Democrats think climate change is a greater threat than ISIS

How out of touch with reality can they be?

Actually, it’s even worse than that.

Secretary of State John Kerry thinks air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic State.

How could anyone in their right mind vote for people so out of touch with reality?

How could anyone in their right mind vote for Hillary?

8 thoughts on “Democrats think climate change is a greater threat than ISIS”

  1. They are so stupid and out of the minds. i am sick and tired of obama’s and al gores phony climate change craps. Isis is our biggest threat. I vote for trump to remove all of the enviromental regulations that our ruining the way we feed, heat, cool, our family. They are trying to run our lives. enough is enough.

    • well it looks like you haven’t read roberts books. Stay on topic. If you don’t agree with his work. then get off his site.

  2. Oh, come on. On the face of it the democrats do have a point. Climate Change is a greater evil than ISIS…….

    That is if the civilised western governments continue to stifle their own as well as destroying fledgling third world economies by spouting AGW rhetoric whilst simultaneously deliberately foisting unjustified taxes as well as inoperable conditions upon local, national and global commerce which in turn filters down to the person on the street. Policies based on a hunch supported by questionable science? No contingency plans to cover falling crop yields as a direct result of falling temperatures?

    All terror as well as potential terror groups would save a lot of tears and heartache by simply suspending all hostile activities, stock up on food and warm clothing then let nature take its course. It’s ironic that terrorist try to destabilise governments throughout the world whilst through the ages we’ve seen time and time again governments fall, populations starved and displaced by a simple yet devastating act of nature.

    I would just like to stress at this point that I don’t support terrorist groups nor do I in any way condone their barbarous acts I am merely emphasising the ludicrous statements issued by politicians and their parties. Terror groups do spread fear, panic and destruction through their barbarous ideologies as well as acts yet is the greed and apathy of our elected governments leading us toward an abyss of unprecedented suffering?

    • Even a Little Ice Age is a bigger threat to humanity than a Middle Eastern terrorist organisation. A full blown Ice Age will destroy civilisation as we know it and wipe out probably 85% of humans in the first 20 years. Terrorists and wars will come and go and do their bit to weed out the deluded, weak and needy; they always have. But a dramatic change in climate will do the job on a massive scale and very quickly without any input from terrorists.

  3. Hi John,
    The answer to climate change is adapt, create, develop new technology, and then do more with less, all specie on this planet have had to cope, and overcome climate change and extinction events since the world gained an atmosphere, and now is no different.
    As far as I am concerned the Democrats and their socialist Green Anarchist paymasters are just as bad as ISIS, they both represent the worst of social development of human kind, both are political religions, both represent absolute control over every human they can physically control, both are equally destructive to those that disagree, with their wrong viewpoints on human devolvement. Both are intent of reducing the world’s human population to the few who support their hard-line viewpoints.
    The fact of the matter is that the current climate change under way is beneficial to human kind. Deserts are greening. Rain fall is being distributed equally across the globe, arid areas are having their ground water sources filled, Ice Caps and Glaciers are being refreshed, at the same time the climate is cooling.
    Using Hydrocarbons as part of an energy producing technology has nothing to do with the level of CO2 in the atmosphere it is too low at the present moment anyway.
    The World has a major problem, the UN has failed in its primary task, with one of the Great powers turning rogue and supporting one of the minor dictator players in the Muslin religious war between Sunny and Shia. Deal with Russia first to cease their interference in Muslin affairs, and then deal every ISIS Imam where ever they are.

    • I still haven’t gotten around to even being able to afford a new stockpile of food after I lost the last batch, and I’m afraid I’m too late.

      But I am curious… the hardcore fans of these scam artists who nod and agree that AGW is a serious threat and deniars are idiotic criminals. Do you think they’ve stocked up on food and wood?

  4. How out of touch with reality can they be?

    Totally! The worse part is that they are in a position to make law and policy, now that is dangerous.

  5. The AGW pushers just recognize that over 50% of the population are average intelligence and below (since average is at the 50% point and is a band, not a point, adding the wholeband to the just below 50 percentile give a hair over – or consider that the 49% above average is less than 1/2).

    So they are just appealing to their base with acceptable deception…

    That is why politics is not about truth or science, but about narrative and stories. So they cook up scare stories to scare their children into stampeding the “correct” way

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