Denver – Most May snowfall in 44 years along with record cold

Most May snow, not just for the date, but for the entire month. Also, temperatures are running 30 to 35 degrees below normal for the third week in May.

21 May 2019 – “Denver had officially received 3.4 inches of snow as of 8 am Tuesday. That’s the most snow measured this late in the season since May 29, 1975 when 5.6 inches hit the city.”

In addition to the snow, Denver tied the record low temperature for May 21, plunging to 31 F, breaking the previous record of 31 F set on this date in 2001.

Also, temperatures are running 30 to 35 degrees below normal for the third week in May.

Record snowfall in many locations

Several locations reported more than a foot of snow by Tuesday morning. Black Forest was clobbered by 20 inches and Peyton was buried by 18 inches. These are the highest snowfall totals recorded in Colorado by mid-day, according to NWS snowfall reports.

Amazingly, the Denver Post called it “a light dusting of snow.”

Other Colorado snowfall totals:

Palmer Lake” 12 inches (30 cm)
Kiowa: 9 inches
Castle Rock: 8 inches

See many more snowfall totals!

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  1. Frosts in Yakutia and Chukotka-RU

    Spring heating in the far north is often replaced by cold weather when the arctic air flows. On May 21, the absolute minima of the century overlapped at various points in the Sakha Republic. Thus, in Segen-Kyuel (Yakutia) it was
    -5.4 °C (previous -5.2°C in 2003), in Srednekolymsk (Yakutia) -12.8°C (previous -12.5°C in 1997). And in Chukotka, near Cape Billings, there was a severe frost, -20.6°C (previous low of -19.0°C in 1976). In the near future, on the Arctic coast of Yakutia and in places in Chukotka, the temperature of the night will fall to
    -5 ..- 10°C. And usually at this time in the Kolyma region and Pevek is warmer by several degrees.

  2. It seems half the country is frying while the other half is record cold or either bountiful rain….. Right now it seems the southeast and the southwest have traded places weatherwise…. Not a good combination given when we do get some lightning in the southeast. We have an bunch of natural fuel,in the form of vegetation. Most people think the southeast doesn’t have wildfires. Hopefully we get rain soon without the lightning.

    • This is exactly what a “mini Ice Age” says will happen.

      This has happened over and over for thousands of years.

    • “It seems half the country is frying while the other half is record cold or either bountiful rain….. ”
      WRONG! They want you believe that the SE is frying but it is just average weather for this time of the year for this area. I live in the Atlanta area, and until a few days ago we had MARCH weather and after mid May, when it returned to “normal”, MSM showed it as a heat wave, a sign of warming.
      Have you noticed at news, when they show the US map with a bright red on SE, they cover the map West of Mississippi with some message, so people won’t see the blue-SNOW in May on a big area of the west including sometime CA, AZ, NM and all the way north.

  3. Still snow to Flagstaff Arizona and Big Bear outside Los Angeles, as well as south of the Mexican Border at San Diego. It’s almost June!

    • So, now, it is almost “Summer” and we have winter conditions.

      No “Fall”…………..but Winter

      Extrapolate this out, for a few years, and what do we get?

      “Winter” until June………….
      Result:……………Nothing can grow and the world’s population of 7 Billion is reduced to, maybe……………100 Million?

      This is going to hurt.

  4. in related news, Breckenridge CO ski resort just went over 450 inches of snow this season, an average season is around 300 inches.

  5. Our nearby mountain received over 30 inches and will get more on Monday. None of the lakes are open, in fact one still has 42 inches of ice. When the weather finally breaks there will be a torrent of water rushing down the Colorado River.

  6. It was the May 24th long-weekend-holiday in Penticton, B.C.
    Probably 1954 and we went to the baseball game.
    It was a bit on the cool-side and the game was underway, when suddenly it was snowing very hard. So hard, and was light fluffy stuff, that the game was called.
    Penticton is in the Okanagan Valley at a relatively low elevation of 1200 feet. Not up in the mountains.
    To check my memory I phoned one of my school chums from then. He came back with:
    “Of course I remember–I was playing short-stop.”

  7. Wet, cool summers do NOT mean that nothing grows. We’ve just had a wet, cool spring in Missouri, and it looks like a rainforest here. People need to change their expectations and learn to eat less grains and more greens. We might actually reduce the national avoirdupois!

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