Democratic voters defecting to guy who called B.S. on man-made global warming

“Amid Trump surge, nearly 20,000 Mass. voters quit Democratic party,” reads the headline in The Boston Herald. See VIDEO.

29 Feb 2016 – “Nearly 20,000 Bay State Democrats have fled the party this winter,” says the Boston HeraldThousands of them “are doing so to join the Republican ranks.” 

“The primary reason?” Secretary of State William Galvin said his ‘guess’ is simple: “The Trump phenomenon.”

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Video of Trump explaining how global warming hoax is costing American jobs:

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9 thoughts on “Democratic voters defecting to guy who called B.S. on man-made global warming”

  1. As I understand it Trump is commenting on the dreadful winter of 2014/15, not his years’ winter, a bit confusing at first ! What a strange, rude politician he is, reminds me somehow of a reincarnation of some Roman senator in ancient times ! In esoteric circles the US is sometimes recognized as being the re-embodiment of ancient Rome, I can see why ! But he is correct concerning the disempowerment of the US, brought about by the Green Elite of this world, Obama being one of them !

    • The media is doing the bidding of the Koch brothers… The candidate the establishment wants in on the Republican side is Marco Rubio…they threw 75 million his way and if he fails at winning Florida they want to try Mitt Romney….America is finally waking up….Trump is aware that the establishment is trying some underhanded bull to try to get him out the race….that’s why just this morning he said he’d consider going Independent… I love it the man can’t be bullied….he has my vote

  2. credit where due
    hes not great at explaining it..but hes gutsy enough to call em out for their BS anyway:-)

  3. Finally a politician that says it like it is, not what is just politically correct. The media could take a few pages out of his book.

  4. If only Trump were as advertised! But I’m very much afraid he’s one of the “pod people”.

    If he weren’t one of them, they would have threatened his family as they did Ross Perot’s, and Trump would have already backed off.

    Honest elections in this country are a thing of the distant past.

  5. If Trump wins, maybe the climate swindlers in NASA/NOAA/Universities will be fired, prosecuted and jailed. Al Gore, Obama and Hillary included.

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