The Difficulty of Predicting the End of the World

The Difficulty of Predicting the End of the World

In the1970s the United Nations climate clowns cooked up a huge hoax about global warming which has gone awry thanks to another completely predictable and natural cooling cycle that began in the late 1990s.

The Difficulty of Predicting the End of the World

By Alan Caruba

23 Oct 11 – I am beginning to feel sorry for Pastor Harold Camping who predicted the end of the world would occur on May 21, 2011 and, when it didn’t, predicted that it would end on October 21 instead. Oops.

The fact is that men of varying theological and astrological inclinations have been predicting the end of the world for a very long time. Predictions can be found in Hindu, Taoist, Scandinavian, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim eschatology—the branch of theology that is devoted to final events.

There is brief mention of it in Jewish literature but the term “messiah” referred to a human leader who would lead the Jews out of bondage and unite the nation. The most famous is Moses in the story of Exodus until Christians adopted the belief that Jesus was, in fact, the messiah and would return. Similarly, the Muslims adapted this to refer to the Twelfth Imam, a mythical figure whose return would be hastened by all manner of earthly death and destruction.

The very fact that all major faith systems have some version of a messiah or an end of the world story suggests that the fear of this event is deeply imbedded in human psychology and no doubt is related to the fact that we all die at some point. Conveniently, most religions have their version of what will occur when that happens and usually have a destination such as heaven or paradise for those who have lived moral lives and hell for those who have not. A Hindu gets to come back, but must dodge doing so as a cockroach.

The most famous prediction is the Mayan one that predicts December 21, 2012 as the end of the world. Technically, the calendar began on August 13, 3114 BC and the cycle it asserted ends in December 2012. Its longevity is testament the fascination that the Mayan calendar has evoked. Need it be said that Mayan civilization is no more, so in that sense it was accurate, but off by several thousand years.

In its most basic terms, the end of the world ends for every one of us when we die. Human vanity, being what it is, most of us can barely conceive of the world without our being in it. Some religions preach that we should embrace death and an afterlife while others, more pragmatic, suggest we make the best of the one we have in the here and now.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet, in the course of his soliloquy about suicide refers to “the undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns” while Macbeth laments, “Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day to the last syllable of recorded time” concluding it is “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” The Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, said we should “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

We are besieged by scientists who keep telling us that a stray asteroid could destroy the Earth by randomly colliding with it out of the great vastness of space. Others content themselves with calculating when the Sun will go supernova billions of years hence. Then there are the known extinctions that coincided with magnetic reversals.

In the1970s the United Nations climate clowns cooked up a huge hoax about global warming which has gone awry thanks to another completely predictable and natural cooling cycle that began in the late 1990s. That has not prevented the UN from trying to assert complete control over the world’s nations and their populations by scaring them into believing yet another end-of-the-world scenario.

For the record, a predictable new Ice Age is on its way, due to begin any day now since the last one ended about 11,500 years ago. When it does arrive, its affect will be swift and play havoc with the northern hemisphere. Meanwhile, winter around the world is becoming harsher in duration and effect.

Lawrence E. Joseph undertook “a scientific investigation into civilization’s end” in “Apocalypse 2012” published by Morgan Road Books in 2007, concluding that the Mayan calendar is a poor guide to the end of the world. “I think doomsday has a profound if unspeakable allure for those who are unhappy with themselves, their society, their Maker. It’s a form of vicarious revenge that anyone can take on life’s unfairness.”

“At any given point in history,” Joseph wrote, “there has always been a chorus of eccentrics predicting the end of the world. If only so much of the information about 2012 did not violate one’s sense of intellectual decorum: prophecies from Mayan shamans, interstellar theories of obscure Siberian geophysics, ruminations of South African psychics, and decrees of kabbalist rabbis.”

“Indeed, no single source, no matter how persuasive, could or should move one to seriously ponder the imponderable of the world tumultuously metamorphosing in 2012.”

With luck, if we are not struck dead by lightning or a sixteen-wheeler whose driver has fallen asleep at the wheel, the victim of an Iranian nuclear bomb, plus a multitude of other ways to shuffle off this mortal coil, we shall be around on December 21, 2012.

Nobody gets out of this world alive.

© Alan Caruba, 2011

24 thoughts on “The Difficulty of Predicting the End of the World”

  1. The biggest problem is if you get it right??? No payoff what so ever!So energy is better spent on more positive things!

  2. The Bible says no one knows when the end will be excpt God. But there was a couple of fellers that made it out alive: Enock & Elijah. If Yellowstone blows or Obama gets re-elected, I’m heading out myself. Fiddlin’

  3. Dear All:
    As per Islam theory regarding the end of the world there are many books written in this subject, I think many including Alan Curba with all respect has very little knowledge about, if you are interested I can provide good information about it, I found some reference to an ice age goes back to 1400 years ago.

  4. ? I rather remember the 70s was still hansen et als ecofreak tactic was about us freezing to death, running out of food oil etc, and for bonus points they threw in Russi bombing us.
    well we didnt freeze than..or run out of food oil etc etc, and Russians played nice, in spite of provocation..
    so then they tried warming.same story except for the temp and blaming carbon instead of CFC and ozone.
    my response to them is a raised middle digit, same as it was then:-)
    it probably will get a lot colder, and thats normal too.
    meanwhile we have morons running our countries planning for heatwaves ..that! is our biggest hurdle to survival.

  5. It is not the end of the planet. May be the end of the world as most people know it. Generally this means the possibility of change in the area of finance, politics and law, social customs and institutions and rarely envirinmental and climate change. All these possible changes are generally temporary and time scales vary. Nothing to go berserk or lose your mind over.

