Did Volcanoes Kill Off the Neanderthals?

That’s what this study suggests. But I wonder, did those volcanoes erupt in sync with the Laschamps magnetic reversal? Because if they did, then the magnetic reversal was actually the real culprit.

Volcanoes Killed Off Neanderthals, Study Suggests
Thus reads the title in the National Geographic News.

Catastrophic volcanic eruptions in Europe may have culled Neanderthals to the point where they couldn’t bounce back, according to this article.

However, modern humans apparently escaped extinction due to their far-flung fallback populations in Africa and Asia.

About 40,000 years ago in what we now call Italy and the Caucasus Mountains, which straddle Europe and Asia, several volcanoes erupted in quick succession, according to a study published in the October 2010 issue of the journal Current Anthropology.

It’s likely the eruptions reduced or wiped out local bands of Neanderthals and indirectly affected farther-flung populations, the team concluded after analyzing pollen and ash from the affected area. (See volcano pictures.)

See more of this article, which addresses the following questions

The more volcanic ash a layer had, the less plant pollen it contained

The most powerful eruption in Europe in the last 200,000 years

Did those volcanoes erupt in sync with the Laschamps magnetic reversal?



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  1. Doug Vogt reckons that you have to be in certain areas of the planet to survive the magnetic reversal; something about the reason why dinosaurs froze to death with undigested food in their stomachs.

    As in, it gets very cold, dead quickly in, certain locations.

    • He has this theory that the reversal causes the earth to stop and then rotate the other way, but of course, water isn’t geomagnetic so it just follows the rules of inertia. Then the cold sets in very quickly.

      Diehold Foundation is his site

      • Douglas Vogt states that the Sun, together with all other stars in the Universe, every 12 063 years, erupts into a nova, causing a fiery heatwave of 1500 C, followed by a catastrophic ice age thereafter. At the same time the Earth’s magnetic field reverses, the rotation of the Earth stops in one day and then starts up in the opposite direction. All stars, including the Sun, operate on a universal 12 063 Clock Cycle, and the next reversal/nova is due in 2046.

        After initial difficulties with the theory, I now find it all makes perfect sense. See the Diehold Foundation on You-Tube for full details. You will need to watch his videos several times to understand them.

        • I forgot to mention that Douglas Vogt’s theory depends on understanding the Multidimensional Theory of Existence, whereby matter is the product of information. Under this theory atoms, the center of the Earth, and the Sun and other stars are all center modulation points in space/time.

          • I would like to read more about that. Since thats what I hypothesized has happened also. Something restructured life forums once upon a time long ago how and why, that would be an interesting read. I do not connect the dots it had anything to do with being flash frozen do to the upper atmosphere coming in contact with earth during a pole reversal. I find they are both separate issues that have occurred.

  2. It’s quite likely that the female Neadertals went off with the more gracile Cro-Magnon men, who may have been better hunters and therefore, a better option for survival. Only saying this because plenty of DNA sampling has been done on modern humans, and the finding is that modern humans have about 1$ to 2% Neandertal DNA, although in some areas, the percentage is as much as 4% to 6%. Here’s a link to a reference for this:
    If Cro Magnon was a better hunter than Neandertal, and more physically attractive, it’s common sense. We girls can be rather fickle, y’know. 🙂

    • Maybe Neanderthal females were, let’s say, impressionable?

      You girls can be rather easy, y’know

      • Ahem. Speaking for my species, we girls want several things:
        1 – Food, clothing & shelter
        2 – Don’t make me come looking for you 😉
        3 – Reliability
        4 – Appreciation for — well, lots of things

        Just don’t go hunting the mammoth and come back without some mammoth roasts tucked into your hunting bag. 🙂

  3. Combo historical/cyclical [it’s effin’ obvious theorists] architects and geophysics researchers might enjoy this Jon Levi channel/info.

    fantastical historical architecture systematically being destroyed


    Vollmer got me down this rabbit hole in her latest vid

    I climbed a few Chris Wren buildings in London before – architects are genius… that’s how they do it Herr Felix. Hope you’re well. Cheers

  4. The earth length of day changes a tiny amount with solar variation. Also the “constant” rate of radioactive decay changes (possibly due to cosmic ray flux).

    So you get a change in earth core heating, and stresses, with solar variation. Perhaps sometimes enough to change rates of volcanoes AND muck up the magnetosphere.

    It does not need to be “either or”, it can be “they all come together when they come”…. In which case things get way bad all at once. It allso would mean bickering over which effect caused the extinction is a bit pointless too….

    Like arguing over dinosaur extinction from asteroid impact vs flood basalt eruptions. The flood eruption came at the antipodal focus point of the impact energy. They are 2 manifestations of the same event.

  5. My first reaction—did Neanderthals look like that artist’s depiction above? All the photos I found of intact skeletons in graves look very different.

    That the Neanderthals could and did interbreed with modern humans and have viable young shows that they were just a sub-race of homo sapiens, not a separate species.

    That they lived in a very harsh climate indicates that they never had a large population. As the climate improved and the more numerous Cro-Magnon population came to dominate the area, it’s very likely that the Neanderthals merely interbred until they were no longer recognizable.

    A modern example is what’s happening to the Ainu in Japan—they are disappearing as a people as they intermarry with ethnic Japanese.

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