Discredited IPCC Again Claims Himalayan Glaciers Melting

Even though only 10 of the 54,000 glaciers in the region have been studied regularly.

Mt Everest region

Now, according to the Telegraph, the IPCC has released new research supposedly showing that Himalayan glaciers are melting after all.

The release was apparently designed to correct the IPPC’s embarrassing “mistakes” (“lies” might be a better word) made over the past few years concerning the effects of global warming on Himalayan glaciers. 

For years, the IPCC had insisted that “glaciers were melting so fast that those in the Himalayas could vanish by 2035,” an assertion that lead to the 2009 scandal known as ‘Himalayagate.’

That’s when we learned that the ill-advised warning was based on a news story in the New Scientist, which was itself based on a short telephone interview with Syed Hasnain, a little-known Indian scientist.

Hasnain later admitted that the claim was “speculation” and “not supported by any formal research.” (See World misled over melting Himalayan glaciers)

Dr Rajendra Pachauri - Should we trust this man?

Now, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the IPCC, has announced that new research shows the glaciers are indeed melting.

One of the new studies supposedly found a reduction in snow cover over the region in the last decade.

A different study, a three-year project funded by Sweden, found that of 10 glaciers measured in the region all are shrinking, with a marked acceleration in loss of ice between 2002 and 2005. (I wonder why their study stopped at 2005?)

Did you notice how many glaciers their study included? Ten.

Only ten!

The studies admit that “more research needs to be done as only 10 of the 54,000 glaciers in the region have been studied regularly.” But Dr Pachauri apparently thinks that ten melting glaciers are enough to justify his doomsday pronouncement.

Dr Pachauri seems to be ignoring the more than 230 glaciers that are growing in the western Himalayas – including Mount Everest, K2 and Nanga Parbat.

“These are the biggest mid-latitude glaciers in the world,” says John Shroder of the University of Nebraska-Omaha. “And all of them are either holding still, or advancing.”

Not only advancing, 87 of these glaciers have surged forward since the 1960s.

I’m not so sure that we should trust Dr Pachauri.

See entire article in the Telegraph:
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/environment/climatechange/8933945/Himalayan-glaciers-are- melting-says-IPCC-research.html
Thanks to Jeff Rense for this link

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18 thoughts on “Discredited IPCC Again Claims Himalayan Glaciers Melting”

  1. I wouldn’t trust him, or any others climate prostitutes.
    They on the gravy train still puffing along.
    On top of this, Mr.Pachauri is an rail engineer.Who will they produce next: a dentist?

  2. I’m not so sure that we should trust Dr Pachauri.

    You’re too polite – I don’t trust the IPCC at all.

    It is obvious that the whole agenda is about political control through misinformation.

    I mean there has been really obvious devastation caused by the devastating 0.6 or whatever miniscule increase in temperature it is just that we can’t see them.

    Bit like monsters under the bed really – a threat until we gtow up.

  3. Love the animated snow overlay! Pachauri is like a paid assassin; in his case, assassinating the TRUTH. That is because he, like the group he represents (UN’s IPCC), refuses to allow TRUTH to get in the way of their agenda: global world domination via global governmental rule by decree: THEIRS. And their credibility is melting enormously faster than the Himalayan glaciers EVER did.

  4. Dr Pachauri ignores 230 glaciers that are growing in the western Himalayas. Considering his agenda to milk Global Warming for profit, why would he include them? His report is not that of a man of integrity and science, rather a sleeze pushing “junk science” for profit.

    • was it not pachauri that purchased the steel works in the uk then laid everyone off, to cash in the carbon credits? It seems that he has a lot riding on the carbon trading markets and the the pushing of global warming….

      • No it wasn’t Pachauri but a fellow Indian,that nice mister Tata,who also was encouraged to buy Land Rover,Jaguar,what’s left of ICI and goodness knows what else,all at knock -down prices.Disgusting

  5. All this is a bit silly bcos glacier length is not a proxy for temps. For the longer glaciers such as, the Baltoro in Pakistan, it takes a snow-flake 30 years from when it lands in the high corries to when it melts at the snout. If there was a drought 30 years ago we’d be seeing that expressed to-day as a wasting back of the snout.
    Other glaciers are short and steep so a drought may cause snout recession over a 5 year cycle.
    The IPCC are being intentionally misleading by selecting only the receding glaciers and implying that they are indicative of global warming.

  6. Using Dr Pachauri’s logic, if I go out around on the city streets where 54,000 men live, and find 10 bald men, I am to assume that all the men in that city are going bald even though I pass 230 gray haired men with a full head of hair. Hmmm, what is wrong with this picture? And we taxpayers are paying for this rot!

  7. Chicken Little screamed “The sky is falling, the sky is falling, and that, dear friends, is why 10 glaciers in the Himalayas are shrinking!” Hopefully Chicken Little won’t either freeze to death or die of starvation in the coming ice age because we don’t have enough food production due to ethanol production, or energy for heat due to closing coal mines.

  8. Doesn’t matter what they say, solar cycle24 will peak around 2013-2014 which is only half of what its suppose to be and then the trend will be coming down again?
    Time will tell!!

  9. there was an amazing series of exposes on Pachauri by richard north at http://www.EUREferendum.com
    (yeah the caps is how it goes)
    the curious affiliation between TATA corporation and pachauris green version linked called TERI, his amazing use of water for a gold course , while surrounding people are in crisis in drought, so much is wrong with this railway engineers appointment and mismanagement and voodoo climatescience.
    if he said it was raining youd need to go stand outside to be sure of the truth.

  10. If if the glaciers are advancing, it is still no reason not to create emission controls on power plants. They are exposing mercury into our air and water. They are creating asthma conditions for many. When I moved from DC to across the Chesapeake Bay, I could run much father simply because there is practically no air pollution restricting my breathing, and I do not have any asthma diagnosed. If a healthy man has difficulty, imagine what someone who does have asthma has to face. Imagine how many children are getting asthma because the air is unfit to breath. Carbon Dioxide may not be causing global warming, but carbon monoxide is a known problem for animals to breath. We should not ignore those facts.

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