Democrats – Global warming is too important to wait for democracy

This comes from Bernie Sanders’ website.

According to the Vermont Senator’s website, the Democratic Party draft platform reads:

“Democrats believe that climate change is too important to wait for climate deniers and defeatists in Congress to start listening to science, and support using every tool available to reduce emissions now.”

Too important to wait for Congress? Why would anyone who values freedom vote for Hillary?

16 thoughts on “Democrats – Global warming is too important to wait for democracy”

  1. The end of a great and free nation.

    Obama (savior of the planet) has paved the way to a totalitarian, and suicidal USA.

    With the US retreating from its role as a modern state and from being an industrial nation we will all be at the mercy of Russia and China.

    Red hoards will come west as the USA freezes to death to prevent trace elements in the air.

    • Totalitarian Democrats are a scourge on our society. They would sacrifice everyone on something that is simply unproven because it is unprovable. All the rest of us can do is resist, keep exposing their lies and not electing Hillary in November.

  2. I’m afraid climate skeptics DO listen to science, what they don’t listen to is science deniers wasting billions of taxpayer funds producing phoney computer models which predict nothing successfully.

    Mr Sanders needs to learn what the definition of a scientist is, then ask if he can recognise one.

    The truth is that Democrats cannot wait for democracy to put the noose round the global warming scam and so need to proceed to world autocracy without delay……..

  3. well hell
    bummers shown all too often how to ignore congress all those executive order when he wanted his way
    sad, i thought bernie was a decent bloke, well meaning type
    obviously I was waaaay wrong

  4. The man is delusional or terribly evil…as well as the Democrats. There is more than adequate scientific evidence that human do not, perhaps, cannot effect climate change. It’s all a power grab to make government stronger and the citizens weaker.

  5. Looks like they are acting in panic because they either know they are lying and that interest in global warming is waning or seriously believe their propaganda but still want to get laws put through before the public wakes up. They certainly want to avoid scrutiny of their claims.

  6. We are three, almost four, generations past the horrors and lies of the 1930-style Communist and Fascist collectivists. I suppose we should have expected that they would return by now. Once again, well-meaning people of today have been swept up in the madness and convinced that their counterfeit ends justify any means. How sad.

    Ultimately, humans never learn from history, and it simply repeats itself over and over with only slight variations, much like fractal geometry. A good student of history should be able to predict where things will head next. Fortunately, I have lived most of my life, but I despair for my adult children and my grandchildren who don’t understand what is happening to their world and have no time to think about it.

  7. The Founding Fathers intentionally made passing laws a slow and tedious process with many steps, and many chances for laws to die in committee or get tabled before they came to a vote, in order to protect against just this kind of stampede mentality.

  8. Why would you vote for Hillary? Because if you believe in socialism and complete control of the population through it, you will use the best tool available to cause that to happen. Climate crisis is the tool of choice because it REQUIRES a one world government to enforce it. Anything short of a one world government still leaves room for humanity to progress and mature. A maturing race would discover that open minds leads to greater development for everyone, not just those that wish to be in control. You, then, will vote for the person that offers the fastest route to totalitarianism on a world wide scale – that being the democratic party candidate.

  9. Because the Democrat leadership knows full well that the unexpected Solar Grand Minimum is driving a full set of Coaches and Horses though their rhetoric supporting the curtailment of the Oil, Gas and Coal industry, their hatred of Capitalism, and the right of the individual to own property, and they are running out of time.
    More importantly, for Government both Large and Small to be required to treat electors and taxpayers as the true masters of the State and of Local Government and not just as an inconvenient serf to be ignored by the tiny minority of elitist socialists who are using AGW as their means to a corrupt socialist world government and the imposition of taxes without representation.
    In the EU the tax is called VAT – value added tax, the tax payer get no value from this tax at all.

  10. New rules and regulations are like oxygen to liberals, they start gasping and feeling queasy when they can’t find reasons to make new laws. So they grab the slightest excuse to tax and regulate, even when there is no reliable scientific basis for doing so. It would be simply pathetic if it were not for the fact that they are willing to cause major problems for large numbers of people even to the extent of causing starvation and denying progress to third world nations.

  11. I believe in climate change. 10 days ago our summer ended after 5 or maybe 6 weeks. It has turned Autumn like in temps and trees are showing signs in their leaves summer is over. Who could argue against climate change with this example.

    The point in concern is that in my geography it’s 8 to 20 degree’s cooler with variations daily cooler than usual. Another example of climate change. Yet those who argue for Global Warming will call me a denier while the FACTS in the environment are my indicators, not some eggheads computer model.

    As I read news articles about global weather the reports ARE reflecting classic pre deep cold transition symptoms that are being replicated and match past recorded weather events. These weather events being mirrored are cold events like the Dalton and Maunder periods.

    I could care less about which cold cycle we could emulate. I’m more concerned about how to care for my fruit tree’s and livestock. This is real world stuff where those my land feeds will be affected by the weather events. So setting aside the arguments by the argument and agenda driven, I can tell you, your food prices and availability are about first to rise steeply and food is going to become less available. I see it in my crops and in feed cost and availability. If It cost too much I have to slaughter my livestock. If it’s too cold my fruit tree’s wont produce. It’s getting to that point this year. Next year is a real concern.

    So, to those who want to argue science, I say stop. Look at farms. See what is happening to feed stock and food crops. Stop arguing over data. look at your world. Your world is loosing generally 15 to 20% of it’s food crops for a human and livestock consumption.

    The time for argument is over. Prepare NOW and stop jerking around and talking about it.

  12. “Burning” (I mean that “literally”, BURNING!) Bernie, aka Old-Man-Nut-Job, is about as “Wack” as is possible !

    As for what American would vote for Demmy Hillary, well, there are a vast number of Americans who are truly dumb as dirt and “dirt” doesn’t have a high Q !!!


    Consider the “millions” of Americans who would have voted for Old Man Nut Job ???

    The “beast” will surely have it “really” easy with America, in fact, they’re already lining up…

  13. Every move our pres has made in 7 years has been too important to wait for democracy.

    It’s almost like they think they’re smarter than the common rabble.

  14. Obama’s regime has weakened America for the march toward global government. HRC will definitely continue the trend of executive orders, over-regulation from EPA, IRS intimidation, FBI incompetence and promotion of illegal immigration; don’t forget DOJ attacks on society and business . Nothing is more important than Global Government. Congress and the Constitution do not matter; we’re being ground down to fit in our Global Government Cell………….

  15. Empirical evidence like those which you share is the Canary in the Coal Mine alarm signal warning of significant changes in the productive capability of medium and high latitude world food areas which are the bread baskets of the world.
    Wide Spread Famine goes hand in hand with solar slowdowns like those during SC20 (East Africa), and those during Dalton SC5 and SC6, as well as those solar cycles during Maunder, and for that matter the AD600 Solar Minimum which ushered in the European Dark Ages.
    The problem with the AGW media fraud is that AGW climate sceptic’s deniers are blamed for agreeing with Peter that there a real wolf in the sheep flock and refusing accept the media’s story that it’s only a shaggy puppy running after a stick.
    Western Politicians should take note; the working class electorate (those who have to work for a living) will not take kindly to Green/socalist political elites who are working against their interests, their prosperity and their children’s future, by leading them up the AGW garden path, in the same way the Pied Piper stole the Children of Hamlin.
    There will be a reckoning before too long of both Political, and those in Academia who have buried their heads in the climate trough of slush fund grants, they need to think of Shakespeare when considering the AGW Comedy of Errors, and his line of “He who eats with the devil needs a very long spoon.”, I fear their spoons are very short both in length and time.

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