Dilbert does AGW

Excellent description of today’s “climate science” in just eight frames.

See Dilbert cartoon:

Thanks to Bill Sellers for this link

7 thoughts on “Dilbert does AGW”

  1. he really nailed it;-)
    I gather that toon copped a fair bit of flack
    wonder why?
    too close to absolute truth mayhap?

  2. LOVE it! I always did appreciate Dilbert’s pithy humor…

    And what is almost more interesting than looking at the cartoon… is reading the comments it inspired (have to go to the link to read them).

    Gee, it appears to me that there is NO “consensus” among those scientists after all (not that I ever bought that argument). That THAT anti-deniers!!

  3. I wonder if other people think that the “climate scientist” in the Dilbert cartoon resembles a certain man(n)?

  4. The present state of the arctic is following the following scenario, published in the Sunday Supplements circa 1948:

    The Arctic ice back has melted; (Illustration showed New York City being buried under a glacier) Copious quantities of snow, as a result of a liquid Arctic ocean, are deposited over the high latitudes of Europe, Asia and North America, with everlasting snowfields remaining throughout the summer, into the next snow season, As a result, this became a self-feeding repetitious thing, with the ice and snow fields becoming ice sheets.

    The above scenarios is very logical and very possible.

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