Do you see biohazard suits being used by medical personnel for influenza? No!!

“That alone should tell you just HOW bad this is likely to get!”
– Caroline Snyder

Do you see biohazard suits being used by medical personnel for influenza? No!!

That alone should tell you just how bad this is likely to get!
Caroline Snyder

Since Guangzhou joined the quarantine, 400 Million People are now on lockdown In China. That is the equivalent of 240 million Americans being confined to their homes, with one family member allowed out to get supplies every three days. Even with China’s MASSIVE bureaucracy and military manpower, they have huge problems policing this. Can you imagine trying to police this in the US?

I think that Covid-19 is way out of the league of eg MERS/SARS/Ebola, if only for the reason that you can be asymptomatic but shedding virus for at least 14 days. This virus has the ability to survive outside of the human body on an inert surface for a minimum of 5 days. Think pumps at gas stations, keypads at checkouts, elevator buttons in offices and hospitals, baskets/carts at the store. let alone the endless possibilities of transmission in a public restroom!

Now – some folks are a bit more “woke” than you.. try and find a box of 10 N95 masks for sale right now. A box of ten with valve should retail at about $12, but individual masks are selling for up to $19.99 on Amazon and EBAY, and almost everyone is sold out!

Some of us are ready.

Just a brief aside on the lethality of a novel virus… we farm rare and heritage chickens, and have a breed that only arrived in the US in April 2019. We got 43 day-olds at $100 each. We did not know that we had Marek’s Disease (an alphaherpes virus) on our land, and over the past 5 months it has killed all but 9 of them. That is an 80% loss rate!! Our other chickens obviously have immunity, although we think we know of a few that died from it, retrospectively, but that virus can stay on the surface of the ground for 13 months and survives 5 years underground. Imagine that scenario with a new viral strain like Covid-19 and humans.. it has been suggested by the WHO that up to 60% of the world’s population could be affected, under the worst case scenario. In the US, using that ratio, 210 million people could be infected, and at a 2% death rate, 4.2 million in this country could die.

The most awful video I caught was of three young Chinese children being placed in a “man-size” body bag. This virus hits the young and the old and everyone in between, so start researching and prepping NOW!


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    • You’re right.
      The problem I see here is the financial aspect. How many of us can live without income for weeks….maybe months? How are we going to pay bills, buy food, meds?
      In China a lot of business are closed and tourism is dead. Hotels and restaurants are closed, so people are laid off. How would they live? How we are going to live when some factories will be closed because no parts are coming from China?
      Now is anyone who can’t agree with Trump when said that all factories should be returning to US?

  1. Well Carol, that makes you part of the problem. How do you know the chickens you imported aren’t carrying a disease that they are immune to and your domestic chickens are not. Cuts both ways.

    You need to relax a little,,,,after all, the rising tides from globull warming will probably get you first, then that new avian flu you just brought into the US with your chickens will get you second, and then you have to worry about the Wuhan Virus

    Whats a girl to do….for starters return the defective chickens back to your supplier with a little Mareks disease along for the ride. It’s only fair

    I am sure you have heard about the different strains of avian flu, but you have no qualms about importing foreign birds to the US….Odd that is

  2. The N-95 masks may be running out, but Cinnamon is still widely available, and cheap.

    During the 1918 flu, employees in cinnamon factories never got infected.

    This observation has led to a lot of research.

    This study showed that “…cinnamon deactivated 99.9 percent to 100 percent of the virus…”

    The authors recommend daily cinnamon for “…eliminating or preventing viruses from infecting humans and causing sickness, such as colds, flu, and even herpes.”

    I stocked up a nice big cinnamon stash, and I’m adding lots to my coffee. My wife is adding it to her recipes.
    Consider stocking some cinnamon before it also becomes scarce and very expensive.

    Peace from BC Canada

  3. A few point/questions:

    Of course it is bad they are using Bio Suits, someone finally said it.

    Why, when the CDC or some authority says a person can be sick up to 14 days before showing symptoms its it the absolute truth? And the sick person is shedding virus during this time. How do they know its only 14 days? More likely there is some bell curve distribution where some will be asymptomatic longer and some shorter before showing symptoms . So if the bell curve is centered on 14 and goes to the zero side, it could go out to 28 days! This curve could be narrower of course, but it is not a point at 14 hours. Another article reported it could be up to 24 days! I would suggest a quarantine of at least 2X what they suggest just to be cautious. We still know very little about this virus, and there are many rumors.

