Devastation for trees in France

Record snow fall weighing down on trees full of leaves. The view up /down our drive this morning — no electricity. It’s still October.

“Our neighbour who is 80 and lived here all his life says he’s never seen anything like it.”

See photos of broken trees:

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

4 thoughts on “Devastation for trees in France”

  1. And they told us that snow would be a thing of the past 18 years ago in the middle of winter! Where are the palm trees in Canada?

  2. Bye Bye French Wines.

    Time for me to run down to my wine store and buy up as much Mouton Rothschild as I can !!!!!

  3. —no, just pop over to England as apparently we have had the best growing season EVAH this year! We’ve been growing more and more wineries ever since the 1970s mainly in the south, but before that, we had wineries as far north as Yorkshire in the 9th – 13th centuries and before that, the Romans were growing grapes up to the Scottish Hadrian’s Wall.
    Have a look at

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