality rate is in the range of earlier strong flu waves. Even the monthly peak mortality (in April 2020) remained below the strong flu waves of the 1990s.”

“So the graph shows the cumulative deaths in Sweden since March 11?” says reader Penelope. (She’s referring to the graph here.)

“I admit to a preference for graphs showing the daily deaths, as it shows nearly zero.”

“This site contains a graph comparing deaths per million in New York State and Sweden:
New York State 1670 deaths per million, Sweden 540.”

“45% of US corona deaths occurred in nursing homes,” says Penelope. “Over 50% occurred in the six states that actively placed Covid patients in nursing homes.”

Facts about Covid-19

Did you get that?

A locked down state with triple the number of deaths as an entire country that did not lock down!

New York State,  1670 deaths per million, Sweden 540.

Can anyone tell me what good the lockdown is doing?

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  1. Your headline on this article states that the death rate in Sweden is FAR greater than in New York State but the article states that the death rate in Sweden is 1/3 (540 per M VS 1670 per M for NY) that of New York State. Confusing and inaccurate.

  2. Your title is wrong: Deaths in Sweden (NEVER locked down) far greater than New York State, which DID lock down” should be Deaths in Sweden …far less than…

  3. Also misleading in stating that Sweden never locked down…there was a government request to avoid crowds, restaurants. band bars which did lead to a voluntary “semi-lock down.” This was later expanded to a rule to limit crowds to 50 or less. The government initially hoped that this mostly homogeneous population would voluntarily obey what was a mandate for us, and others.

  4. Population Density.
    More Cases = more deaths when there is a high proportion of elderly people.
    There was no “lockdown” when patients with COVID-19 were sent to care homes.
    It was lockdown in name only.
    The western world has forgotten how to do Quarantine and Isolation of sick patients.

  5. So what is the population density of New York State in comparison to Sweden? It could be you are comparing apples to oranges without quantifying what you are looking at.

    • At last, someone who understands how infections are transmitted. Sweden is three times larger than new york state, and it doesn’t have a mega city with 11m people living on top of each other.
      That’s why new york was so bad early on, even with a lockdown, and Sweden wasn’t.
      It’s quite simple really.
      If new york hadn’t locked down they would have had more cases.

  6. Perhaps some of the difference is in how the infection is reported. Same with deaths reported as due to virus. When money can be made by reporting deaths as due to Covid then be careful of what you do with those data. They may be highly inaccurate.

  7. The only place in Sweden that has a similar population density to NYC is Stockholm.
    But there are less than 1 million living there compared to 9+ million in NYC or 10 million in London.
    Stockholm has 1000 deaths per million.

    As I have said before there are normally more people on the UK underground and US subway every day than live in the whole of Stockholm.

  8. It is a myth that Sweden didn’t shut down. I posted an article to a reddit group a couple of months ago talking about how they were spreading tons of chicken shit in their parks in order to discourage people gathering for a festival that was canceled.

    Their economy contracted nearly as much as everyone else in Europe while using a softer approach to locking down, but that is like saying Hilter was right wing, when he was just the most conservative of the socialist in Germany at the time (The Nazi party stands for the National Socialist German Workers Party). Bars and restaurants had restrictions in place and they experienced much higher death rates that other Slavic countries.

    “Unlike its neighbors, Sweden refrained from imposing a mandatory lockdown, relying instead on voluntary public health guidelines. The strategy has coincided with a considerably higher mortality rate than in the rest of the Nordic region, and fresh research suggests it may not have succeeded in sustaining consumer spending.”

    If you want to look at the success in the pandemic you should look more toward the Midwest states in the United States. I live in Missouri and our govt handled this situation county by county and left as much open as they could while locking down more in urban and dense areas. I am not sure that was necessary, but that is playing armchair quarterback to a situation that we had very little information at the time. I bet if you look at Missouri’s economy, it didn’t see any contraction. Things are still booming here thanks to the current Republican leadership.

  9. The main reason for the difference can be found in the average immune systems of the respective populations. Sweden fortifies basic foods with vitamin D3. The US doesn’t. Dark skins are far less efficient in producing vitamin D2 from the sun than white skins. Obese people do not covert vitamin D2 to vitamin D3 as efficiently as people who are not obese. Vitamin D3 is essential for a healthy immune system, which is neeeded for resistence to this type of virus.

  10. ohmyDog!
    does anyone know how to locate sweden on a map?
    and the fact that the whole of Europe has made a lockdown?

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