Debate moderator was (deliberately?) misinformed – Video

In Wednesday night’s vice-presidential debate, the USA Today moderator casually and confidently threw out lots of misinformation and superstition about climate.

Toto (Tony Heller) sets the record straight in this video entitled “Climate Misinformation From The USA Today Moderator.”

Thanks to Burt Rutan for this video

(Yes, that Burt Rutan.)

9 thoughts on “Debate moderator was (deliberately?) misinformed – Video”

  1. So called ‘climatologists’ are generally ignorant of history. Maybe they don’t learn about literature research in their training. I am fortunate to have “The Changing Climate” by H. Lamb in my reference library. It summed up meteorological data around the world since before the first weather stations, and clearly shows climate cycles.

  2. I once saw an article following trends in newspapers of Europe since their inception to the 1990’s. In warm periods, the Earth was getting closer to the Sun, and doomed to butn up, in cold periods we were getting farther away and doomed to freeze to death. Back and forth over 700 years. Nothing new here, Toto, go lay down.

  3. the act casual and spout absolute crap re climate is par for course across media mainstream
    abc aus does it every single day! and wont ever admit its NOT correct

  4. So back in the 70’s I read an article about the newspapers from the 1300’s till now. Every warm period or cooling period was going to be the end of the world. We’d either freeze or cook; either way, we were doomed. Thus has it ever been.

  5. Please forgive me for repeating my comment. Having fist fight with Siri. I did not see first post, so re wrote it and re-submitted it. My picture does not show up, and had to re enter my info. I also did not mean the Toto comment to sound so snarky, more like,’It’s ok, Toto, we know who’s there behind the curtain at the controls”. GREAT video, Toni!!!

  6. “The scientific community has concluded.”

    If only VP Pence would have responded with, “Susan, while you may find a number of scientists who are saying that they are seeing a human footprint in some weather related disasters, you would be hard-pressed to substantiate your wild and grossly inaccurate claim. The scientific community has concluded no such thing, and that includes the IPCC and the US’s NCA.”

  7. Personally I think the debate wasn’t a debate at all but a brainwashing job so the left could push their agenda further. Let’s face the fact here America. Our country is OVER. Dead in the water! Problem is most Americans don’t yet realize it BUT soon will in some very BIG ways, sadly.

    In order for our nation and our people to be saved from the horrors ahead we need a REAL leader. Not some wannabe. Someone who will inspire ALL of our people to common goals instead of creating division and hate. A nation divided CANNOT…..and WILL NOT….stand. Got a clue yet as to what our future is? You’d better because our children will not be growing up in a nation that even remotely resembles anything we’ve seen thus far. Now, if you are a parent you need to ask yourself, “Is that the future I want for my children?” My answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT.

    Enough of amateur hour America! Time to get some real leaders into power!!

  8. Trump already knows the truth! He made a comment several weeks ago while meeting with folks on wildfires saying it was going to get colder! He knows global warming is a lie and that NASA and NOAA are now slowly turning the narrative to we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum … a period of global cooling and all kinds of side effects already being felt!


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