Demolishing the link between CO2 and climate

A meteorologist and an analytical chemist teamed up explore the claims that CO2 levels drive climate. (They also mention the role of underwater volcanoes, a drum that I have been beating for more than 20 years.)

In their newly published paper, ‘Role of atmospheric carbon dioxide in climate change‘, meteorologist Dr Martin Hertzberg and analytical chemist Hans Schreuder cite a plethora of data concerning what is known – and currently accepted – about the role of carbon dioxide in climate change (global warming).

The data examined includes:

(a) Vostok (Antarctica) ice-core measurements;

(b) rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere;

(c) temperature changes that precede CO2 changes;

(d) global temperature trends;

(e) satellite data;

(f) effect of solar activity.

The two highly qualified scientists found that:

“Nothing in the data supports the supposition that atmospheric CO2 is a driver of weather or climate, or that human emissions control atmospheric CO2.”

Any changes in CO2 levels are “overwhelmingly natural.”

Looking at the relationship between CO2 and climate over the past 400,000 years, the data indicate that human-caused CO2 emissions had no influence on the Earth’s temperature,

Even though CO2 levels doubled during warming periods in the past 400,000 years, any change in climate  could not have come from human emissions, which were essentially nil.

“Empirical evidence does not support the claim that anthropogenic CO2 emissions cause global warming and/or climate change.

“The preponderance of evidence suggests that human emission is not a significant factor in the increase (of CO2 levels).”

“Fossil fuels are not a significant source of atmospheric CO2,” the authors insist. Instead, forces and motions in the oceans and atmosphere are driven mainly by the following:

•   The motions of the Earth relative to the Sun

•   Variations in solar activity

•   The distribution of land and water on the Earth’s surface,

•   Motions within the Earth’s oceans that determine moisture content and ocean surface temperatures (El Nino and La Nina).

•   Volcanic eruptions

•   Underwater volcanic eruptions, including ‘black smokers’ that spew super-heated water continuously. Underwater volcanoes are expected to number in the hundreds of thousands.

The two long-time scientists also found that changes in temperature almost always preceded changes in CO2 levels, meaning that global warming alarmists have it backward. Carbon dioxide levels do not drive the climate. Instead, CO2 levels respond to climate.

Even during the last 59 years, the authors found a negative correlation between CO2 levels and climate.

See entire paper:

Martin Hertzberg was first trained as a meteorologist at the US Naval Postgraduate School and served as a forecasting and research aerologist at the Fleet Weather Central in Washington DC. He subsequently obtained a PhD in Physical Chemistry at Stanford and later served as a Fulbright Professor.

Dr Hertzberg established and supervised the explosion testing laboratory at the U. S. Bureau of Mines facility in Pittsburgh (now NIOSH). Test equipment developed in that laboratory has been widely replicated and incorporated into ASTM standards. Published test results from that laboratory are used for the hazard evaluation of industrial dusts and gases. He is an internationally recognized expert on combustion, flames, explosions and fire research with over 100 publications in those areas. While with the Federal Government he served as a consultant for several Government Agencies (MSHA, DOE, NAS) and professional groups (such as EPRI). He is the author of two US patents: (1) sub-micron particulate detectors, and (2) multi-channel infra-red pyrometers.

Hertzberg is also a long time climate writer and is a well-published skeptic of anthropogenic global warming/climate change.

Hans Schreuder trained as an analytical chemist in The Hague and spent 15 years working in that field, testing pharmaceutical products as well as researching the recycling of plastics and rubber. For another 15 years, he gained extensive experience as an international technical contractor, including writing quality control manuals whilst working in South Africa. He was accepted as a member of MENSA after passing the relevant tests.

Schreuder has long been a staunch and highly regarded critic of the greenhouse gas theory and outspoken commentator, using his two websites as a publishing hub for fellow scientists critical of the theory. Schreuder has written many articles on the subject and in May 2009 submitted a 109-page written report, supplemented with a 45-min oral submission, to the Northern Ireland Climate Change Committee.

13 thoughts on “Demolishing the link between CO2 and climate”

  1. more and more are speaking out
    slowly ever so slowly the realists side IS being heard and seen
    its up to all of us here to make sure the news keeps being shared;-0

  2. The problem is that even when the media and government are lying through their teeth too many of the public with the full assurance of faith believe that both are always right and truthful.
    It does not matter how much evidence you present to those people they will always trust the media and government.
    This is why having all kinds of ice ages, wars and revolutions are critical to the mental and physical health of our species. These things are a reality check and a means by which the gene pool can be cleaned from time to time. Nasty but necessary.

    • Steven, if you read world history, you find this is common behavior. The sad reality is that most never learn to be skeptical enough to think on their own.

