Did dinosaur ‘gas’ warm the Earth?

Did dinosaur ‘gas’ warm the Earth?

A prolonged finger-pull era, so to speak.

“Giant dinosaurs could have warmed the planet with their flatulence,” says this article on BBC Nature. In all seriousness.

By scaling up the digestive wind of cows, British scientists estimate that dinosaurs produced 520 million tons of methane gas per year, as opposed to cows today, which produce something like 50-100 million tons.

Since previous studies indicate that the Earth was up to 10C (18F) warmer during the Mesozoic Era than it is today, the researchers theorize that the gas could have been a key factor in that period of global warming.

“David Wilkinson from Liverpool John Moore’s University, and colleagues from the University of London and the University of Glasgow published their results in the journal Current Biology,” the story continues.

“Methane is known as a “greenhouse gas” that absorbs infrared radiation from the sun, trapping it in the Earth’s atmosphere and leading to increased temperatures.”

Sneaky little bit there, aye? They’re telling us that methane is “known” to lead to increased temperatures. Really? Known by whom?

“With the knowledge that livestock emissions currently contribute a significant part to global methane levels, the researchers used existing data to estimate how sauropods could have affected the climate.”

Like, this is a new story?

I wrote about dinosaur flatulence in Not by Fire but by Ice (p 25), where I said, “you may have seen the article in your local paper touting the thought that massive emissions of methane gas – caused by dinosaur flatulence – may have caused global warming, doing whatever it is that global warming is supposed to do.”

It was a stupid idea then, and it’s a stupid idea now.

As far as I’m concerned it’s simply a back-handed attempt to blame cows – and therefore humans – for a natural cycle.

“Besides,” says this article on hotair.com, “the most well-accepted theories of dinosaur extinction don’t involve climate warming. It’s generally accepted that catastrophic and sudden cooling caused the extinction of dinosaurs and other animal and plant life of that era.”

Ass opposed to the BBC article, this one is fun:

Also see:

Also see:
Thanks to Jamal Kilani, Carl Swartz, Gordon, Icewoman, Steven Woodcock, Benao, Benjamin Napier and Peter Lamb for these links.

“The Universities around the world must be producing the worlds best drugs,” says Carl.” Surely they can not all be that stupid.”

“More foolishness from so-called scientists,” says Benjamin

“So pathetic,” says Jamal.

33 thoughts on “Did dinosaur ‘gas’ warm the Earth?”

  1. Yep, took em 100s of millions of years, but the most successful life forms to ever exist on this planet, to date, finally farted themselves out of existence…

  2. Those warmists are just silly. Is there anything they won’t say to advance their BS agenda?

    Since methane displaces oxygen, wouldn’t a high level of it simply asphyxiate the dinos before any warming occurred? How about all that methane igniting with every passing thunderstorm?

    They should try again. This one doesn’t pass the smell test.

  3. Invest in Beano! It’ll save the planet! Not buying it? You heartless, uneducated bunch of deniers! How dare you not gobble up this warmed over bit of tripe that is being served to you!
    Unenlightened Philistines….

  4. I listened to an amazing interview on BBC Radio4 with James Locklove, who some consider an old dinosaur. He has upset his Gaia friends and global warming scientists. He also hearkens to what it is to be a true scientist, free to follow one’s intellect.

  5. It would be interesting to know the science behind their determining exactly how many dinosaurs actually existed. Because we “theorize” a world dominated by them, there may have been scarcely more than the number of skeletal remains that we have found. They may have numbered in the millions or they may have numbered in the thousands. We do NOT know how many may have existed, and I don’t think there is a valid hypothesis that we can use to come up with that number.

    Second thought on the article would be WHY did they scale up from the amount of flatulence released by a cow? Why didn’t they measure and scale up their estimate from the amount of flatulence released by a typical lizard? That would make more scientific sense to me than choosing a cow for their model. OH!!! Silly me! I am thinking that these were supposed to be scientists, not comic book writers.

    • Latest theory is they were warm blooded, more related to birds than reptiles. So the question becomes how many chicken farts does it take to over heat the earth during the Mesozoic?

  6. One more reason not to go vegen. If those dinos had eaten a little more steak and a little less salad, well who knows? Maybe they’d still be around.

