Far more deep-sea vents than previously thought

“More evidence that undersea volcanoes and deep sea vents are heating the oceans,” says reader Steve Foster. “Bet they are contributing to increased CO2 levels too. Do you think Man will be blamed for this too?”


Black smoker

The world’s deepest known volcanic vents – called black smokers – are also the hottest, a UK-led expedition has indicated.

“The vents’ features suggest the water is warmer than 450C – hot enough to melt lead,” writes science reporter Matt McGrath.

The seafloor vents, located 3 miles (5km) below the surface of the Caribbean in the Cayman Trough, are shooting jets of mineral-rich water more than half a mile (more than a kilometer) into the ocean above.

Dr Jon Copley, from the University of Southampton and one of the leaders of the expedition, estimates the vent field at about 260 ft (80m) across and 165 ft (50m) high. “On top of the mound are naturally formed chimneys, estimated to be about six metres tall with hot fluid gushing out,” says Copley.

Robot submarine Autosub6000

Of perhaps even more scientific interest is another vent field that the team discovered on the side of Mount Dent, an undersea mountain.

“The black smokers on Mount Dent were some distance from a volcanic zone and Dr Copley believes this could be a clue that vents occur in far greater numbers than previously thought,” says McGrath. (Italics added.)

“This view is shared by Dr Nicole Dubilier from the Max Planck Institute of Marine Microbiology, who has also explored deep sea vents.”

“I am convinced that deep sea vents are very common and this is only the beginning of a hopefully long line of future discoveries,” said Dr Dubilier. (Italics added.)

Details of the research have been published in the journal Nature Communications.

As I say in “Not by Fire but by Ice, “It’s not global warming, it’s ocean warming, caused by underwater volcanoes.” (Chapter 10, “Fish Stew.”)

See entire article, entitled “Cayman vents are world’s hottest.”

Thanks to Steve Foster for this link

“Just completed your book Magnetic Reversals…could not put it down!” says Steve. “Great jog.”

7 thoughts on “Far more deep-sea vents than previously thought”

  1. All the global warming “junk science” pushed by ivy league university’s elite expert professionals will come undone. The weather will cool and people will starve and die. We need to make sure everyone knows who pushed this insanity including those in think tanks, univiserites and the government. WE NEED A DATABASE OF GLOBAL WARMING PUSHERS.

  2. Hi Robert, I’ve finished reading both of your books:“Not by Fire but by Ice” and “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps”. I must say, it’s a great work done! Very interesting to read indeed and I find the conclusions very hard to reject. Look at our interglacial right now, the climate was at its warmest 4000 years ago (Greenland Ice Core), the temperature reached a modest peak 12 years ago and now it’s getting a little colder.

    In the last 200 years humans has almost doubled the atmosheres carbon monoxide concentration. The effect: 1,5 degrees C rise in temperature. And that’s if the Sun, (underwater) volcanoes, PDO and everything else doesn’t count! Now, let’s add 50% or 200ppm extra CO2 and see what that could do. (Not much)

    Still we have to listen to all that AGW-nonsense, I’m so tired of hearing these “scientists” telling us it’s so obvious we have a global warming. 2012 could be the year when this propaganda is exposed. That will be the day…

  3. Correction:

    In the last 200 years humans has increased the atmospheres CO2-content by approx. 50%.

    • It’s not just humans. Mammoth Mountain ALONE contributes TONS more in co2 than humans. Blaming global warming on humans is an easy way to guilt us into paying more taxes. It’s a simple form of the elites playing the blame game and winning. Global warming is a cyclical event that takes place after long ice ages. There are ice core samples through 180,000 years showing the cyclic nature of global warming followed by an abrupt climactic event; a polar shift and or an ice age.

      If they were to study the amount of methane and co2 coming from vents and volcanoes around the world the numbers would be staggering compared to what humans emit. We should be more concerned with GMO foods and EMF pollution than our use of fossil fuels. Hell, if we all could grow hemp and utilize it in all it’s forms, those crops would soak up all the co2 we and mountains emit. We’ve disturbed the natural balance of life by inhibiting the magical hemp plant from taking over our land.

  4. And why does Mammoth Mountain get all this Co2. Because it is part a super volcano, Longs Valley Caldera. Not many people know any about Longs Valley Caldera. I do know that one of it’s vent killed four or six workers about three or four years ago. The ski resort doesn’t say anything about the super volcano. Even though there are volcano vents on some of the ski runs.
    The CO2 levels have been much higher in the ancient past when there was not such thing as man made warming. Man doesn’t have anything to do with it it is the Sun and mother nature.

    • Well, man is polluting his environment, and we need to stop…but…of much greater concern than the relatively miniscule amounts of CO2 we release through the burning of so-called “fossil” fuels is the very significant amounts of radiation we release from such things as Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and the Japan reactors. Temperature is completely insignificant when radiation levels are toxic.

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