Disaster in Mongolia – Dzud expected to kill more than a million farm animals

More than 350,000 farm animals have already perished in a slow-moving natural disaster in Mongolia, the Red Cross said Friday.

Mongolia has been hit by a devastating “dzud” – a hot summer drought followed by a severe winter.

During a dzud, goats, sheep and cows die en masse, having been unable to find enough to eat in the summer to enable them to withstand winter temperatures that regularly drop to -50 C (-58 F).

More than a million farm animals are expected to die, according to the latest available data from the UN mission in the country, IFRC said.

“This winter is the harshest I have experienced,” said Bayankhand Myagmar, 50, who has already lost 400 of her 700 animals.

Mongolian ger

The loss of their livelihoods  forces most nomads to move to tent (ger) districts on the outskirts of Mongolia’s urban centers, living without basic infrastructure and little or no income.


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“Food shortages coming soon,” says George.



4 thoughts on “Disaster in Mongolia – Dzud expected to kill more than a million farm animals”

  1. Sorrow for the people, sorrow for the animals that entrusted their destiny to people.

    Cold takes the water from the air. Cold causes droughts. Cold causes famine. Cold causes death. Pray for a warmer world.

  2. ok so this is the 3rd or 4th year in a row now we are seeing these claims
    I am starting to get angry AND suspicious about the claims
    we;;; having lost millions for years in a row the supposed crappy summer feed etc
    and poor cond of any that did survive to begin with?
    chance of them all managing to breed and carry young would be rather a LOT less than 100% fertility rates
    hell well fed and cared for animals in Aus might make 90% preg ratios.
    but not if theyre starved and malnourished a gut full of worms etc etc
    these people are supposedly traditional herders who roam
    so are they ALL? so bloody inept they cant read the seasons and go walkies to areas that DID get rain and had feed?
    when their lives are supposed to? depend on it?
    the actual herd sizes..if theyve lost a million (claimed) for 3 to 4 yrs then the national herd size was either far in excess of major nations headcounts OR bloody well INflated to some staggering degree.
    there simply is NOT the carrying capacity in the land
    ie we rate as DSE dry(ie not pregnant) sheep per ACRE in Aus and in our poor areas where they graze widely in drought may be as little as one sheep per 5 acres or more in bad years.
    I also noted in a prior item on this subject..they seem to have enough cash to buy 4WD with
    not a camel or steppe horse for herding in sight
    I seriously wondering what Climate funding etc they may be tapping into via claims of loss due to WELL KNOWN NORMAL climate events in their land.

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