Denver and Boulder under winter storm warning

The WINTER storm warning forecasts 4-12 inches of slushy snow.

The higher amounts will be over the southern suburbs in Arapahoe County and northern Douglas County.

Denver Is Under A Winter Storm Warning

Thanks to Jack Hydrazine for this link

4 thoughts on “Denver and Boulder under winter storm warning”

  1. When you see the largest late season snow, you know that there is a reason

    If this only happened once, you could ha ha ha, chuckle, chuckle chuckle, isn’t that unlikely, except if ANYONE was paying attention at all, which you are, they would realize that this happens ALL THE TIME!!!, I would say nearly every time.

    If you think I’m kidding look up record snowfall for Maine during the global warming march on Washington, the Snow in the Netherlands or whatever during the Climate Conference, etc, etc, etc.

    Instead they just blame it on a fictional Yeti and carry on with their craziness.

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