Denver – 2nd Largest Temperature Change On Record!

A 70 degree change in two days, and a record low for the date.!The temperature in Denver dropped from 83 F (28.3 C) on Wednesday to a record low of 13 F (-10.6 C) on Thursday evening.  This difference of 70 degrees in just 2 days is tied for second largest temperature change in Denver since 1872 when records began.

Thanks to Yukon Jack, Jack Hydrazine, Pieter and Dill Sellers for these links


“Denver set not one, but two record lows Thursday night and Friday,” says Pieter.

The old Oct. 10 record of 17 degrees set in 2009 fell as temps dipped to 13 degrees before midnight on Thursday. And Friday’ s low of 9 degrees shattered the prior record of 22 set in 1946, the said the National Weather Service in Boulder.”


7 thoughts on “Denver – 2nd Largest Temperature Change On Record!”

  1. If it had been a 70 degree warm-up, you bet the Denver left leaning media would have called it “temperature rise.”
    If it’s a 70 degree drop, they use the word change?????

    I know what’s going there already…..

  2. This isn’t surprising seeing as in the UK we are curently looking at the coldest end to October in decades. Yet again I hope the forecasts are wrong. People forget so easily that cold kills far more than heat.

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