Destroying the energy industry just as we’re entering a Little Ice Age

They have already hamstrung the world’s economies.


Destroying the energy industry just as we’re entering a Little Ice Age

Jimmy Walter

Unless they are permanent, the lockdowns, at best, only delay the infections. The disease is not dying out – that is not the way viruses work. Herd immunity will rise as the disease spreads throughout the entire world population. The lockdowns give it a continuous media propaganda, continuous shocks on your, everyone’s psyche – continuous fear that drains the blood from your thinking brain parts and puts your fight, flight, and follow-the-leader brain part in total control.

There is only one possible endgame for them: vaccinations that “cure” everyone – not the numerous cures that have been proven to work since the number of really sick people is an infinitesimal number compared with the profits to be made by vaccinating everyone in the world. Of course, it could be even more sinister – they might want to, as the Prince of Wales wishes, to wipe out a large part of the world’s population. But like the sorcerer’s apprentice, they know not what they are doing. There are already serious problems with Astrazeneca’s version:

So far, they have already hamstrung the world’s economies. As usual, the big bankers (not the nice guy you know who is running the local branch) will end up owning more while the average person’s wealth and life are destroyed. This is not a new pattern. The “Great Depression”, the “Great Recession” (both euphemisms) , and the myriad other economic collapses throughout banking history have done this before. However, this time, we are entering a massive Little Ice Age which may burn the house down to the ground since they are not preparing for it – just the opposite, they are destroying the energy industry.

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  1. The essential error in thinking in this article is that “they” don’t know what they are doing because they are pursuing climate change without the knowledge that we are heading towards an ice age. Probably not a “mini” one, nor even a 200 year one, but “the real deal.”

    The truth is, they DO know what they are doing. They are intending to lower the world population to a level that will be “sufficient” to maintain the level of civilization that they want in that portion of the world that will be basically unaffected by the glaciation to come.

    “They” want a docile, controllable group to support them, not people that think for themselves. Those that are not killed off by whatever pandemic they intend for us that don’t meet their needs, will probably be frozen out the first winter that our “smart houses with their smart furnaces” are turned off in the middle of the first severe cold snap.

    But do not believe that they are going to be blindsided by the impending Ice Age. They are counting on it.

    • I don’t think they want civilization as we know it.
      More likely some kind of feudalism lording over a select group of peasants in a small enclave and there being many of these enclaves. The rest of humanity is deemed to be expendable.

      • Actually, I said the level of civilization that they want, not what we want. They will want all the “perks” of modern civilization – for themselves, they won’t want less.

        But you are right when you conclude that those that will be allowed to survive so as to support them will live in a far lower level of civilization than the west, at least, has experienced for a long time. But there also will be the middle ground technology layer that will enjoy a civilization similar to what we experience, I suspect, because even if you have AI and robots dealing with the bulk of manufacturer, there will be a need for a tech class that can maintain and improve.

    • “Their” problem is that the best of the dictator mass murderers have been off target by thousands or tens of thousands !!

      A few million is the best any of the “greats” could achieve – Hitler, Stalin or Mao.

      This time “their” target has to be billions !

      So tell your alarmist “friends or believers” they are truly on the wrong side of history on this !!!!

      They will have to reconcile their consciences over mass genocide over alarmism ~400 molecules of CO2 and 2 molecules of Methane in every million molecules of ordinary and just how stupid and evil their beliefs are !

  2. Not sure if this link will still work but this series of interviews is really, really good. You may not agree with all of the concepts they come out with but it is definitely a really good explanation of all things virus plus a lot of other thing like an explanation of the cause autism!

    • Only those [non-preppers] that need the vaxx will be getting the vaxx… others … “will [likely] die protesting against it.”… and then there’s them few ‘crazy Uncle Charlie(s)’ in the know layin’ low in the back forty who always knowed that the nose knows best… ‘cuz them globalist rats have always had an odor.

      “… when the struggle seems to be drifting definitely towards a world social democracy, there may still be very great delays and disappointments before it becomes an efficient and beneficent world system. Countless people … will hate the new world order … and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quite gallant and graceful-looking people.”
      ~ H. G. Wells

      “We shall have world government whether or not you like it – by conquest or consent.” – Paul Warburg to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee during a hearing on February 17, 1952.

