Denmark – 2nd wettest summer in 137 years

1 Sep 11 – “Just wanted to send you this link about the summer 2011 in Denmark,” says reader Elisabeth Popp Sambleben. “It´s the second wettest in 137 years! Since record-keeping began! This summer we´ve had 318 mm of rain, only topped by the 323 mm of rain back in 1980.”

According to a different reader from Denmark, Matilde H, “one town received no less than 608mm, more than a year’s worth of rain in 3 months.

“Also this summer has had the lowest maximum temperature for 49 years.”

“This following a winter with unusual cold and snowy winter, where especially the island of Bornholm was hit bad with 1.5 m of snow during Christmas (apparently European record for lower lying areas they said, although I am presently unable to find a link which states that.) So all in all a pretty miserable year weatherwise.”

(Following is from the links that they sent.)

Only once in the last 137 years we have had more rainy summer than in years. Thus we have overtaken both 2007 and 1879, placing the summer of 2011 in second place since they began recording precipitation in Denmark in 1874.

With still two days left of summer, we may well be looking at the wettest summer ‘ever’.

The next two days will rain over Denmark according to TV 2 Weather Center’s latest forecasts could provide between 4 and 7 mm of rain nationwide, giving it the dubious honor of being the wettest summer anyone can remember.

Normal summer rainfall is 188 mm – exactly what we received in June and July alone. Any precipitation that fell in August was therefore out of the ordinary.

See entire articles: (Google translate may help with the links from the Danish met office…) .html?ss

Thanks to Elisabeth Popp Sambleben and Matilde H., both from Denmark, for these links

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