December-like chill in Japan

On the morning of Oct. 16, central Tokyo recorded a low of 12.4 degrees, about 2 degrees below average for this time of year.

Other cities experiencing colder than normal temperatures were: Sapporo with 4.2 degrees, Sendai with 8.6, Niigata with 10, Yokohama with 13, Shizuoka with 14.9, Osaka with 14.7 and Kobe with 15.2.

That doesn’t sound all that cold. However, the Japan Meteorological Agency said that current conditions are equivalent to the early December chill.

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3 thoughts on “December-like chill in Japan”

  1. I don’t understand how we keep having these colder than normal temperatures, even a near blizzard in Colorado, and yet the weather channel keeps saying that this fall is above average temperature.

  2. What’s kinda ironic is that Japan is about to be blasted sometime this week with a super typhoon. Len is expected to reach super typhoon strength before affecting Okinawa as the storm curves to the Northeast which also indicates a cool down for the eastern 2/3 of the US and probably the first major lake effect snows of the season come Nov 1st. What is astonishing is that the MJO is at phase 5 and the strength of it is off the charts. If the MJO phases are continually being this intense then there is definitely something worth being scared about its a major driver of global weather. I think it’s the GSM affecting this

  3. You just had to watch the motor sports. They held the motorcycle grand prix in Japan last weekend. It was torrential rain and everyone was dressed to counter the extreme cold that was being experienced. Does not matter what manipulation of the temperatures when there is such great video evidence available.

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