      • I do read some world history. One example of a person who was skeptical enough to think for himself did so and it took much of the world to stamp him and his followers out for the crime of thinking for themselves and looking out for the best interests of their people. The christian gentleman in question was born in Austria in 1889.

        • Steve, I think you misunderstood what I was talking about since this was what I was responding to:

          “The problem is that even when the media and government are lying through their teeth too many of the public with the full assurance of faith believe that both are always right and truthful.”

          Hitler,NEVER thought in the best interest of the people,it was about a an Aryan belief system coupled with hatred of the Jews in Germany then elsewhere, as he expanded his land grabbing madness he pursued for a nation he was not born in.

          The German people never voted him into office or gave active support for his war drive. He became Dictator through wholesale murder and political trickery,the people never wanted him as President. Yet he took their guns away,attacked Jews and their businesses and cowed many other businesses to do his bidding.

          What I was talking about was people learning from the past to understand that being INFORMED necessitates being skeptical. Being skeptical is a true national strength, when enough people are actively pursuing knowledge and understanding of the world around them,help keep government in check and promote great things to happen.

          When people allow themselves to be easily mislead and lied to, are a lazy minded people,who make their nation weaker in the process. That is how people like Hitler and other human haters,get their foot in the door and wreak havoc. Hillary Clinton was probably the WORST Presidential candidate in American history,yet got majority of the vote,that is scary knowing what kind of person she has been known to be for decades.

    • One thing is different now. We have the internet and the legacy media are slowly becoming irrelevant and ignored. The internet is a problem for government too since people can post things they are trying to suppress. Notice the so called campaigns for truth and against their version fake news that the governments are trying to start. With unintended irony, Thikipedia is to start a campaign against fake news.

    • As for cleaning the gene pool, there are still descendants of royal bloodlines among us. Piers Morgan is a Morgan bloodline. Anderson Cooper is a Vanderbilt bloodline, etc.

      No cleansing of the elites, just st the serfs.

  3. Here is a nice background of past published science papers showing CO2 follows Temperature changes:

    IPCC AR4 (2007): “Atmospheric CO2 follows temperature changes in Antarctica with a lag of some hundreds of years.”

    Caillon et al., 2003 “The sequence of events during Termination III suggests that the CO2 increase lagged Antarctic deglacial warming by 800 ± 200 years and preceded the Northern Hemisphere deglaciation.”

    Fischer et al., 1999 “High-resolution records from Antarctic ice cores show that carbon dioxide concentrations increased by 80 to 100 parts per million by volume 600 ± 400 years after the warming of the last three deglaciations.”

    Monnin et al., 2001 “The start of the CO2 increase thus lagged the start of the [temperature] increase by 800 ± 600 years.”

    Kawamura et al., 2007 “Our chronology also indirectly gives the timing of the CO2 rise at [glacial] terminations, which occurs within 1 kyr of the increase in Antarctic temperature.”
    Indermuhle et al., 2000 “The [CO2] lag was calculated for which the correlation coefficient of the CO2 record and the corresponding temperatures values reached a maximum. The simulation yields a [CO2] lag of (1200 ± 700) yr.

    Landais et al., 2013 “[F]rom 130.5 to 129,000 years ago, the rise in atmospheric CO2 concentrations lagged that of Antarctic temperature unequivocally….At mid-slope, there is an unequivocal lead of δ15N [temperature] over CO2 of 900 ± 325 yr”.

    – See more at:
    Go into the Notrickszone link, to see the individual links that leads to the science publisher, for each science paper.

  4. I never understood why they were able to blame co2 when in the past high co2 was not capable to keep temperature up and low amounts could not keep temperatures down.

    • RCP, what you actually don’t understand is the underlying motive of the people claiming ‘human industry drives the CO2 level, which drives the climate.’

      The ones who originated and still steer this propaganda fable, _know_ it is untrue. For them it is a lie they deliberately constructed as a means to achieve ideological objectives, which stem from a belief system that is itself false. But they are not aware their foundational beliefs are dangerous rubbish.

      You can achieve an understanding of their thinking, by reading their own public statements. Here’s a collection:

      What proportion of the AGW fake-science crowd are aware it’s a lie, vs the gullible bandwagon crew who do a little ‘data fibbing’ here and there to keep the grant funds rolling in while themselves believing the general AGW premises, isn’t clear. One would expect the usual 80/20 rule to roughly apply. But which way?

      The situation is further obscured by the involvement of a certain tribal group, historically known for their cultural habit of shameless, coordinated lying, coupled with a deep-rooted murderous malevolence towards ‘everyone else’. With their kind being well represented among the AGW upper echelon.

    • Because they had the megaphone (media) before the internet expanded to counteract their lies.

      • And who is paying the media to do that job ? We know it is all about power so who wants to dominate the world and uses climate as one of the many tools to achieve that goal.

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