“Disastrously delayed spring” in Britain

“British farmers in turmoil as delayed spring plays havoc with growing season,” reads the Guardian headline.

“Last year, asparagus growers were harvesting as early as 8 April. This spring, they are not expecting to harvest until the last week of April … just one of the consequences of Britain’s disastrously delayed spring.”

“We have had a very challenging time,” said Guy Smith, vice president of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU). “More often now we seem to be stuck in long periods of wet months and then long periods of dry months, which is more challenging for farmers.”

Adam Lockwood grows spring onions. “At the minute we’re struggling to get going,” he said. “Potato growers haven’t even started planting yet and drilling dates are well behind where they should be.

“Lettuce and brassica growers who have plants raised in a nursery that were ready weeks ago, they’re now having to throw those away.”

“We’re getting more rain in a shorter period rather than evenly distributed across the year – that’s what I’m noticing. And you’re getting more intense dry periods. It’s more extreme.”

Livestock and dairy producers have been particularly hard hit. “It’s been a very late spring, even for a hill farm where we are,” said Richard Findlay, chair of the NFU’s livestock board, who farms in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

“Instead of keeping the sheep in a couple of days after they’ve had lambs, we’re keeping them in for two or three weeks. We’re very fortunate in that we have the buildings to do it, but a lot of neighbours who don’t are struggling and have had many more losses.

Very little grass for the animals

“We have nearly 1,000 sheep and it’s costing us about £1,000 extra a week at the moment to feed and house them to avoid a lot of losses. If we turned them out in poor weather there would be very little grass to eat.”

“It’s been the worst and most challenging time that I can remember,” Findlay said. “It really started last summer, which was very wet and quite cool, and the autumn and winter have generally been very wet.

The article attempts to blame ‘climate change’ for the delayed spring, but fails to mention that the same sort of weather lead to millions of deaths during the Maunder Minimum.


Thanks to Phil Salmon for this link

“Needless to say it’s all evidence of man-made climate change,” says Phil. “Unbelievable that they keep this up with a straight face. At least their last sentence is along the right lines: “We need to remember that it’s reckless to take food production for granted…”


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  1. “It’s been the worst and most challenging time that I can remember,” Findlay said. “It really started last summer, which was very wet and quite cool, and the autumn and winter have generally been very wet.

    As I’ve pointed out before, cold is a problem, but it is the wet that causes losses and deaths.

  2. And then, after the food is short, the migrant crisis will take on a whole new level. Many people don’t realise why Hitler got so much power from the German people to conquer the world: Germany was starving before WWII!

    • I could live with some food shortages. What scares the hell out of me is that no way will my modern countrymen, especially some of the new arrivals, queue up quietly to receive their allotted rations like my parents generation did in WWII. Any livestock or produce that the farmers do manage to raise will most likely disappear long before they have a chance to harvest it for the official food supply.

  3. it also highlights the stupid “everything to an industrial timetable” mentality thats been imposed on farmers and primary producers globally
    the seasons and crops and animals will grow when its suitable, the poor animals get AI or mated to a damned timetable also! hormone injections to bring the females into season on the days just before the vet is coming, so its all done in a day and the lambing or calving is also pretty much all happening in a few days to suit someones schedule and NOT what the beasts themselves would do.
    animals are smart enough to delay mating in bad seasons for their young
    we force them to birth regardless.
    contracts for fruit n veg to be all ready on a set date or pay defaults..if its not perfect them it costs the grower again and may end up being ploughed in unused ..not even able to be sold elsewhere as secondgrade or stockfood
    bloody criminal waste of good food occurs daily.

  4. Its really weird that the whole planet seems to cool down and whe in the Netherlands and also Germany and Belgium are warming up. It is reasonably to argue that the warm gulf stream is responsable for this local warming because a cooling planet would strengthen it. But Britain, France and Spain are also under the influence of this sea current and are not warming. What the hell is happening?

    • What are you in…..i think youve been reading janet and john climate garbage…..just remember when the food runs out they will kill all the people who can think and then youll be.left with just the.stupid and the osychopaths…good luck too you i wont e here….lmao

  5. I’ve seen better articles. They didn’t even mention that they had record cold and snow there this winter! Remember late February when Europe was stuck in the deep freeze?? They must have extremely short memories or suffer from severe amnesia! Or are they too embarrassed to admit what’s really going on here?? Since their human memories can’t be that short means they are guilty of either lying or deliberately leaving out the obvious. And the increasingly wet, cold summers in the UK are just part of the ice age cycle as well.

  6. Chemtrails produce a low, overcast ceiling over much of the globe. It is impossible that this does not add to the cooling of the approaching solar minimum and other natural cycles.

    “Global dimming” is already being written about– a reduction in solar irradiance reaching the surface. They even admit that it has to do with increased aerosols. But then insist that it’s due to fossil fuels. They are about to switch from fossil fuels as the cause of global warming to the cause of global cooling.

    If you still think that chemtrails are just normal aircraft contrails, please notice the next time you have a normal saturated-blue sky. Watch closely in every direction & you will see that those innocent, pencil-thin “contrails” spread out to create a low, cloudless ceiling.