  7. Can someone remind me what the continents looked like at this time? Didn’t the earth look a lot different?
    I’m just thinking everything was a lot different than their models which are assuming the continents were the same, thus the trade winds were the same. I also guess they’re thinking the sun output was the same…

  8. It was a swampy hothouse planet and lush greenery that were a precondition for dinosaur development. They just didn’t fart themselves into existence?!?!

  9. Well then, I guess we’re all doomed with all the fatulence the politicians spew out every day, most notably Al Gore!

  10. I think if one added up all those cow farts and got the volume and compared it to total atmospheric volume and NATURAL methane volumes..well lets not go there..its too hard for 4yos (climate alarmists) to understand

  11. I’m going with what Brin K. stated.

    Really the people making this stuff are full of it.

  12. All that methane must have wafted out into space and altered the course of that asteroid to make it crash into (what would become) Mexico. Afterwards, the extinct dinosaurs turned into oil (except for those lucky few that evolved into birds), which we’re turning into gasoline, which produces CO2, thus allowing the dinosaurs to destroy the planet once again.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  13. “It was a stupid idea then, and it’s a stupid idea now.”

    Right on, Robert!

    I think their idea really “Stinks”!

  14. Coupled with the recent paper that concluded CO2 makes you fat, the scenario now is that the excessive CO2 made the dinosaurs so fat they could no longer move, and therefore died out. /sarc off

  15. Well, nothing new, someone presented this theory at least 20 years ago. Seriously speaking I think no life form could afect the biosphere in such manner, at least because evolution would have avoided it.

  16. I have not heard such bs in my life before? I am not into science but clearly this is the biggest BS I have ever heard!!
    What scientists are these? Education cannot make one clever, you need wisdom and to be born-clever
    The same I believe these are the so-called scientists that spread: crude comes from fosssils??
    Titan one of Saturns moons has lakes of methane and so Jupiter’s atmosphere and must be close to zero Kelvin around there!!Was there any dinosaurs? Then you get people believing in this????

  17. One last thing I want to mention:
    Everything on BBC is NOT TRUST WORTHY! They are one-sided and talk BS.
    Sorry to say this is the one channel I never watch!!

  18. It’s obvious, isn’t it? There was clear evidence of SGW (Sauriogenic Global Warming), but they were so primitive that they just didn’t listen to the enlightened ones advocating population reduction and fart-capping. Extinction was their own fault. We should learn from history, people – fart-capping or extinction!

  19. May be BBC Nature needs to watch the Ancient Aliens episode about Ancient Aliens and Dinosaurs. May be they will rethink what they are saying. Ancient Aliens is so good at making people think.

  20. It is amazing the lengths warmists will go to in order to support their hypothesis. Dinosaur farts cause global warming? They have got to be joking!
    methane released would oxidize and form CO2 and water vapor and the plants would use those chemicals to add to the plants biomass and make oxygen. I doubt any significant build up of methane or CO2 is possible especially if there are plants around.

  21. My Google Earth examination of the Hawaii hotspot track and its probable extension beyond the aleutian islands and across siberia and the arctic ocean to greenland tells me that north america rotated may be 90 to 110 degrees clockwise during the paleozoic and mesozoic then got pushed west wards by the spreading atlantic rift fault. In the mean time north america was more or less in the tropics and then the sub tropics during the cretaceous period.
    This hypothesis is based on the doctrine that hotspots don’t actually move and the earths crust does. In my view it was the south pacific ridge that rotated the continent and pushed oceanic terraines up against the north american continent and added most of the land mass and folded mountain ranges in western north america. The actual geophysical history of the world may infact be different from what is the currently accepted theory.

  22. Comical b.s. The simple fact that 98percent of all complex life forms that ever existed are extinct now d.n.a(lifeform blueprint)gets watered down. Cold blood reptiles had their day,we live with extiction in our lives now, many animals are on the brink now of vanishing for good so zoos help. How about flora,american elm tree,ash tree being decimated,sugar maple(big business in Canada here) also on the way out. Its just lifes processes I don’t buy the flatulent dino extinction theory,creatures just come and go,cells will mutate to make new lifeforms and that’s the way it goes simple answers work.

  23. Seriously, even 100 million dinosaurs could not produce the same amount of heat and gas in one day, as released by ONE moderate volcanic eruption…

    The brain behind this “Theory” must belong to a bird..!

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