Delayed spring means delayed crops

Most of Romania covered by snow – A “very rare event.”

“From what I’ve noticed spring is delayed by a month this year, which is not a joke,” says reader. “It will subsequently affect the crops that will be delayed.”

“March was another winter month in most of Europe, which is extremely unusual. Myself I can’t remember such a thick snow by this day in many areas.

“Most of Romania is covered by snow at 24th March. Very rare event, I’m not sure if it happened before since the weather is recorded.

“Even if the winter started mild due to a strong Gulf Stream the cold spells became more frequent and longer in February and the beginning of March .

“Above is a video from Moldova showing the traffic troubles caused by the snow on the 23rd March, 2018.”

Thanks to Victor for this information and video

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    • We are already in an Ice age! and have been for the last 2.5 million years.
      That period is interspaced with Interglacials like this stunted Interglacial, when compared to the previous four Interglacials over the laST 700,000 years

  1. Kenneth & everyone,
    Here is a fascinating weather diary which begins 1800 years ago, although that part isn’t complete. Hence, it gives you some insight into the Maunder Minimum, etc.

    The first mercury thermometer was invented in 1714 A.D. The barometer was invented in 1643 A.D. This opened up a completely new scientific realm. Weather observations grew into the science of meteorology. One of the early American meteorologists was Charles Peirce. He meticulously recorded temperatures at three set times per day for a span exceeding 50 years. In 1847, his weather data was published in A Meteorological Account of the Weather in Philadelphia from January 1, 1790 to January 1 1847.
    1 Additionally, this book also contained supplementary chapters that included a
    chronology of early accounts of abnormal weather observations throughout the world. This weather chronology began over 1,800 years ago.
    See also:

  2. The only way that would be even more devastating, would be a “Cold Snap” (whatever that means) late July after the late spring start.

  3. I live in NE WA State, and have built four 12 x 24 foot greenhouses. We cover them with 55% white film from:

    I cover them with the white plastic so that we will not have the extra expense of shade cloths. A clear plastic makes the greenhouses far too hot. We clocked 135 degrees F before getting a 70% shade cloth in our first greenhouse we covered with clear greenhouse plastic.

    I only grow my garden plants in greenhouses now, as they are protected from wind, hail, hard rains, etc. We have learned that gardening this way gives us about an extra month on either end — so my growing season is extended by two months.

    I am close to the Canadian border, so have not noticed any “global warming” here.

    Since we do not heat our greenhouses, we have found that frost blankets/ row cover are sometimes needed when nights get down below freezing, right before harvest.

    I would not be surprised if this is how all of us will need to raise our gardens in the future.

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