    A virus that will infect over 3/4 of the world population, will most likely never be gone. And some reports have said you can get it again! Now that isn’t good. They say it might become seasonal like the flu. So, summer quarantine every summer?

    And mortality, by some reports China is not telling the truth, (what government does), so the mortality rate could be much, much higher than is currently reported. Sulphur plumes in china??

    Dis-information everywhere, the real facts are hidden or buried.

    I do find it interesting that this does meet the goals of some to reduce world population and expand authority.

    Perhaps the political winds have changed, and someone doesn’t like it.

  4. Latest Breaking News, Headlines & Updates | National Lampoon

    … and to help the military men relieve their stress from the “seriousness nature” of this contagion pandemic…

    …POW Colonel Robert Hogan is going underground… assigned to lead the underground organization made up of POWs that would work as “spies” inside occupied “Cervasa North”

    …and Pin-up “real Girl” model Posie Parker is pointing out the obvious… that when goils were goils and men were men…. those were the days, eh?

  5. Quote:
    This virus has the ability to survive outside of the human body on an inert surface for a minimum of 5 days. Think pumps at gas stations, keypads at checkouts, elevator buttons in offices and hospitals, baskets/carts at the store, let alone the endless possibilities of transmission in a public restroom!
    I have seen MSM reports of its survival of up to 9 days on Public Transport hand holds; its transmission is via water droplets from sneezes, given that it’s an upper respiratory tract disease.
    I have just gone through a particularly nasty Upper RT infection from one of the normal UK winter illnesses and only just feeling alive again after 5 weeks, I don’t want it here.
    Disposal gloves and good eye protection as the eyes, is a normal infection route for Colds and Flu.

  6. Now is the time to read up on vitamin and mineral optimisation. Vit D is required as part of our immune function for labeling foreign material to help white blood cells targeting potential threats.
    Most people will have a healthy response, develop flu-like symptoms and get better.

  7. Well, don’t forget they don’t need biohazards suits with influenza because there are flu shots available. That is precisely why medical staff in the US are required to get flu shots.

  8. The White House announced a few days ago that the US has “no confidence” in the official numbers the Chinese are putting out. Everyone is uneasy about this including the online people whose normal reaction is to pooh-pooh any report of the extraordinary, and say everything is under control. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that everything isn’t under control.

  9. Greetings fellow skeptics and conspiracy theorists. There was a FB post a few weeks ago on these Chinese pair that worked in a lab in Canada and were asked to leave and go home recently (don’t know why). They reportedly went to a new bio lab in Wuhan that had just opened. The “reported” out break of the corona virus happened soon after. I put high skepticism on this at the time. However, on this mornings news, there is a US congressman asking questions about this Chinese lab and the scientists. So my skepticism is now lowered.
    These are the same kind of scientists that think it is okay to bio-engineer humans when the rest of us thought it was a bad idea. Well…what if this was the beginnings of a bio weapon development that “escaped”??.
    Just sit and think about this for a moment: What kind of “virus” that is “known” is viable 5 days on a surface with out a host? OR doesn’t make the host sick for 14 to 24 days later? And because of the speed of the transmission and lack of “transparency” from China, what is the true kill rate? OR infects a baby in the womb near birth??
    Think on this comparison. The black death to Europe came from fleas on rats on the trade ships. it took decades and 4 waves of infection before there wasn’t enough hosts to sustain the virus.
    Now what if… this virus was developed to reduce the world population because food production is going to decline due to coming “climate change” (aka ice age)

  10. Headless Chicken Lemmings rule the Lunatic Fringe…

    Dont be like them, it’s only one step away from being a feminazi!

  11. Great article Robert, and lots of excellent helpful comments and advice. Cinnamin! OK! We will have to buy some more. I have been reporting on this CORONA VIRUS for the past 30 days with LINKS to experts from all fields, both with VIDEO AND ARTICLE LINKS, and unfortunately it does not seem THAT THE corona virus is going to go away quickly; nor can it be simply brushed under the carpet as has been done by most of the western Media – at least most of the time. For a lot of evidence of the serious dangers of the Corona virus here is my 30 day-so-far report of the CORONA VIRUS on my website. Have a great day – Steve :

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