Denver – Earliest freeze on record

Ties one other date for the earliest freeze on record going back nearly 150 years.

Denver’s temperature plunged from 93 degrees on Monday to 32 degrees on Tuesday. It’s a tie with September 8, 1962, for the earliest freeze on record going back nearly 150 years.

The National Weather Service has recorded six other days since 1872 where the temperature dropped by 60 degrees or more in Denver, but they were all during the winter.

Denver Officially Experiences Earliest Freeze on Record: Sept. 8

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9 thoughts on “Denver – Earliest freeze on record”

    • No, at the time of the temperature drop we had solid clouds, nice snow clouds, with rain turning to snow. We had clouds with forest fire smoke mixed in Sunday and Monday at the start of the day. Then the winds came and the clouds changed and the temperatures drop and rapidly.
      The next couple of days were damp and cold. It is warmer today, so far 40s- Its Friday

  1. That was a wild and crazy cold front, good practice.

    In this morning’s news – Dem’s new improved Green New Deal would fight global warming, the virus and racism all in one package. How handy is that ?

    Meanwhile, it’s still snowing in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden , Russia, China, Mongolia. in the Northern Hemisphere IN SUMMER !!!

  2. The cold front was a product of the major cyclones that were from recent solar activity. The solar activity stopped and there are now no major cyclones.

    Solar wind is predicted to elevate next week, tropical storms may go from minor to major cyclones.

    But, their solar wind prediction models change continually and are never correct. Ever. The sun changes too fast and is unpredictable.
    A known unknown factor which makes predicting earth weather impossible, but fun to watch as things change every minute of every day and night.

  3. nasty swings like tis make people and animals ill
    keep an eye on your pets and livestock for chills and fevers after this.

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