  6. Robert,

    The “End of the World” is not difficult to predict when the parameters are understood of what has been happening with this world from the creation of the planet. Salt is a residue left from the past and it left a trail of time in how much this planet is drying up. Still at least a billion and a half years time of life left before it too dry to sustain the current form of life.

    The end of species time is different in cycles. Especially when looking at feast or famine, warmth or cold, invasive species, wars, etc.

    But hey, that is just my research and NOT what the group of consensus scientists believe.

  7. You write “Others (scientists?)content themselves with calculating when the Sun will go supernova billions of years hence”
    It will never go supernova – it’s nowhere near big enough.
    I believe that AGW (through forcing) is real but overall AGW is not great because the feedback from the forcing appears to be very small, possibly negative. But it doesn’t help the climate realists’ cause to get basic science wrong about the sun going supernova!

  8. Offtopic:


    Do you have any thoughts / insights in regards to the recent weather changes in Southeast Asia? Since 2008 snow in places like Vietnam have become common (along with rice crop failures and dead water buffalo) and even the dry season is becoming wet.

    Last years, South Thailand got flooded something horrible in March, which is the dry season. So dry it not unheard to receive almost no rain the entire month. Now 40% of the country is underwater. This monsoon season is looking like a 500 year flood.

    Did similar weather events happen regularly in this region during other cooling eras (Maunder Dalton minimum)?

  9. Yes nobody knows what tomorrow will bring ! True, we will have an extinction and an ice age and the safest way is to be aware that it may happen in our lifetime. Just a matter of when, not if. But as to making exact statements such as what year, what month or what day – nobody can say unless they have a time machine. Just like those predictions for 2012 – I believe all that when I see it.

  10. Isn’t one of the variables in this unknown equation the hidden factor of ‘dark matter’ such as this said to be approaching ‘companion star’, a brown dwarf that so many infrared probes are watching for as well as the comets that follow in its wake? That dark star seems to fit the geologic record of mass extinction event and that ~3600yr comet cluster fits what remains of our historical records. Names for the latter are many as are the cultural traditions that latter survive and write about the cataclysms of the past, whose severity depends upon location, location, location.

    Of course, if you do go ‘esoteric’ with this planetary ‘transition’ model to explain the entire ‘earth changes’ syndrome we seem to be affected by, then this ‘gravity wave’ that is said to be pushing this comet cluster from behind would come to signal the real collapse of one ‘world’ and into the next, or so it is said.

    Reports of this ‘dark star’ and the many comets sent ahead of it as it punched through the Oort Cloud have been reported a teensy bit even in the mainstream media, perhaps on those lonely weekends when no one is watching, but the pattern of limiting access to such intel is a proven fact as the CIA clamps down on it, the military prohibits it and the MSM reports nothing but the ‘official’ version of said events and their sequence.

    The ‘dots’ or ‘signs’ are there, but remain open to explanation as always, thus the opening for liars and cheats to due their usual damage, but then that is their part in this puppet show.

    All the volcanoes and EQs ‘warming up’ in comparison to the cool down over many land masses, remind me of a teeter-totter affect that proceeds other cataclysmic events like a magnetic pole shift that some researchers have seen approaching as well. Timing these converging events is the problem as they all seem to interact and affect each other as well as the EU theory demonstrates.

    Those ‘esoteric’ sources say 2014 for the comet cluster. Well that prove correct? Time will tell, but if the psycho puppets have their way much longer, the human engineered cataclysm might prove the main culprit before then, as it seems a question of which variable in this equation will prove to have the biggest effect.

    It promises to be a very ‘big show’ as Ed would say.

  11. I like this a lot:

    Gandalf: The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass. And then you see it.

    Pippin: What? Gandalf? See what?

    Gandalf: White shores… and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise.

    Pippin: Well, that isn’t so bad.

    Gandalf: No, no it isn’t.

  12. Wow! Very well written, poignant, relevant and from a very intelligent well-rounded point of view. Thanks for sharing this! The end of this world will indeed come for each of us at the moment of death.

  13. “Human vanity, being what it is, most of us can barely conceive of the world without our being in it”.

    Aaah yes. We can only truly conceive our world once we are in it. Was it really here before we came into being? If we could actually conceive a world without ourselves in it, then would we then not be there to conceive anything at all. I think my head hurts!

  14. End of the world already happened… the Mayans…..its just a matter of perspective….
    from ours? maybe an ice age…maybe not. the one last standing can write the history…but for whom? lol

  15. Time rolls on itself. What was will be again. We go into the void. Then we come out again. The soul is eternal. Life on this planet ends & then starts again. Let’s see…..
    It’s a cycle ; it’s a cycle….. The big question is how do we get off this merry go round & wind up with God eternally? I’d like to know the answer to that question.

  16. Time rolls on itself or says the Vedas. The yugas they come & they go. This is Kali yug, so it could be some sort of end. We will go into the void & rest awhile, but we will come back we souls. We spring eternal. It’s a cycle it’s a cycle it’s a cycle as says our friend, Mr. Felix. The question I’m asking is how do we get off this roller coaster & reside with God forever? I’m tired of all this Maya.

  17. Claire
    There is no roller coaster claire, it is this life and the life after, this life is a test and the life after is your reward to being descent person and it is eternal , surely there is a creator to this beautiful world why not asking him directly without a mediator.

  18. Who really WANTS to know when it will all end? I’d rather just not wake up one day ….. Or, go in an unexpected flash… Who wants to sit around and WAIT for it to happen? Not to mention the CHAOS that would occur as millions of people decide to Rape, Pillage, and Plunder, to obtain a little of what they think they missed out on, before it’s all gone.

    No, it’s best to leave it alone, unless somebody has a “VALID” solution to take us out of harms way … which I seriously doubt humans have the capability to do at this time.

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