Delhi reels from coldest day in more than a century

Max temps in large swaths of northern India dip 10C below normal during severe cold wave.

31 Dec 2019 – Thick fog blanketed India’s capital Delhi on Monday as the maximum temperature dropped to 9.4C, and pollution levels peaked.

It was the coldest day in Delhi since records began in 1901. The previous low was 9.8C on 2 January 2013, according to meteorological officials.

Delhi’s nearly 200 night shelters filled up as the city’s homeless sought refuge from the biting cold – the low temperature has remained between 1C and 3C over the past few days.

Unlike European and US cities, where most buildings are equipped with central heating, homes in some of India’s coldest cities are not built for chilly winters.

Millions of poorer Indians end up relying on old-fashioned methods for keeping warm at home – such as hot water bottles and thick blankets.

The cold weather threw holiday plans into chaos as 30 trains and more than 450 flights to and from Delhi were delayed on Monday due to low visibility. Several flights were also cancelled.

The cold wave has also hit large parts of the northern states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab, where many places saw the maximum day temperatures fall below 10C on Monday.

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