    I have a small aviation background. It is impossible for a modern jet engine to leave long-lasting contrails. Please just LOOK. Thank you.

    • If I understand correctly you must be claiming that all jet fuel is spiked with chemicals deliberately designed to leave a lasting stable chemical aerosol at 10,000 + metres. At this height chemicals are subject to much higher ionizing radiation levels than at sea level so any aerosol that survives this is engineered.

      So for your hypothesis to be correct this is a deliberate world wide conspiracy – I’m not sure that such an agreement could ever transpire in the course of human bickering and I’m not sure I buy it.

      Hell, we can’t even agree to save fellow humans from the misery of third world poverty and starvation despite possessing more than enough of the resources to easily deal with this inequality if we simply had the will to do so.

      Look at the UN – they can’t agree on anything except where the next banquet is to held.

    • Those who think that “Chemtrails” (which have never been proved) are causing a cloud overcast that is altering the climate, should consider the possibility that ordinary contrails, without any sinister added ingredients, could alter the climate. Perhaps ordinary jet contrails are altering the climate in a way that we should be concerned about. Do people really need to travel by airplane, or is air travel, and air transport, something we should restrict?

    • So as to simplify the chemistry lets use CH2 methane to symbolize hydrocarbon fuels in general. O is Oxygen. H2O is water.

      2CH2 + 3O2 = 2CO2 + 2H2O [ this reaction occurs in the burning of hydrocarbon fuels ]

      2H2O + 2CO2 = 2CH2 + 3O2 [ this reaction occurs in plants when they grow due to photosynthesis ]

      As far as I know a jet engine is pumping out vast amounts of water vapors which cool very quickly to form microscopic ice crystals that loft up into the uppermost stratosphere where upon they evaporate into the Thermosphere. No one ever talks about what effect that moisture in the Thermosphere is having. The Thermosphere is hot anyway being 400*C but with the moisture trapped in it from Jet Engine condensation trails I speculate that it is getting to be even hotter ? So any “Global Warming” is not at sea level, but up in the sky in the Thermosphere.

      Also interestingly CO2 Carbon Dioxide is so heavy such that it is only found at sea level. In fact Carbon Dioxide is heavier than water.


  7. I am confused.Not that many years ago,in the UK,one of the signs that “proved” AGW,was the fact that Spring was,seemingly,happening earlier and earlier each year.Daffodils in February etc.Spring to me has always been April.Is this late Spring,late compared to what used to be normal,or late compared to “gosh Spring is coming earlier each year”?I think it is something we will have to get used to in the coming years-if we get Spring at all-given what is happening with our sun.

  8. Rosco, the chemtrailing is done by special tanker planes, not commercial jets. The chemtrails don’t adhere to normal flight paths. Commercial jets don’t go back & forth across the sky; fuel economy is too important.

    Conspiracy is the most common criminal charge. If two people commit a crime they are also charged with “conspiracy to commit whatever”.

    There is a conspiracy to control the media on many topics– for example the global warming hoax. We even know who is paying for it. See the Congressional minority report
    It’s called “The Chain of Environmental Control”. What a description for a conspiracy!

    Instead of mocking the existence of conspiracies, try actually gathering data by using your eyes. AFTER you have the data is the time to analyze it. In investigating any crime, one begins by gathering data, not by analyzing in advance the credibility of the crime.

    I truly sympathize with your inability to imagine it. I didn’t believe it either, until after the first heavy rainstorm in two years I saw the fantastically beautiful saturated blue sky w white clouds that I had simply forgotten about. I watched, and two days later they came & sprayed their chemtrails. In half an hour the normal sky was blocked out. It is not normal to have a whitish-bluish cloudless sky– a low overcast produced by chemtrailing.

  9. The UK is geographically situated such that we are not getting the worst of the Ice Age cold air migrating out of the Arctic Circle as well as Greenland and Canada. I notice that every time cold air migrates in a southerly direction it dislodges relatively warm air which migrates northerly. Thus setting off huge cyclonic weather systems in the Atlantic. Thus whilst the UK is getting warm air from the Azores it is the case that simultaneously places like Portugal and Spain together with Morocco and Algeria are getting extreme cold and heavy snow almost directly out of Greenland. How is it that the Atlantic is not warming the air ? Well it used to. However since July of 2010 the Gulf Stream is dead. So that where as the Atlantic used to be warm water now it is extremely cold water. It is snowing out in the Atlantic west of Ireland ! Snow rolls in off the Atlantic into Ireland ! Last summer shipping crossing the Atlantic were advised to travel at least four hundred miles further south so as to be able to avoid Ice Flow and Ice Bergs. The death of the Gulf Stream is real. Not a theory. It more than anything else is proof that we already live in the Ice Age. It has been with us since 2010.

  10. To put the other side of the picture —

    19th April: Spring and summer seem to have arrived together over the last couple of days. Here in central Southern England the temperature yesterday was 25C/77F and at the moment, 4.30 p.m. it is up to 31C/88F.

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