      At one time or another, each of us has encountered what one might call a “conspiracy theorist” warning us about a dark and sinister plot among global elites to take over the world. There seems to be one such character in every extended family, or in every workplace. You may have laughed and mocked such individuals as being “paranoid” or “gullible,” but there is no denying their conviction and passion. But what if the existence of the centuries-old movement toward a One World utopia (as some of its starry-eyed supporters describe it) or a One World tyranny (as its freedom-loving critics would describe it) could be confirmed for you not by crazy Uncle Charlie; but rather, by the actual words of powerful and famous men and women from the world of politics, academia and journalism — both pro-NWO and anti-NWO? Would that cause you to perk up your ears and listen? Logically speaking, it is no longer a “conspiracy theory” if “they” actually admit it, right?

  3. The whole point of Covid19 was to provide a pretext to forcibly vaccinate everyone, forcibly impose digital currencies and to forbid free speech forevermore. It was never about illness, it was about creating a scenario where all those things could be done without debate, scrutiny nor asking who will be creaming billions in profits as a result.

    This is all about unelected plutocrats imposing their alpha-baboon dominance.

  4. I’ve been following Brilliant Light Power’s Dr. Randal Mills. Interesting stuff.
    I have been following sun spots for the last 12 years as well. I think you are dead on with your predictions. NASA ought to be reading your blog.

    • You obviously haven’t paid much attention to how close it came between 2008 and 2016. Had there not been an “opposition” House or Senate during that time, we would have been sold to the highest bidder. There would have been no fracking, no new exploration, and we would have had far worse EPA regulations tying anything not “green” in knots. Too much of the population still believes the myth that solar and wind can supply everything we need. Well, that maybe true if we only need a few million people, I guess.

  5. “Destroying the energy industry [et al] just as we’re entering a Little Ice Age” [long winter] to eugenically [by ‘natural selection’] reduce herd count.

  6. theres an agenda for sure
    yesterday to my horror i see Aus is now pushing some cruddy DNA genemodded vax option
    as if, the so far dodgy, mRna idea wasnt stupid enough..
    theres a more normal vax developed in sa and oddly getting THAT funded?? has been suspiciously pathetic after media mentions they gave them 1 mil.
    reading billygates n us aamriid/darpas ideas for vax with nano tagging included?
    no one in their right mind would hold an arm out for this crap.
    but then we have many who are NOT of sound mind already that will comply cos “our govt would’nt allow us to be harmed”
    useful idiots!

    • I would contend that you are a little off when you call those that will take the jab because the government says so as being “useful idiots.” No, those are just idiots and part of Kissinger’s “useless eaters.” Those are not the type you want around to support you in your ivory towers with gold plated bathroom fixtures.

  7. Since August 1958, when the nuclear submarine USS Nautilus (SSN 571) surfaced at Earth’s North Pole, capabilities for clean, economical, efficient and certifiably safer nuclear plants have grown by orders-of-magnitude.

    Luddite sociopaths opposing this development do not act spontaneously, but –by multiple EU, UN, and others’ decades-long admission– engage a highly organized, ultra-politicized and despotic New World Order, profiteering off enviro-wackos’ extraordinarily maleficent drive to regress centuries of hard-won human progress to medieval levels of famine, freezing, and disease.

    Where objective facts, logical or even rational arguments, mean nothing, what’s
    a halfway decent, normal citizen to do? Once tumbrils roll, and soi disant aristoi face a figurative Madame Guillotine, some obscure Corsican Captain of Artillery arises to take charge.

    Since prevention is the only cure, and darkling ignoramuses invariably squawk “prevent what?”, we anticipate a Late Roman-type default-to-zero, “made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights pf perverted science” (Churchill, 1943).

  8. Am I just a conspiracy theorist or is it a mere coincidence this all happened after Moore’s and Gibb’s Planet of the Humans exposed the total folly of renewables and the dishonesty of alarmism topped off with the ultimate exhortation of too many people are the problem ??

    It certainly initially set the cat among the pigeons but “they” have erased it and its memory.

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