Disastrous socialist “Green New Deal” – Video

Watch Heartland’s Justin Haskins talk about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her disastrous socialist “Green New Deal” on Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler on the One America News Network.

Forget the looming ice age.  This insane idea alone could totally destroy the United States economy and be responsible for millions upon millions of deaths. And I suspect that this woman, who appears to be several bricks short of a load, would enjoy watching it happen.

14 thoughts on “Disastrous socialist “Green New Deal” – Video”

  1. Deal with the fraud in data management. The US has climate criminals in charge of its climate data, all of them educated by a small number of agenda21 tenured professors.
    It’s just the same for the US to hire a un-convicted Columbian Cocaine Lord to manage its cocaine stats on usage in the States, and then mange the fight on organised Drug crime on the basis of his stats that alcohol is far worse than Cocaine.

  2. she has been referred to as
    “occasional cortex”

    I find its rather apt summation of the lasses thinking skills
    or lack thereof
    all shes missing is the CHE tshirt

  3. Just for the record, AOC and others like her are not stupid. They are super smart.

    It is just that her motives that are different than y(ours).

    • she may be “educated smart” but shes not got life skills and from what Ive read shes not so well grounded in some of the subjects shes proclaiming change on/in.

    • “Uncle” Joe (Stalin) had the perfect phrase for this type of person:

      “Useful Idiot”

      That is what she is.

      She will be used, like by her boyfriends in the past have, and like the past, she is too stupid to know it.

      The Power Structure of her political party will use her to test ideas, stupid or not, and get a feel for the masses….she, getting all this attention, (like from numerous past boy-friends), will love the attention (fake attention, right guys?) and will “put out” for the Party Leadership.

      But nobody will “call her tomorrow” for the next election.

      This is where the term “Political Whore” comes from.

  4. Maybe this will freeze the ass off this horrible communist! Well deserved too……

    National Weather Service Binghamton NY
    Jan 18 2019

    Steuben-Schuyler-Chemung-Tompkins-Madison-Southern Oneida-
    Including the cities of Corning, Hornell, Watkins Glen, Elmira,
    Ithaca, Hamilton, Oneida, Rome, Utica, Cortland, Norwich,
    Oneonta, Owego, Waverly, Binghamton, Delhi, Walton, Sayre,
    and Towanda


    * WHAT…Heavy snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 12 to 20 inches expected. Winds could gust as high as 35 mph Sunday
    afternoon, with areas of blowing and drifting snow.

    * WHERE…In Pennsylvania, Bradford county. In New York,
    Steuben, Schuyler, Chemung, Tompkins, Madison, Southern
    Oneida, Cortland, Chenango, Otsego, Tioga, Broome and Delaware counties.

    * WHEN…From noon Saturday to 4 PM EST Sunday. The heaviest snow is expected to fall Saturday evening into Sunday morning.
    Snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour are expected during
    this time.

    * ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Travel could be very difficult to
    impossible. Also, winds will pick up considerably Sunday
    afternoon, causing blowing snow and dangerously low wind
    chills into Sunday night.

  5. The first energy panic occurred in the early 1970s.
    Canadian government urged people to make insulation in house walls more effective. Some homes had no insulation.
    There was a rush to “fix” homes and one method was to inject foam into the empty spaces within exterior walls.
    The next form of panic was when someone found that formaldehyde was in the foam.
    The panic was then to take it out.
    “AOC” may have the headlines and the attention, but the extreme left in its recent surge will likely split the Democratic vote.
    I hope.

  6. Problems cannot be properly solved without finding understanding and believing the truth as a first step.
    If you don’t have that happening there will be no real solutions to problems. PC lies repeated get believed and lies get people killed whether they deserve it or not.

  7. People who believe Ocasio-Cortez’s proposals are feasible need to remember this stuff has been tried before.

    The most recent experiment fell apart a few decades ago when the Soviet Union finally admitted its model was unsustainable.

    But, what the heck – I say go for it – the people who support this idea will inevitably suffer the most and their reaction will be devastating to the clowns who propose this nonsense.

    • Methane or petrol, both require the Energy civilisation and taxes on its product to continue to work.
      In the US Gas=Petrol, a liquid, but we have to forgive our American cousins their quirks of language, much the same as to be “Knocked Up”.
      In the UK during WW2 it was said to bang on the door knocker to wake up pilot for duty, and not that the said pilot has got his girlfriend pregnant.
      America and Britain; Brothers, separated by small pond, history, and by a developing English language.

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