What is the difference between global warming and global cooling?

What is the difference between global warming and global cooling?

“It depends on your start date.” – Dan Hammer

What is the difference between global warming and global cooling?

By Dan Hammer

I have always wanted to ask people if they knew the difference between global warming and global cooling.  I think of this because one of my closest friends is a firm believer in the idea that man is warming the planet.  So I must ask them if they really understand the difference between global warming and global cooling.

The answer is really simple.  It depends on your start date.

If your starting point was the early 1980’s then you can show global warming.  If your start date was 15-20 years ago you would find no cooling or warming.  If your start date was 1600 AD (during the Little Ice Age) you’d find significant warming.  I assume if you started in 1100 BC you’d find a cooling trend.

So what makes any one of these start dates the correct date?

Let’s say you are a firm believer that the planet is warming.  Why assume man is responsible?  I mean, there is a warming trend since the 1600’s.  Did man cause that?

And was there any warming before the 1600s? Emphatically yes.

If you look at a chart showing temperatures for the past 600 million years, you will see that it has been far warmer than today for almost all of those 600 million years. Did man cause that?

For the science to be valid, there would have to be definitive proof that natural warming stopped and was replaced by man made warming.

I don’t believe any such proof has ever been shown.


Editors note:
Here are a couple of charts that confirm Dan’s suspicions:

Temperature and CO2 thru time

See Anyone who says we’re enduring “unprecedented global warming” is lying or woefully misinformed

See: Temperatures were warmer than today for most of the past 10000 years

5 thoughts on “What is the difference between global warming and global cooling?

  1. “What is the difference between global warming and global cooling” ?

    That’s easy !

    Global Cooling could not exist without Global Warming !!

    You see, “Global Warming” causes Global Cooling !!!

    And not just that ?

    Global Warming causes Climate Change which brings about the “4” Seasons which “We” call Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring, and it also causes…

    Low Pressure Systems
    High Pressure Systems
    Extra-Tropical Storms
    Tropical Storms
    Ice Ages
    Heat Waves
    Cold Waves
    Ocean Waves (See North Shore, Hawaii)
    Meteor Showers
    Alpha Rays
    Beta Rays
    Gamma Rays
    Cosmic Rays
    Sun Spots
    Neutron Stars
    Black Holes
    Warm Holes
    Galactic Formations

    And last but not least, “Alien” Invasions !!!

    So as You can see, Global Warming is bad for “Everything” !

    And that’s why “everyone” should Salute if not Worship the Reverend Al Gore and His protégé Barack “The Truth” Obama (If you like your “Weather”, you can keep your “Weather” !)

    So, do the “right” thing and turn in your Automobiles, SUV’s, Trucks, Boats, Airplanes, Lawnmowers, Air Conditioners, Water Heaters, etc…

    But that said, the Reverend Al Gore “MUST” be allowed to travel with what ever is “needed” to fight Global Warming, whether it’s a Jumbo Jet, a Cruise Ship, a huge SUV (To take along with Him the Main Stream Media in “comfort”, along with His “CO2” gas guzzling Jumbo Jet, so again the Main Stream Media can ride along in complete comfort with the Reverend as He pursues to “save” all from our selves, and from SUV’s and Lawnmowers !)

    And, to make a short story of it, that’s the difference of Global Warming and Global Cooling !!!

    Sincerely yours,

    Hellary Rotten Clinton
    [Don’t Forget To Vote For “Me” On October “10”, 2016]

  2. Isn’t it true that like clock work (almost) every 11,000 years we transition into a period of deep cold? And aren’t we just at that point now?

    I’ll believe in cycles and not modern 30 year computer models made up of convenient statistics to elicit the desired out come.

  3. I have an alternate theory. If you were university educated prior the 1980’s you would have been a global cooling enthusiast, whereas if you where educated after the 1980’s you’d be a global warming enthusiast. Why? Well, you see, before the 1980s you had much less university enrollment and thus those who did go to university at the time where serious, competent and able students, come, researchers and academics. Whereas, during the 1980s, there was a mass surge in university enrollment, thanks to the computer revolution.

    Thus because the ’80s introduced a lot more people to university all these potential new researchers and academics had to go some where. The problem was, that there as systematic huge rise in computer programmers, statisticians, designers, and modelers, and so on. These “computer” literate so called experts couldn’t find enough work and many went into other fields, like physics, geology, geography and climate studies. And what happened? Well these people couldn’t do a bit of useful science, so they created their own new sciences. Nearly every endeavor of study was infected with these “computer experts”. And so when the time came for them to get the limited funding and academic positions that were on offer, they had to compete some how with the competent and able experts in their fields. How did they compete? They didn’t. But quickly they learned to adapt, like any shady crook does. They started to lie…. alla global warming.

    The same can be said for physics, the nonsense of dark energy/matter which won a Noble Prize to a village idiot, which has now been shown to be poor physics, physics that was more about poor computer models than REAL physics. I could go on. But what’s the point. The idiots are now running the show.

    If you don’t believe me, check the details. You’ll see I’m pretty close to the truth on this. As a physicist myself and having lived through this time, I can tell you that the rise of computers has only filled science with more and more idiots and morons. Science and scientists who worked hard for years, nay decades, with only the Scientific Method at their fingers have been stabbed in the back, and betrayed by the computer idiots and their lying keyboards.

    And things are only going to get worse…. wait when these so called Snowflakes get their hands on funding!

    Science may not be dead, but Real Science is now lost among the inundation of mediocrity of standards, the ideological cancers of selfishness, and the avaricious multitude of incompetently educated dolts.

    Today all you need is a good story to win a Nobel Prize, if Bob Dylan can win one for most of his questionable work, surely Dr. Seus should get one for his original genius work!

    Science doesn’t require good scientists anymore, just good fantasy script writers. What a disgrace Humanity has become.

  4. What’s the difference between a magic lamp and a “climate scientist”?

    A magic lamp has a genie that comes out and grants you wishes.
    A “climate scientist” only wishes for grants.

  5. Global cooling should be based on the average human life space and how it effects us. Cooling boils down to only one thing. Is there more cold air.

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