Do cosmic rays trigger red sprites?

“Radiation from deep space is intensifying because of Solar Minimum.

Do cosmic rays trigger red sprites?

“According to NASA, cosmic rays are intensifying,” says this article (link below). “On Aug. 6th, Roger Spinner of Montsevelier, Switzerland, witnessed a likely side-effect. “Red sprites were flashing above a thunderstorm in northern Italy about 215 km away,” says Spinner, who recorded an HD video of the display.

As the storm raged over Italy’s Lombardy region, Spinner recorded three magnificent clusters of sprites in rare detail. Shaped like jellyfish, the sprites were more than 40 km tall, with purple tentacles dangling toward the thunderstorm below and red bushy heads touching the edge of space. Balls of red light only a few hundred meters in diameter dot the jellyfish’s waist and tentacles.

“Cosmic rays may be helping Spinner capture such images,” the article concludes. “Radiation from deep space is intensifying because of Solar Minimum. During this phase of the solar cycle, cosmic rays penetrate the sun’s weakening magnetic defenses and enter Earth’s atmosphere more than usual. Some researchers believe that extra cosmic rays provide the ionizing “spark” that triggers sprites.”

See the complete HD video on Youtube.

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  1. i reckon Yes, and also the northern lights events happening withOUT direct influx of coronal hole ejections occurring.
    its unusual

  2. A similar effect was witnessed in china, 1 September …

    Also there are STEVE effects happening —
    “Sept. 5, 2019: Sky watchers are still sorting out all the things they saw during last weekend’s Labor Day geomagnetic storm. Upon further review, not every light in the sky was the aurora borealis. There was also STEVE…”

  3. “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.”
    Luke 21:11
    Christ speaking of the end times.

  4. The sun’s heliosphere is contracting but the earth’s magnetic field has been decreasing rapidly for decades. To say we know what happens at grand solar minimum by looking at historical records of past minima conditions is misleading. During the last GSM the earth’s magnetosphere was at full strength, now it is substantially weaker.
    Sprites, jets, noctilucent clouds, intensification of weather phenomenon, the appearance of a type of aurora called “STEVE”, once called a photon arc. All of these may have to do with our weakening magnetosphere. We may be in for a hell of a ride!

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